How To Apply A Feng Shui Bagua Map (The Ultimate Guide)

How To Apply A Feng Shui Bagua Map To Change Your Life
The Bagua map is used to align your home environment with the eight elements in the Feng Shui map. It divides all the parts of your home and connects it with a theme that matches your house's area (gua). The Feng Shui Bagua map summons positive vibes and good fortune and surrounds your home with luck and positive energy.

What is the Feng Shui Bagua Map?

The Bagua map is a fengshui energy map with eight elements surrounding your life and environment. You can use an element, color, or shape to activate the Feng Shui map.
The eight elements in the Bagua map symbolize family and new beginnings, abundance and wealth, The center and health, travel and help people, children and completion, self-cultivation and knowledge, fame and reputation, and career and path in life.

What Does the Bagua Symbolize?

It is Chinese pottery with eight sets divided into three lines; these elements represent natural forces. It symbolizes your home's peace, health, wealth, and environment.

The Benefits of the Bagua Map

There are several benefits of the Bagua Feng Shui: it helps to improve our lives, it helps increase positive energy, and it wards off negative and evil energy. If you use this map properly, you can achieve your objectives and goals because it has a positive and powerful influence on your life.
The Bagua map follows every aspect of your life and helps in discovering yourself. The Feng Shui map improves the well-being of you and your family.

How Do You Apply the Bagua Map?

You can activate the eight areas of the Bagua map and connect them with your life by these steps. You must add a living green plant and choose a color matching the area on the Bagua map.
After that, add a corresponding object to the area, spend most of your time in that area, and then move your furniture. After considering which area of your house fits in which gua, you can connect the relevant parts that correspond with the Feng shui living room or bedroom Feng Shui. Although it is optional to adjust all the parts with the areas on the map, you can adjust them if they are relevant and mean to you the most.

How to Activate the Bagua Map

You can activate your Bagua map by choosing a color that fits best for all the corners of your home and placing a green plant in your home, and it activates the effects of the map for your home.
You can take advantage of the Feng shui map by spending time in the area you have chosen for your home.

The Bagua Areas and its Correspondence With Your Home

Bagua’s literal meaning is eight areas or sites in Chinese; there are eight areas on the Bagua map and a center that surrounds all these areas altogether. Each area is called a “gua," and all these areas or gua in the Bagua map Feng Shui have various meanings according to the type of element, color, organs, shapes, and so on.
Your fengshui living room or bedroom room can fall for more than two areas of the map, and there is no issue if a room overlaps Bagua areas. It is like our life; it fits mostly in different circumstances, so it is not a problem if it happens.

How to Use the Bagua Map in Your Living Room

The Bagua map maintains a balance in your life and can remarkably impact your steps toward success. The different elements in the feng shui map are fire, wood, metal, earth, and water.
The Bagua map divides your space into nine areas, all of which have a distinct meaning. The central part denotes the heart of your home, where all the energy lies in between and distributes in every corner and part of your home.
We will discuss the two uses of the Bagua map according to the type of house you live in. if you have an apartment, you must align the bottom of the map to your entrance. This way, you will put your front door in the self-cultivation and knowledge area, career and helpful people area.
And if you have a house, you can use a compass to place the career area north of the compass and put the reputation area to the south, and ancestor and health areas to the east of the compass.

How to Use Bagua Map in Your Bedroom?

You can use the Bagua energy map for your bedroom for good luck, good fortune, positivity, and peace in your life and sleep. The map provides insight into the feng shui bedroom for peaceful sleep and keeps off anxious thoughts and negativity.
To use the Bagua map for your bedroom, first determine where your bedroom lies on the map; you can also check all the areas on the map and consider a more effective area for your bedroom. The family area on the map is suitable for the bedroom.

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do With the Bagua Map

A few things could be improved while using the Bagua map; you can avoid getting the full advantage of the Feng Shui map. Make sure you are not making these mistakes, and if you have done them, you can still avoid them in the best possible manner.
  1. Put the Map on a Different Wall than the Door.

You are supposed to see the door from the bed, and if you put your bed near your door, which is the place of energy rushing in and out, it prevents the vibe you might want to create in your room.
And if you run out of options and end up placing it on the same wall as the door, you can hang a Bagua mirror to see the door's reflection from your bed. It will bring more positivity and good vibes to your bedroom and helps with peaceful sleep as well.
  1. Do Not Raise the Toilet Lid.

Shut down your toilet lid because it works like a drain, and if you want to keep the positive energy in your home, it is better to close it, so the good vibes do not drain away from it.
  1. Place Your Mirrors Properly.

Mirrors on the opposite side of your home's entryway will reflect away the positive energy from the door. Place the mirror Bagua on the sides and prevent the positivity from escaping through it.
  1. Avoid Putting Green Plants in the Bedroom.

Nature may be the most beautiful thing in the world, but green plants are not suitable for your bedroom. Plants in the pots can throw away positivity from your bedroom. The plants are growing every moment and do not provide restful energy for a place where you go to rest.
  1. Toss Away Things You Don’t Need.

Make sure you do not accumulate clutter on your kitchen counters or other material on your desk. To receive good vibes from the Bagua map, you should clear away extra stuff you do not need anymore.
  1. Choose a Suitable Type of Floor.

The type of floor you choose for your entire home represents the symbolic strength of your home. It is a good practice to pick the same design for your floor because it radiates supportive and good energy. However, different colors for each floor possess weak energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Front Door Do I Use to Lay the Bagua map?

It would help if you used the formal front door to lay the Bagua map.

What Colors Should Your Living Room be in Feng Shui?

Your living room should include green, blue, white, gray, and neutral colors. These colors summon the earth, wood, water, and metal elements.

Is It Good Feng Shui to Have a Mirror in the Bedroom?

A mirror is not suitable for the feng shui bedroom layout, which could be why you need to sleep better. Mirrors reflect energy in your room which can lead to worries and restlessness. It is a good practice if you do not hang a mirror in your bedroom.

Where Should a Mirror in a Living Room Go in Feng Shui?

It would help if you put the mirror on the front door of your living room. According to experts, one should hang a mirror to connect for expanding opportunities.