The Simple Guide To White Jade Crystals (2022 Ultimate Guide)

Meta Description: White Jade is a popular but unusual piece of jewelry that is greatly used to embellish and maintain balance and serenity in one's life.
Importance of White Jade as a Jewelry Piece
As jewelry is an important part of most cultures in the world, there are many stones that are used in jewelry all around the world, some to enhance one's beauty and some to provide spiritual and healing benefits. One such powerful gem that can offer you a lot of benefits is the white Jade, and if you are not much familiar with this amazing gemstone, here is all you need to know about it:

What is White Jade?

White Jade is a form of the famous Jade gemstone. It was greatly used in ancient cultures such as the Chinese culture, the Aztecs, the Europeans, and the Japanese culture in their jewelry, statues, beads, and artifacts.

What is White Jade Good for?

People mostly use the white jade crystal to attract wealth, money, and good fortune. It is an amazing gemstone for bringing overall financial stability to their lives. The healing properties of white Jade include treating traumas and dilemmas and even fighting depression, anxiety and negativity.

What Does White Jade Mean?

The overall white Jade's meaning is to bring harmony, positivity, and hope into one's life. If you have any difficulties in relationships or financial problems, wearing white Jade can greatly help in fighting the negative effects in your life.

What Does White Jade Symbolize?

The white Jade symbolizes peace, calmness, and balance in life, known as the 'Feng shui.' It also enhances the energy and positivity in your life, whether in your love, financial, or personal life. Individuals going through dilemmas, traumas, and issues in life can wear any sort of white jade jewelry, such as a white jade bangle, white jade beads, or white jade earrings to help have peace and calmness in mind and life.

How Can White Jade Be Used in Feng Shui?

Feng shui refers to a Chinese theology that indicates the balance in life. White jade being popular and a cherished stone in China from ages is known to bring balance to life in the form of feng shui. It eliminates stress, trauma, and anxiety from one's life and brings harmony, peace, and calmness with good fortune, luck and good health. This any person who wears white jade jewelry starts to experience great balance and calmness in life.

How Can White Jade Help You Get Rid of Dilemma?

Dilemmas in life often lead to trauma, stress, and anxiety issues. Due to the spiritual and healing powers of the white jade stone, the wearer can help their old traumatic wounds and dilemmas that made them feel bitter, angry, or anxious at times. A white jade jewelry piece connects the wearer with the higher and spiritual powers that help a person meet their spiritual inspiration and be healed and spiritual in every way possible.

How Does White Jade Help in Wealth Creation?

As the white jade stone is known to bring luck, wealth, and good fortune to a person's life, things start falling into place when a person wears this precious stone. Through positivity, luck, and fortune in the wearer's life, they start attracting wealth and better opportunities in life.

How Does White Jade Help in Love and Relationships?

The white jade gemstone effectively eliminates feelings of negativity and bitterness from your body and soul after you start wearing it. When the wearer starts feeling positive, they start practicing kindness and an affectionate behavior towards their loved ones, which helps improve their love life and overall relationships in life. The precious stone of white jade provides a very positive impact on one's personal life, especially when dealing with relationships.

How Many Colors of Jade are There?

There are many colors of a jade gemstone, and each describes a different white jade's properties, meaning, and symbolism. The black Jade represents protectiveness, while the blue Jade provides peace and reflection. Brown jade provides connectivity to nature, and lavender Jade provides spiritual growth.
Purple Jade provides happiness and encouragement in life, while orange Jade brings joy to one's life. Yellow Jade emits energetic vibes, and red Jade offers life force energy that dispels fear from life. White Jade is famously known to empower balance in one's life.

How to Tell if White Jade is Real?

To tell if white Jade is real, it should have a very smooth texture and translucent. It will have minor imperfections and small dents on its surface. Real white Jade is also heavier in size; it will not feel light or hollow when you touch or check its weight.

How to Identify White Jade?

To see if white Jade is real, you can identify it by the luster and color it possesses. Real white Jade will glisten when put under direct light, and it will also reflect light. Read white Jade will also have small imperfections and patterns on its surface that will prove its authenticity.

Can Jade be White?

As the Jade stone has many colors and types, white Jade is also one of the most popular forms of Jade stone. It is the most popular in China, where it is still used in sculpture art and statue making. White Jade can be found in different shades, such as a light yellow color or translucent White.

Is White Jade Expensive?

How much white Jade is expensive depends on the forms and kinds of white Jade. The price and cost of white Jade depend on its kind, weight, and size. There are mainly two kinds of Jade, namely, white nephrite jade and jadeite jade, among which the nephrite jade is more expensive than other forms of Jade.

How Much is White Jade Worth?

White Jade was and is highly worthy in ancient and present Chinese cultures, just like the western countries value gold and diamonds. White Jade is prized and worthy due to its durability and beauty.

Is White Jade Rare?

Although jade gemstone is generally mined in many countries such as New Zealand, Russia, and the Swiss Alps, white Jade is only mostly found in China, where it was also given the name 'mutton jade.'

Is White Jade Valuable?

Although white Jade is very valuable and beautiful, it is not highly valuable as its other counterparts, such as Green jade and Blue Jade. However, white Jade has been attracting more and more popularity in recent years, and white jade value is increasing now.

What Does White Jade Do?

White Jade is known to emit positive energies in one's mind and life, such as feelings of positivity, calmness, and peace, and it also helps in healing any traumatic emotions and feelings. It is also used to attract wealth, positivity, and good luck for the wearer. The one who wears white jade jewelry or a white jade pendant attracts balance in life through all positive energies, which is known as the feng shui in Chinese culture.

What Does White Jade Look Like?

White Jade is mostly off-white, white, and cream in color. It has little imperfections on the surface and has a translucent texture that reflects light and shine.

What is White Jade Worth?

White Jade surely has a lot of worth, but it is not the most expensive jade form on the market. Prices of white jade stone can vary depending on the size and weight of the white Jade. However, you can expect a price ranging from $13 to $25.

Why Does Jade Turn White?

If you possess a colored jade and it turns white, it is due to the negativity and evil that the stone attracts to protect the wearer. With time when the stone absorbs all the negativity and issues from one's life, the white jade ring or stone changes color over time and turns white.

Can White Jade Turn Green?

Natural and pure Jade can't change color or turn green. A white jade can only change color due to dirt and grease trapped on the surface over time after coming in contact with the skin.

How to Cleanse White Jade?

There are many ways to cleanse a white jade. However, the most common way of cleansing it is to hold it under running water for around 60 seconds and then dry it with a towel. You can even bury your white jade stone in your garden for around 48 hours to cleanse it for two days roughly that can thoroughly cleanse it.

Why Does Green Jade Turn White?

Mostly green Jade can only turn into white color if it has undergone a color treatment. Other than that, green Jade can only turn white due to impurities, grease, and dirt on the surface of the stone.

Is White Jade More Valuable than Green Jade?

As there are many forms of jade stone, jadeite jade green is more valuable than White. Whereas for nephrite jade, white color is much more valuable than green jade color.

Is White Jade Natural?

Yes, white Jade is very natural, but it is found in seldom countries, most in China, where it is highly prized and greatly used in jewelry and sculptures.

What Color is White Jade?

White Jade varies in color. It comes in different tones of white, such as white, off-white, and light yellow color.


What is White Jade?

White Jade is a crystal stone that is greatly used in jewelry and many other artistic features such as statues and artifacts.

What are White Jade Properties?

White jade jewelry provides healing properties for fighting dilemmas, trauma, stress, and negativity.

What is White Jade Used for?

White Jade is greatly used to provide balance in life. It is also used to stabilize one's mental health and attract luck, power, wealth, and positivity. Wearing white jade jewelry can also help in fighting mental pressures and anxiety.

How Many Colors are There in Jade?

There are many colors and properties of Jade stone. The most popular colors of Jade are purple, lavender, white, blue, green, red, and orange Jade.


White Jade is a popular and worthy piece of crystal gemstone that is mostly used in jewelry and artifacts among many cultures and countries of the world. White Jade is used mainly to acquire balance in life and to attract positivity and calmness in one's life. Get yourself a white jade bracelet to acquire peace and serenity in your life.