Moonstone, the enchanting gemstone of mystery and mysticism, finds its purest form in Buddha Stones. The iridescent beauty of Moonstone is said to hold the key to unlocking one's innermost desires and deepest passions. With Buddha Stones' Moonstone, discover a world of wonder and magic, and let your dreams come true.

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Moonstone Meaning-The Gemstone of Inward Vision

Moonstone-The Gemstone of Inward Vision

Human beings often use gemstones to acquire positive energies and avoid negativity. However, some gemstones are so unique and beautiful to see that they are used for jewelry purposes in addition to their spiritual benefits.
One such gemstone is the Moonstone. It possesses great spiritually positive energies, and it also looks very mesmerizing. The Moonstone is often called the gemstone of inward vision. If you know nothing or little about this beautiful and powerful gemstone, here is a complete guide that can help.

What Does a Moonstone Look Like?

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral group and comprises aluminum, potassium, sodium, and silicate materials. Due to its translucent property, it possesses a pearly opalescent look and mainly comes in black and white colors. Some of its rare colors include rainbow, green, pink, blue, orange, and brown.

What Does Moonstone Represent?

The basic Moonstone represents new beginnings and feminine energy. This gemstone is popular for its spiritual healing properties and its use as a tool for divine wisdom. Many consider the moon a goddess spirit, which hangs above our heads, slipping its light sometimes and representing fullness and harvests the other times. The Moonstone possesses all of its magic as this albite mineral is shot with light beams and a milky sheen which is known as adularescence.
The moonstone crystal has existed for centuries in many countries and cultures. In India, the Moonstone has been used for a long time as a tool for divine wisdom and clairvoyance. In ancient Rome, they believed that the Moonstone was a shard of solid moonlight because of its pearly sheen. They believed that whoever glanced into the stone could see the Goddess Diana, and this pearly talisman would bring heaps of fortune and love to the one wearing it.
As times passed and studies surfaced, the stone spun its magic and saw a new height in popularity as it became the centerpiece of jewelry and spiritual practices. The 60s also saw a boom in this gemstone being celebrated as a spiritual tool for healing, and it has still not lost its value as a special amulet that brings wellness and peace into one's life.

Where Does Moonstone Come From?

This unique gemstone is sourced from various corners of the world. Many have found them on the shores of Madagascar, the vastly expanded Australia, the tea terraces of Sri Lanka, and the aurora lands of Norway.

How Much is Moonstone Worth?

Prices of moonstones vary depending on the clarity, color, and cut of the stone. The price of Moonstone can range anywhere from $10 to $1000. Clearer moonstones can be expensive, whereas blurrier moonstones are usually more affordable. So, the price depends on how clear or blurred the Moonstone is.

Different Types of Moonstone

The Moonstone has mainly pearly white light resembling the moon and its name. However, there are wide different varieties of this unique gemstone.

Peach or Yellow Moonstone

The peach or yellow moonstone brings a gorgeous luminous glow that lights up the darkness and washes away the anxiety and fears from your life. This color resembles the moonlight that shines in the summer months.

White Moonstone

The white Moonstone magnifies your emotions but in a way that it doesn't interfere with the balance of life. The clearest white light of this stone captures the hope and promise of a new moon.

Gray Moonstone

This gray Moonstone allows you to peer beyond the periphery by pulling back the veil. This is also one mystic style of Moonstone as this color also resembles the full moon.

Rainbow Moonstone

You might be thinking, what is a rainbow moonstone good for? The rainbow moonstone is a cosmic connector that lends you sweet clarity and allows you to lucid dream. This stone is a collection of prisms of light and psychic protection, which is rich with the Goddess' energy.

Blue Moonstone

The blue Moonstone is also called The Cat's Eye. This Moonstone is popular for its softened state of awareness, ability to see patterns, and letting go. The blue Moonstone welcomes the ebb and flow of yin and yang because it is a balancer of energy.

Healing Properties of Moonstone

The powers of moonstone properties offer you good fortune, divine femininity, and a deeper crystal healing. The kaleidoscopic crystal instills brightness in your life. The Moonstone connects you to all your emotions, the light and darkness in your life, the depths of your soul, and the turns of the tide in your life.

Emotional Healing Properties

You might sometimes feel like you are losing your mind on a full moon which hints at how much the moon affects your emotional balance. The Moonstone helps shine a bright light into your darkness and elevate your feelings of lowness.
When you possess the Moonstone and make it a part of your life, it will significantly link you to the universe and ensures that you move in flow with the outside world, bringing all your wild hormones in check.
The Moonstone also lets you embrace the beauty of changing seasons and makes you look forward to potential new chapters of your life. This stone makes you learn that everything changes and everything passes, which is why you should not ever fear turning the next page. Rather than making you overwhelm, this stone helps you in processing and accepting its natural healing powers.

Mental Healing Properties

The Moonstone, because of its cosmic and charming nature, is a great connector to the chakras. It is rich in psychic abilities and deeply spiritual. This beautiful glimmering stone instills wonder and calmness in you even by just watching its moonbeams dance in the midnight ocean.
The Moonstone connects you with the Crown Chakra, Third eye chakra, and the Heart chakra. These chakras are the most important ones as they let you see deep within so you can see beyond the confines of your periphery. These chakras, when aligned and open, help you feel a part of the great cosmic jigsaw above your head and help you find your place in the universe.

Zodiac Birthstones of Moonstone

The Moonstone is a birthstone for Libra and a good match for Scorpio.


The Moonstone is a mothering birthstone for people born under the Libra star sign. Librans are gentle, diplomatic people who appear to be sharp as a tack, but they can also be a little indecisive, shying away from confrontation and never up for a change. The Moonstone here helps the Librans not fear their decision-making processes and accept changes in their lives with glory and grace. This gemstone teaches them that, like the moon, life also has its ups and downs and never remains constant.


On the other hand, Scorpios also find solace in the glow of the Moonstone. People having Scorpio sign as their zodiac can possess reactive behavior and jealousy. They are brave, loyal, and bright. The Moonstone offers its gentle feminine energy to balance out the traits ensuring that the yin and yang both work alongside each other.

Usage of Moonstone

You can use Moonstone in various ways to rebalance emotions, wash negative energy out of your life, and enhance femininity in your life. It can be used for keeping in the house and office or using it as a piece of jewelry.

Home and Office

The Moonstone is a great representative of the divinity and emotional balance, which makes it a great source of harmony in your home and office. You can bring it and place it within your premises where you experience shared tensions. This stone will bring the temperatures down, making your premises a cooler and softer place to be in. You can even place it in your workspaces or studios to welcome more creativity.


The best way to have the moonstone powers is to wear it in the form of jewelry to keep it close to you all the time. You can choose a beautiful moonstone ring on your finger or a glorious moonstone bracelet. The stones being the closest to your skin allows absorbing maximum powers so it can work according to the natural frequency of your body, easily sending healing vibes right where you need them.
Some more stones which enhance the moonstone powers are Obsidian, Opal, Amethyst, and Labradorite.

How to Cleanse Moonstone?

If you wonder about can Moonstone go into the water? Then, yes, it can because the main two ways of charging your Moonstone are cleansing with water and charging with the moon. All gemstones and healing crystals work best when they are cleansed and charged regularly. Healing crystals always mop up negative energy to release positive energy. To keep this flow activated, you need to charge and cleanse your healing crystal regularly.
Similar to the moon, the Moonstone reacts to the combination of moonlight and water in a beautiful way. To charge it, you just have to run your Moonstone underwater to cleanse it simply, and you can then leave it in the window. It can soak up the rays of the full moon to charge itself.

How to Identify Raw Moonstone?

There are many speculations regarding how to tell if the Moonstone is real or not? Well, you can simply do that by checking the difference in layers beneath the surface of the Moonstone. A real moonstone holds layers of albite and orthoclase close to each other in the makeup of the stone.
A real moonstone will catch and play with light at different or certain levels. If your stone is shooting light for each angle, it is not the real Moonstone. The actual Moonstone will also mostly have a blue sheen.


Here are some very common FAQs the people ask regarding Moonstone:

What is Moonstone?

A moonstone is a gemstone with a pearly opaque look. It is used in jewelry to attract positive energy and balance in one’s life.

What Does Moonstone Do?

It is a stone of inward vision that helps you attain a sense of balance in life. It helps a people lead balanced lives and prepare themselves for whatever life throws at them.

What is Moonstone Good for?

A moonstone is known to attract positive energy in your life. It is good to balance your emotions, your yin and yang energy, and for bringing light into your darkness. It also helps cleanse higher chakras to lead a positive life.

Can Moonstone Go in Water?

Moonstones can be put in water for cleaning purposes, but not for longer periods. Water can cause damage to a moonstone if it’s not hard enough, which is most often the case. Since moonstones have a score of 6-6.5 on the mohs hardness scale, they’re not so safe to be under water for longer periods of time.

How to Tell if Moonstone is Real?

Real Moonstone doesn’t catch light at every angle and is somewhat blue and gray in color. It is also more blurry than a refined moonstone.

What is Moonstone Used for?

Moonstones are used to help you control your temper, calm emotions, balance your energy and be open to new opportunities and change in your life. Most people who use them struggle to balance ying yang energy and feel overwhelmed when new feelings and changes approach them.

What Color is Moonstone?

Moonstone is one of the most gorgeous gemstones in the world because of its beautiful look and colors. It mostly appears opaque and pearly white and can even have a grayish or bluish look. However, it ranges in different colors as well, such as brown, green, yellow and pink.

What Does Rainbow Moonstone Do?

Although all moonstones have unique and amazing powers and values to add in your life, a rainbow moonstone is special due to its color. It is a beautiful gem which offers intuition and feminine power to the wearer.

What is a Rainbow Moonstone Good for?

A rainbow moonstone is good for healing mind issues and increasing the wearer’s feminine powers. It also protects you if you experience psychic problems and struggle with lucid dreaming.

How to Charge Moonstone?

The Moonstone reacts to the combination of moonlight and water in a beautiful way. To charge it, you run your Moonstone under some water to cleanse it. Then, leave it on the window. It can soak up the rays of the full moon to charge itself.

Bottom Line

Gemstones are an ancient way of attracting positive energies and letting go of all the negativity in your life. Moonstone is a rare and beautiful gemstone that serves this purpose fully and generously. This guide will help you in selecting the right Moonstone for yourself, which will possibly bring positive energy and light to your life.