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Reasons Why People Buy Incense Holders

People use incense for a number of reasons, but to keep it, you need an incense holder. Keep reading to know why people buy incense holders.

Reasons Why People Buy Incense Holders

Incense holders are an important part of Asian cultures, where it’s used for purposes of meditation. That’s why you’ll find that they’re a common sight when you visit someone with a deep interest in meditation, spiritual therapy, and worship. Incense plays a key role in meditation, aromatherapy, and devotional sessions.
Incense holders are pots and stands where you can keep the incense after lighting it. For the aroma of incense to spread equally, it is always advisable to keep the incense holder in a place from where it can spread energy and fragrance throughout its surroundings.
There are a lot of reasons people buy incense holders, but first, let’s see what incense is and how it originated.


Incense is an ancient substance that cultures have burned to release a sweet fragrance. It is used for its aromatic fragrance and offers a number of functions, such as meditation, spiritual sessions, worship, rituals, and even insect killing.
Incense is made up of a number of materials. That’s because there’s no one type of incense – there is a variety of incense types used for devotional purposes. Mainly, incense is a mixture made up of plant materials, essential oils, fragrant wood particles, resins, and herbs.
Primarily, there are two types of incense: one that’s indirectly burned and one that you can burn directly. For indirect burning, the incense needs a burning source for it to release its fragrance and smoke. Direct burning incense can release its fragrant smoke by lighting it up with a flame and then blowing it out.
As for its shape, most incense is only made in 2 shapes. The first is stick-shaped incense, in which the incense paste is glued to a thin bamboo stick. The other shape is that of a cone, in which the incense paste is molded into a cone shape.
As for its origin, the use of incense can be traced back to ancient Egyptian civilizations. This is according to studies that have shown the discovery of resin and incense in tombs of ancient Egyptian gods. Later on, it was widely used in the subcontinent, where followers of the Hindu religion would light up sticks of incense while praying, worshipping, or celebrating. Then, lighting incense became a common practice in the Buddhist religion and was then introduced to ancient China.

Reasons Why People Buy Incense Holders

There are many reasons people buy incense holders, such as to feel calm and relaxed. Another reason is to improve their yoga, meditation, and worship sessions. It helps them be mindful and ease depression. Not to mention, incense holders make for a fantastic gift for loved ones who enjoy meditation and yoga. Additionally, incense holders look great as décor if you want to give your home a warm and wholesome aesthetic.
Whatever the reason, incense holders are actually gaining popularity in many countries and cultures. A reason for this increasing popularity is that more and more people are adopting yoga and meditation practices these days.
People tired of their busy and restless lives have started diverting themselves to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. To de-clutter their minds, stay calm and composed to focus better on things and on their lives. Let’s look at the main reasons people buy incense holders:

To Be Mindful

This robotic age has made people’s minds work faster than some of us can actually manage. Hopping from one thing to another has become a norm, and multitasking is almost second nature. This puts the mind under stress and greatly affects a person’s abilities to work on different tasks.
To be mindful and prevent their thoughts from racing, people adopt yoga and meditation. The deep breathing involved in these techniques helps you calm down and alleviates stress. It also provides an opportunity to be alone with yourself.
If you practice yoga and meditation regularly, an incense holder is a must-have for you because incense is proven to induce a peaceful and calming ambiance because of its aromatic nature. Certain fragrances appeal to people to the extent that their brain stops reacting to worries excessively.
These incense holders let you have an uninterrupted calming session during your meditational hours or your worship sessions. You just have to ignite the incense once and then let your incense holder do the magic.
Recent studies have also found that incense is actually good for your mental health and well being. It affects the way your brain works and calms your mind. This way, your brain responds to positive thoughts more actively. Moreover, the pleasant smell stimulates the parts of the brain contributing to happiness and release dopamine.
You will feel such a calming effect that will make your mind shut out all the worries and troubles of the world. Your mind will stop racing from one thought to another, and you will be able to train and control your mind by diverting it to peaceful and positive thoughts. Training and calming your mind is what you need, and the incense holder can help you do this.

To Ease Depression

Studies have shown that a majority of the world’s population struggles with depression at least once in their lifetimes. A lot of practices and exercises can reduce depressive symptoms, but one of the easiest ways is to have an incense holder in your house.
Studies show that incense has particles and fragrances that have a similar effect as antidepressants. It greatly helps to ease depression and fight evil thoughts. People become depressed when they think they are incapable of some things and when things seem to be out of their control.
Incense helps you to fight these depressing thoughts and this negative energy. In many cultures and religions, incense is used to purify the air from harmful and negative energy. People burn incense to attain positive energy and to help fight negative spirits.
Fragrances like lavender and rose are used to make you feel refreshed and calm. It also clears your mind and mood of depressing thoughts. These fragrances and some others are used in different combinations to prepare incense.
Studies have also suggested that incense may help elevate mood. Additionally, it helps ease depressive thoughts, free you from your anxiety, and elevates your surroundings to eliminate negative energy.

For Decor

In many Asian countries and cultures, people like to keep ornaments and decorative pieces that resemble the Buddhist or Chinese culture. While many parts of the world use incense now, Chinese and Buddhist cultures have been doing so for centuries.
Because of this, certain cultures use incense holders as ornaments and décor in their homes. Even if you are not using it, just placing an incense holder on your shelf or at the center table can enhance your home’s decor.
Incense holders come in very different shapes and sizes. Some are made in the shape of flowers such as lotus and roses. They come in the most beautiful and exquisite designs and colors. They can depict things like leaves, waterfalls, or some symbolism related to science and nature.
You have a great variety of designs to choose your favorite incense holder from. Once you choose the best design, it’s bound to convince your guests to start a conversation about your incense holder.

To Gift Someone

Exchanging gifts is an expression of love and affection towards the other person, so why not gift a unique incense holder as a present? After discussing all the benefits and uses of incense holders, you probably understand what a beautiful gift an incense holder can be for a loved one.
You can gift an incense holder to someone you know dearly who is fond of meditating and yoga to make their meditation more effective. The gift is sure to improve their meditation experience even more.
Or, you can gift it to someone who is fighting depression and anxiety disorder. Someone who you think needs to calm their mind, needs some solace from the world’s worries, or just needs to take a break from all the stress of today’s fast-paced world. You can gift them a beautiful incense holder to help them realize the importance of giving time to themselves. Also, it will also show how much you love and care for them.
Someone who is fond of collecting antiques, art, or just unique décor from different cultures will appreciate an incense holder as a gift. Gifts hold such an important place to show a person how much you value them, and gifting an incense holder is definitely a wholesome and thoughtful concept. It shows the other person that you care for their wellbeing.


Reading all the benefits and uses of incense, you must be aware of the importance of incense holders. It’s a crucial aspect of daily life for people who meditate, worship, and practice yoga on a regular basis.
Besides proving helpful for spiritual reasons, it plays a major role in achieving mindfulness and easing depressive and anxious symptoms during yoga practice. Given all these factors, an incense holder is a must-have for your home.
Even if you’re not someone who practices yoga pr meditation on a regular basis, an incense holder works as a beautiful décor piece or a gift for family or a friend - anyone who you dearly care about. If this guide was helpful and you’re looking to buy an incense holder, check out our collection to select a beautiful design.