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The Healing Energy of Turquoise: Bring Balance, Protection & Luck

Turquoise is one of the most popular gemstones that has been valued in a wide range of cultures for a long time. According to different cultures, this commodity is associated with protection, peace, and luck. Besides, it is reputed as one of the Birthstones that are often tied to the last month of each year - December. Besides, Turquoise offers more things than the glamorous blue color it bears. Now, you can find out the potential of this valuable, to see how it can stir up the look and feel of your home. 

What Is Turquoise?

Turquoise is a valuable stone that is opaque in nature and spans from green to blue color. In most cases, the most valuable of this stone bears a solid, smooth color, whereas the other stones boast a brown vein in their whole structure. The stone has a soothing, calming, and great, protective energy, which can help to suit different applications. In other words, the word "turquoise" originates from a French word that means "Turkish," probably since this marvelous stone first come into the European region in medieval times through a source in Turkey.


What's the Meaning of Turquoise?

Turquoise is a wonderful stone that is normally found in the sea-green in the color that is often associated with the classical times, be it from a perspective of hope, tranquility, good fortune, protection, and wisdom. During medieval times, people believed in its high power for protection, linkage with continuous love, and its everlasting serene energy.

As we earlier stated, this type of gemstone is usually valued because it has a glamorous beauty, which can be noted in its green color that matches the water of the sea, and even the sky. In most cases, it usually attracts different gem collectors. Thousands of years ago, this valuable gemstone was very popular in ancient Egypt. According to beliefs, this gemstone offered exceptional energy and even uplifted energy of its bearers. As a result of its attractiveness and beauty, it's no surprise that the market of gems has experienced limitations or high demand that has hugely affected its global market. 

This gemstone, normally found in the ocean, has usually been used particularly because of its refreshing and cooling quality. It brings a serene mood and assists in controlling anxiety or even in other perspectives to ensure panic and attacks are alleviated. The stone is mostly associated with healing power, which in most cases is regarded as the best thing that can get rid of any negative energy that has and, on the opposite, offers you a very positive feeling.

Turquoise has been there for some time and has been used for many centuries. It has a spiritual value and has normally been of use in healing. During the Egyptian period, Egyptian people regarded this gemstone as one of the greatest valuables that come with tons of benefits. 

Turquoise Healing Properties

With tons of benefits offered to people who wear and love Turquoise Howlite, this exceptional crystal offers you peace of mind when you are home and enables you to feel at your best comfort.

In other words, this stone is regarded as a special stone that comes with good luck, cures old wounds, and basically pours a different life fortune into your world. Check out some other important benefits that you'll get from this calming blue valuable in your life.

Mental & Emotional Energy

Turquoise does wonders for your entire well-being in a wider perspective; however, it does miracles in both your mental and emotional health. In fact, it shines and shimmers in all those areas in a greater way. Its healing power mostly rotates around peace and serenity, like when someone is coming out of cold water during a hot day. This ingenious will definitely get you out of the depression, holding your spirit down for people who feel distressed or their spirit is pulled down.
Therefore, you'll find that this stone will untie you from the zero-grazing rope and enable you to enjoy a free space without limitations. Turquoise is a gentle and soft seeker of truth. It welcomes you to dive under the surface and find out what perfectly works for your case and what doesn't. 

Metaphysical Energy

Turquoise is also a tonic for your spirit. It works in tandem with the throat chakra that is the initiator of our conversation and ensures we are heard - which are the two important characteristics that portray self-worth. If you have a throat chakra that is blocked, you can come across various problems, either internal or even how we express ourselves and the way we talk to others.

If you take time to open your throat chakra, you may experience a problem being valued and heard. As such, you may get yourself in difficulty in ensuring your boundaries are defined. You may notice that you'll stay in a situation where you depend mainly on people's attention. As a valuable stone that links with your throat chakra and welcomes it to flow, this gemstone has to do with offering you exceptional truth and bringing it onto the surface. 

Turquoise in Buddhism

In Tibet, Turquoise is usually taken as a symbol that brings good luck. There, you'll find that a wide range of turquoise jewelry is made there. In the region, they mined this gemstone, crafted it, and traded it with tourists, and also the natives wore them.

Further, Turquoise takes the main role in the various families in the entire Himalayas. It is praised for its one-of-a-kind beauty and its spiritual core values representing spiritual life. Furthermore, it is a precious item to Tibetans and all occupants of the Himalayas, in which their self-Turquoise comes in its initial state. 

How Can Turquoise Affect Your Life?

Turquoise affects our lives in different aspects. It has emotional healing powers to dissolve any negative feelings, such as martyrdom. In case you have an agitated mind, it will calm you down for better inner peace.

Additionally, it is useful in treating depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and more. With the physical healing powers, it helps your body as it absorbs nutrients. Also, it boosts your immune system to keep you healthy at all times. So, if you are experiencing any health issues, this stone will help you a lot.

Love and Relationships

Turquoise symbolizes friendship. Therefore, it keeps longer-lasting friends between partners regardless of the stage of their relationship. It always ensures that there is friendship, even during the most difficult times. It brings out the romantic love between two lovers.

Therefore, you will experience positive love throughout your relationship and any other thing you do. It releases any hidden feelings since it enables you to go the extra mile whenever you have feelings for someone. So, you will be more confident in speaking out about what you feel without any embarrassment, giving you a chance to start a relationship. 

You can also use the stone to meditate and calm any jittery feelings, making it the best choice to handle the uncertain part of your life. It brings out romance and passion, whether you are a romantic person or not. That makes you more loving and able to demonstrate your real feelings. Moreover, it instills fun, enthusiasm, and adventure in your life. This uplifting energy is all that you ever need.

On the hand, if you are a shy person, this stone becomes so helpful since it aids it in coming up with engaging conversations. Also, it has a connection with the heart, allowing you to understand, emphasize, and be more supportive and considerate of different situations. 

Moreover, it gives you strength, courage, and protection in your relationship. It surrounds you with love and support as you go through harder times. This allows you to balance both your thoughts and emotions for partners. Here, you will calm down and find a better solution to any challenges, such as stress.

Also, it shows healing in your relationship. This makes it easier to let go of any anger, bitterness, and other negative energies. So, you can easily forgive your partner for any shortcomings. You are assured of true communications between you and your lover. All in all, this stone makes your relationship easier at all times. 


Turquoise shows wealth and luxury. It shows the abundance of mostly finances. It incorporates a clear mind and a very discerning trait that helps you handle financial matters. Since it allows you to make your dreams a reality, it will keep you stable to help you live more comfortably. Therefore, you are assured of financial blessings whenever you work with this stone. Also, you can easily come up with a wide range of income streams for a constant flow of finances.

Moreover, it brings about good health, well wishes, prosperity, and other positive energies. Both your mind and body keep you working on achieving your passions and businesses of your choice. So, you are prone to experience luck in all this. So, it acts like a charm in bringing prosperity and wealth into your life. 

Open Your Chakra System

Turquoise works well with the Third Eye chakra. It is well known for clearing any blockages while awakening the intuition. It features powerful and gentle vibrations that are useful in protection and enlightenment. Each time your third eye chakra is balanced, you can access the inner guidance and wisdom of the soul. That means that you can use chakra to harmonize the flow of energies.

Moreover, it resonates with the famous Solar Plexus chakra. Each time your Solar Plexus is blocked, you will be prone to experience fear without being aware of the reason behind it. A good Solar Plexus offers you contentment and bliss. Turquoise gets rid of the fears in the Solar Plexus.


Furthermore, it can as well be used to clear any blockages on the Throat chakra whenever you have a problem communicating. There is a higher chance that the Throat chakra will get congested. This stone can be used on chokers and necklaces for easier receiving by the Throat chakra for cleansing purposes. It will open your throat so that you can speak or communicate well with more confidence. 

How to Best Use Turquoise

You can wear turquoise jewelry to match your outfits and keeps you looking stylish. It keeps you brighter at all times. It keeps you feeling good, therefore lifting your spirits. You can wear it to remind you that you need to remain calm and peaceful during all situations. Additionally, it instills confidence without being arrogant in one way or another, so that you can express yourself better.

Also, you can use it as you meditate to enhance your spiritual moments, since it comforts you. Since they are connected to the sky, they send those positive energies to the earth. You will have peace of mind as you meditate. Moreover, it assures clear and honest communication with your loved ones. You can as well carry or hold some pieces to restore your spirits during different situations. 

Turquoise Crystal Bracelet

Turquoise bracelet keeps the beautiful vibrations thrumming. You have it directly in contact with your skin for a blooming power. This offers you the best healing properties that will help you in the best manner.

Turquoise Crystal Necklace

Whenever you are experiencing any trouble, you can wear this unique stone. This could be stress, depression, or encountering difficult people. You can wear it on your body at any time for protection and healing. So, necklaces and earrings act as a shield against any negative energies. Most Tibetans believe that turquoise mala is useful in directly relaying prayers to deities.

Meditation with Turquoise

Turquoise helps balance your emotions, so you can use it as you meditate. It offers your calming energies as you remain grounded to the ground during your practices. You can place it in one part of your home where you usually meditate and connect to the stone as you start off. 

Zodiac Birthstone

If you are using Turquoise, you can connect to the zodiac easily. This is mostly for those who are under the Sagittarius sign because of the bright blue color. Sagittarians are well known for their optimistic curiosity. They dream bigger and try to achieve the highest. Sometimes, it becomes so hard to communicate because they tend to move at a quicker pace. This may not be appropriate for those who lead to strife levels. You can use Turquoise to balance you because it keeps you calm and offers you a more effective way to communicate.

Moreover, it is a natural birthstone if you are born in December, and those in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius that is between the 23rd November to 21st December. It helps to improve the optimism, good humor, and many other natures of Sagittarians. One negative trait of Sagittarians is that they tend to get bored easily and get away from relationships so quickly. Turquoise becomes so helpful since it curbs these negative energies and keeps you loyal in your relationship. 

Turquoise with Feng Shui

You can use Turquoise to activate the wood element. You can easily activate the wood energy by simply adding the turquoise crystals. This will bring the wood qualities into your life. Also, it is useful in activating your meditating area since it balances your emotions in different ways.

On the other hand, it is useful in activating new beginnings. Therefore, as you start something new, turquoise keeps any negativity to keep you moving. You can also use it to activate your home or office while bringing calmness to your bedroom. It offers you the relaxing energy that you need. Also, this keeps you focused on all that you are doing to keep your work quality. 

How to Cleanse Turquoise Crystal

This stone requires cleaning and charging to keep it in good condition. For jewelry, you are required to care for it to use for the longest time possible. Therefore, after the healing sessions, they always require some flushes to keep the vibrations flowing. You can cleanse them using water or charge them using smudge. 

Water or Smudge

You can easily clean your turquoise using warm soapy water or smudge. Here, you need to rinse it well before you can dry it. You should ensure that it's dry to keep it gorgeous at all times. Moreover, whenever you need to charge it, then it is suitable to smudge it using sage or any other herbs of your choice. 


You can allow it to sit under the moonlight at night. In this way, it will absorb those luminous lunar elements. That keeps it looking beautiful at all times. 


Turquoise is a great companion during your day-to-day activities. It helps instill all those positive energies that you need to keep moving forward. If you are craving intuition, wisdom, serenity, joy, freedom to speak, and so on, Turquoise is the stone that will never let you down. You can connect it to your bracelet, necklaces, or any other jewelry for better connection.