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24 itens

Everything You Need To Know About Evil Eye: History & Meaning

The fashion world is ever-changing, and you can see a lot of new trends popping out now and then. Nowadays, one of the most popular fashion accessory trends is the evil eye accessories. Among these accessories, the most used and popular is the evil eye bracelet and necklace. 

As much as the 'evil eye' is a fashion trend, it also has great benefits. It is believed that the evil eye accessories have a strange power to dispel any curse and protect a person from any potential negative energy or evil spirit. Though the popularity of the 'Evil Eye' is quite recent, the belief and its existence can be dated back to about 3,000 years ago.

This belief is said to be originated in Rome and Greece. It is considered one of the most powerful and strongest symbols in the world. To know more about the 'Evil Eye', such as its history, meaning, belief, and more, read on. 

History of the Evil Eye

As mentioned above, the 'Evil Eye' is considered as one of the strongest and most powerful symbolic images across the world. Though there are different stories regarding this symbol, the meaning of this symbol is quite similar in every story. It is believed that 'Evil Eye' can protect you from anything that can inflict suffering, harm, or bring bad luck to you.  

The earliest mention and belief about the 'Evil Eye' can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece. They believed that this 'Evil Eye' was a threat to the one who was often praised a lot by the people. Even it was considered to be a threat to those who used to get a lot of compliments and admiration more than what they actually deserved.

It was believed that the praised person will be completely swollen with so much pride that the evil eye could bring the person's doom. That can cause both mental and physical illnesses. Even they thought that if that person suffered from any disease without any cause, then it is because of the 'Evil Eye'.  

It was believed that when a person became very proud of what they achieved, the 'Evil Eye' had the power to destroy it all to restore their mortal level. This belief about the 'Evil Eye' was quite popular worldwide. Many continents, including Asia, Central America, the Middle East, and Europe, used to fear its power. As much as this Evil Eye is considered powerful in Ancient Rome and Greece, even the Islamic culture and Hindu religion considered this as a powerful symbol.  

According to the Islamic culture, Evil Eye can bring some ill effects due to excessive compliments and praises. Even in India, it has a very powerful meaning. According to Hindu culture, the 'Evil Eye' is one of the most powerful energy that holds enormous powers in it. In this culture, they even fear that an admiring eye has the capability of bringing some bad luck or ill luck to the person.  

What's the Evil Eye Meaning?

If you are here to know the evil eye meaning, then you are at the right place. As you know, the 'Evil Eye' can help protect a person from the bad or negative energy. A bracelet with an 'Evil Eye' on it can help to protect you against all the negativity, bad omen, and evil power.

Wearing such a bracelet can help trick the evil forces and distract them efficiently so that it cannot harm you. So, the meaning of an 'Evil Eye' on your bracelet can be presented as a protection for someone from getting harmed from the people who envy you or have any negative energy towards you, such as disgust, malice, mockery, vengeance, etc.  

Different Color Meaning of Evil Eye

The 'Evil Eye' of the bracelets or any other accessories can be found in different colors. Each of these colors has a different spiritual meaning. Here are the different colors of this symbol, along with its spiritual name: 

1. Light Blue:

This color represents the sky, which means truth. It can provide protection directly from any eyes full of negative energy. 

2. Blue:

This is the traditional color of the 'Evil Eye', and this represents positive energy, protection of fate or karma, and brings good karma.  

3. Orange:

The orange-colored 'Evil Eye' is considered for happiness and motivation. This can also enhance your creativity and protect you from any evil or malicious intentions. 

4. Yellow:

This color is believed to bring good health by making you more relaxed. It can provide you relief from exhaustion and help you concentrate more and have a sharper mind. 

5. Pink:

This color of the 'Evil Eye' is there for protecting friendships and provides you with a feeling of fulfillment and contentment. 

6. Green:

This color represents protection from nightmares while bringing success and abundance to the bearer. It helps you to achieve your goals. 

7. Red:

The red-colored 'Evil Eye' can provide complete protection from anxieties and fears. It can also bring energy, courage, and enthusiasm into your life. 

8. White: 

This color can help you in starting afresh by clearing any obstacles in your life, and it also helps in clearing the evil clutter from your life. 

9. Black:

The black-colored 'Evil Eye' on your bracelet can represent protection as well as power. Hence, the evil eye bracelet is quite popular. 

10. Purple:

This color can help you regain some balance in your life by removing any obstacles. It helps in imagining life in a better way. 

11. Grey: 

The 'Evil Eye' with grey color can help you reduce the sorrows and pain from your life. 

How to Get Rid of Evil Eye?

In Greece, people used to carry a cross or incense along with the 'Evil Eye' to protect themselves against the evil eye. Some new mothers used to keep protective items beneath their pillows for protection. These items can be white, red, or black strings, bread, a nail, a ring, salt, gunpowder, or garlic.

Every item mentioned here has a different meaning and can defend you against the power of 'Evil Eye'. While the nail represents strength, the gunpowder represents fighting back against evil. Salt means strength. 

Evil Eye and Talismans

As time is changing, people have created different ways to protect themselves from the 'Evil Eye'. The above-mentioned ways are not only the only ways for protection. Many cultures also depend on the Talismans with 'Evil Eye' or the Evil Eye jewelry. These are used for reflecting back the evil power or energy.

The Evil Eye amulet actually has its origin in Greece. The basic 'Evil Eye' design with the white and blue circles is a Talisman, which is mostly used in the Middle East. This design of 'Evil Eye' is also called 'Nazar' in the Middle East, and they use this in vehicles, houses as well as in jewelry.  

The Hamsa

The Hamsa is actually an amulet, which is available in the shape of a palm. It is popular in the Middle East and North Africa. This is mainly used by Muslims and Jews (Christians too) to protect themselves against any bad energy, evil eye, and harmful intention.

The Hamsa is often used in wall hanging or jewelry, and it is meant for bringing good health, luck and happiness. The Hamsa is quite similar to that of the Evil Eye amulets, and it is used for protection against ill-intentions, jealousy, and negative thoughts. 

Evil Eye Jewelry

Wearing 'Evil Eye' as jewelry is not a new thing. But of late, the jewelry with an 'Evil Eye' has become quite a popular piece of accessories. In recent years, celebrities like Madonna, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Brad Pitt, and many more have flaunted 'Evil Eye' jewelry. That has increased the popularity of evil eye bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry.  

As the main significance of this 'Evil Eye' is to repel any negative energy and evil intentions, people are using different evil eye jewelry. This symbol, as mentioned above, is also known as Nazar, which can help protect the wearer from jealousy and the negative intentions of people. 

Evil Eye Used in Modern Life

As much as the 'Evil Eye' used to be a very powerful symbol in ancient history, it has still maintained a powerful influence on our modern life. Evil eye symbol is now used in different ways, such as in jewelry and in pop culture too. These days, it has become quite familiar as one of the most popular symbols for accessories like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more. 

This 'Evil Eye', in Turkey, has imprinted quite deeply in their life. It holds a very crucial role, and it can repel away any potential bad energy or ill intentions. Today, in modern life, you can find the presence of this 'Evil Eye' symbol in different steps of your life. Right from jewelry to house decoration pieces, this symbol is widely used in different ways. 

What is the Evil Eye Belief?

The concept of the 'Evil Eye' and its beliefs are not something very complicated. When someone gets a lot of success and recognition, it is natural to attract some jealous and envious eyes. This envy can also manifest some curse which can do bad or harm to the person. With the help of the 'Evil Eye', one can successfully get rid of the envious eyes and negative energy around them. 

The belief of the 'Evil Eye' symbol is that it can dispel any curse or repel any negative or bad energy that can potentially harm the person. Though this belief is often termed as 'superstition', the belief has been there for centuries now, and it can be dated back to Ancient Greece and Rome culture.

Even people of Asia and Africa have some spiritual beliefs regarding the 'Evil Eye' symbol. So, the belief has been deeply embedded in different cultures over time. 

Should You Hang an Evil Eye at Home?

Yes, you can hang the 'Evil Eye' anywhere in your home to repel back any negative energy, envious eyes, and ill intentions. If you are thinking about where you can hang it, then you can hang the symbol in the entrance, patio, garden, or even in the living room. Hanging this symbol in your home can guard you and your home from any ill-omen and misfortunes. It will ensure that your home is free of any negative energy, keeping you and your entire family safe. 

Is it Good to Wear an Evil Eye?

Yes, it is good to wear the 'Evil Eye' in the form of a jewelry piece. Wearing this can help you be safe and protected from anyone wishing or thinking something negative about you.

The evil eye can protect you from their curse, bad intentions, or any other negativity. Hence, it is important to wear an 'Evil Eye' jewelry piece. You can wear either bracelet or a necklace to repel the negative energy around you. 

Which Hand to Wear Evil Eye Bracelet?

Nowadays, both men and women wear 'Evil Eye' jewelry pieces to protect themselves from bad energy, ill intentions, and negativity. You must have seen many celebrities wearing evil eye bracelets. While some wear it on their right hand, some wear it on their left hand.  

It is better to wear the bracelet with the 'Evil Eye' symbol on the left hand. That is because the left-hand side of the body represents the emotional side. It is the side where your heart is, and it will be appropriate if you can wear the bracelet on that side. It can help protect your heart and emotions from any negativity or ill-intentions. 


Hopefully, the evil eye meaning is quite clear to you. Also, you know why it is important to wear a bracelet with an 'Evil Eye' symbol on it. So, what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a bracelet with an 'Evil Eye' on it to protect your aura from any negativity out there. That can bring you more happiness, success, and fulfillment in your life.