Anklet – Everything You Need to Know About This Accessory

Anklet – Everything You Need to Know about this Accessory
All over the world, men and women love to adorn themselves with different kinds of jewelry. Most people around you wear rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and other pieces of jewelry almost all the time, and all of these indicate different meanings and origins. In this article, we will focus on anklets, which are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Let’s dive in and find out all you need to know about anklets.

What is an Anklet?

An anklet is a piece of jewelry that people wear on their ankles. You can also call it a bracelet anklet but it is slightly different than a wrist bracelet. An anklet is widely used in many parts of the world and is also considered part of the tradition in many cultures. Here is everything you need to know about anklets.
  1. How to Wear Anklets?

Anklets are worn on the ankles, just as a bracelet is worn on the wrist. Many people wear just a simple thread, a simple string with a single pendant, or an embellished piece of jewelry around their ankles. It all depends on the person's choice and the culture and place they belong to.
  1. How to Tie an Ankle?

Most anklets for women these days come with a lock, especially a gold anklet that enables you to open and lock it nicely and properly, accommodating your size. There may be a string of loops for you to lock the Anklet in or a single safety lock where you can lock the Anklet.
However, if you wish to make a DIY anklet and die the string manually, just like in ancient times, you can wrap the string around your ankle first. Then hold the start of the loop firmly and wrap the end of the string on the loop firmly. Repeat this until a sturdy loop is formed and you firmly tie the Anklet.
  1. What Does an Anklet Mean?

Ankles have different meanings in different cultures, societies, and places. In some cultures, anklets are worn to describe and indicate social status. In some cultures, gold anklets for women symbolize rich and married women. Surprisingly, in several cultures, sterling silver anklets were worn by enslaved women, and they are also mostly worn by single women.
  1. What Does an Anklet Symbolize?

An bracelet anklet or anklet can symbolize several things. Previously, anklets were used to symbolize slavery, freedom, marital status, sexual preference, and even religious beliefs. In recent times, anklets symbolize a traditional custom, a religious belief, or just a charming personality. Whether you wear a butterfly anklet, white gold anklet, rose gold anklet, or a Cuban anklet, each has a different meaning and symbolism associated with it.
  1. What Does Wearing an Anklet Mean?

In some cultures, stone anklets were designated for rich women, while wooden, metal, or silver anklets symbolized slavery or enslaved people. In ancient Egypt and South-Asian culture, gold anklets were worn by single girls so they could announce their presence through the jingling sound. In many cultures, gold anklets for women were gifted to newlyweds to symbolize a blissful and fruitful marriage.
  1. Why Do Women Wear Anklets?

Women wear anklets for several reasons, such as to enhance their beauty and persona, attract the opposite gender, protect themselves from evil spirits and diseases, and symbolize their single or marital status.
  1. What Does it Mean When a Woman Wears an Anklet?

When a woman wears an anklet, it symbolizes femininity, charm, beauty, and allure. Earlier, cultures used anklets to symbolize class, gender, and marital status and even used them as talismans. However, if you talk about today, they are used as an ornament to enhance a woman's beauty and persona.
  1. What Does Wearing an Anklet on the Right Ankle Mean?

Again, this question has many different answers according to different cultures. Earlier cultures and societies believed that single girls wearing anklets on their right ankles meant they were longing for intimate relationships, which was not considered a good thing. Moreover, a married woman wearing an anklet on the right ankle was considered to be a sign of infidelity or an extramarital affair.
  1. What Does an Anklet on the Left Ankle Mean?

Some cultures believe in wearing anklets for protection from diseases and evil forces; wearing an anklet on the left ankle is mostly a sign of protection or a talisman. While wearing it on the left ankle also signifies that you are committed or married, and have no interest in any other intimate relationship.
  1. Which Leg Do You Wear an Anklet on?

Since society and cultures have progressed, it doesn't matter which ankle you wear an anklet on, as people no longer consider age-old customs and traditions. If the anklet doesn't have a disturbing sound and is not worn over a cloth, you can wear it on any leg.
If you still abide by customs and traditions, you should wear it on your left leg if you are married, committed, or want protection from diseases. If you are looking for a partner and looking to attract the opposite gender, you should wear it on your right leg.
  1. What Does a Wife Wearing an Anklet Mean?

Previously, women were often gifted an anklet gold 14k by their husbands as a symbol of love, and they wore it with pride and gratitude. However, the significance of wives wearing an anklet has changed over time.
  1. Can Guys Wear Anklets?

Social stigma and society have majorly restricted the wearing of anklets only to women. However, guys can also wear them. Anklets are not gender-specific jewelry pieces and shouldn’t be restricted to a certain gender.
  1. Do Men Wear Anklets?

Although guys can wear anklets, most men hesitate to wear them. This is mainly because jewelry has been associated with femininity, and an anklet for men wouldn’t look very masculine. However, many men also used to wear men's anklets in ancient times to symbolize their social status, and even today, quite a few daring men wear anklets as a fashion and style statement.
  1. What Size Anklet Should I Get?

Try having a size that is 1/4th to 1 inch larger than your ankle size. This will help you get an ideal fit for the anklet.
  1. Are Anklets in Style 2022?

Yes, anklets are still in style as they have always been. They are still considered excellent fashion symbols; you can easily get a great anklet to match your style.
  1. Do Black Obsidian Anklets Work?

Black obsidian anklets are specially made to reduce and minimize swelling and pain in ankles and feet. They are a great product as they work to reduce swelling and pain and a lot of people use them for the same purpose.

Anklet in Religion

Anklets have a strong connection with most religions, as earlier Egyptian religions used unique anklets to acquire certain powers or fight evil. Wicca was also an ancient religion almost similar to witchcraft, that believed an evil eye anklet protects a person from evil spirits and harm.
In the Hinduism religion, it is believed that anklets help a person save energy even from walking and doing tasks. Anklets are used to strengthen one's energy.

Anklet in Buddhism

In Buddhism, anklets hold an essential part as they are used when a person prays, does yoga, or practices spirituality. They are mainly used to attract positivity in one's life through mental peace, success, prosperity, health, and wealth. They are widely used to omit negative energy from one’s body and life.

How to Make Anklets?

Now that you know quite a lot regarding anklets and anklet meaning, it’s time to know how you can make cute anklets and even custom anklets by yourself:
  1. How to Measure an Anklet Size?

The first step is measuring your ankle size, which you can get by measuring the circumference of the ankle and adding half to three/fourth inches to the actual size for an accurate fit.
  1. How to Make Anklets at Home?

To make anklets at home, you just need strings of thread or any other material, scissors to cut, tape to secure the lopes, and material you want to use for anklets such as beads, seashells, or crystals. Add whatever material you want to infuse in the string, secure it with the tape at the ends and loop the string's start and end when done. Your Anklet is ready!
  1. How to Make Anklet with String?

To make anklets with strings, you need to cut the string of your ankle's size and leave a few extra inches for knotting and looping. Tie one end of the string to a secure place, tape for extra security, and start rolling over the other colored string on the first string. When you form a pattern of your choice, secure the other end of the string with the first end and form a loop to lock it.
  1. How to Make a Bead Anklet?

To make a beaded or pearl anklet, cut the string wire measuring your ankle's size, leaving a few extra inches. Start crimping a bead on the wire and string the clasp while bending the wire back around. Pull the end of the string to secure it, and then start stringing the beads in the color and design pattern you want. Once you have strung all the beads, thread a crimp bead on the end, adding a jumping ring. Now tuck the end wire with a crimp bead and tighten it to make your bead anklet.
  1. How to Make a Braided Anklet?

Pick two or three different colors of your own choice and cut the strings to match your ankle size, leaving a few extra inches. Tie a knot at the start, braiding the threads together as tightly as possible. When you're done, knot the strings at the end.
  1. How to Make an Adjustable Anklet?

To make an adjustable anklet, you need two strands of cords and start by stringing the donut on each strand in a lark's head knot. When the other material is in the center, take the double cords from the right to the left side, bringing them across and over to the opposite side in the formed loop in the correct position.
You will make the first adjustable know through this procedure. Repeat the process for the second knot and pull it tightly to the strands. Once both knots are made on one ach side, you will have an adjustable anklet.
  1. Where to Buy Anklets?

You can easily buy a beautifully embedded anklet from a reputable online or jewelry store. Try to have a unique and beautiful anklet that suits your personality and style.


Which Ankle to Wear, Anklet?

Wearing the Anklet on which ankle depends on a person's own choice and will.

How Much is an Anklet?

An anklet can range anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred thousand dollars depending on the material it is made up of.

Are Anklets Trashy?

No, they are not trashy at all. They are considered a symbol of style and fashion.

Can You Wear a Bracelet as an Anklet?

Yes, you can wear a bracelet as an anklet, depending on its style and size.

Can You Wear Anklets on Both Ankles?

Yes, you can wear anklets on both ankles as a pair or even differently, whatever suits you best.

What Culture are Anklets From?

Anklets trace back a lot of cultures, such as the Babylonian, Egyptian, and Wiccan cultures, to name a few.