Amplify your spiritual journey with the captivating power of Buddha Stones' amethyst crystals. Let the exquisite purple hues of amethyst harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. With Buddha Stones' amethyst, unlock a world of inner peace and tranquility. Unleash your full potential with the mesmerizing energy of amethyst, brought to you by Buddha Stones.

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126 products

Amethyst Crystal Meaning: Speak to Higher Consciousness

Amethyst is a semi-precious gemstone that comes in various colors, from pale lilac to deep purple. Its name derives from the Ancient Greek word 'Amethystos', meaning "not drunk," because it was believed to have sobering solid powers. 

The early Greeks called amethyst phonolite, meaning "the wine subduer," because they used it to stay sober while drinking wine during Dionysian celebrations. Amethyst has also been popular with many religious leaders and social reformers, such as John Wesley, Martin Luther, and Pope Pius IX for its calming properties. It is often worn to raise one's aura, and some use it as a meditation stone.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz, also known as Prasiolite. It is widely used as an ornamental gemstone and as beads in pre-Columbian South American cultures. Amethyst quartz ranges in color from pale lilac to deep purple, but how it is colored depends on how much iron is present. In the early years, amethyst was noted for its strong purple color and the belief that it could help with insomnia, worry, and stress. 

Nowadays, amethysts are found worldwide, colored from light lavender to deep violet or almost black. 

Throughout history, this gemstone has been considered a symbol of royalty and is believed to help increase one's intuition and healing powers. In addition, it is said to protect against psychic attacks and strengthen the spirit. The amethyst may be used for securing and is often worn to protect a person against negative energy. It can further aid in meditation by enabling you to reach states that are otherwise difficult to achieve. 

It is also said that those who carry an amethyst crystal on them will find it easier to speak their mind because they feel protected by it.

The Meaning of Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual awareness and spiritual growth. It inspires one's higher self to become more involved in the day-to-day material world. It helps you release the unnecessary baggage from your life and move forward with new tools of spirituality.

Amethyst clears away negativity, especially from one's surroundings, and promotes an overall sense of well-being throughout one's life. It can put a protective shield around you that nothing negative can penetrate. This energy field repels negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy, which strengthens the aura and allows for easier passage of helpful energies into their lives.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is a crystal that heals both the physical body and the spirit. It promotes clearer thoughts and inspires people to do things they would not have otherwise done. It empowers, comforts, and helps to boost one's confidence as it encourages self-love.

Amethyst is also beneficial in treating mental disorders like schizophrenia and various phobias. It is said to bring peace and balance into one's life symbolically and literally by strengthening the aura by bringing out color within oneself and removing blocks from underneath one's feet. 

Amethyst Enhances Physical Health

Amethyst helps a person maintain a healthy weight and is also helpful during difficult times regarding physical health. It is said to help the body overcome disease by cleansing the internal organs. By keeping toxins from the body, one's immune system is strengthened, and their physical well-being is enhanced. 

Amethyst Reduces Stress

Amethyst helps reduce stress by bringing joy into one's life, increasing selflessness, and finding happiness with oneself and others. It creates a comfortable environment, especially when making amends with someone. This beneficial energy promotes lucid dreaming and leads one to experience enlightening dreams, which also aid in the re-evaluation of your life goals.


Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Amethyst is a calming stone, soothing your environment. Your mindset and intentions will become more precise and focused. Your emotions, thoughts and thinking about various things will become more natural, giving you the intellectual guidance and strength you need to think clearly.

Amethyst Spiritual Properties

Amethyst spiritually connects you to your higher self and helps you release the unnecessary baggage from your life, thereby helping you move forward with new tools of spirituality. The amethyst stone is said to protect one against psychic attacks and strengthen the spirit. It also promotes lucid dreaming and leads one to experience enlightening dreams, which also aids in the re-evaluation of your life goals.

Amethyst unites all angels, masters, teachers, and guides; it brings them into a single entity, so they all work harmoniously toward a goal while protecting all entities from outside assistance (deception). This stone also purifies people from negative energies or entities attached to them.

Amethyst in Buddhism

The influence of Buddhism spread from Afghanistan to China, and Thailand to Japan. Buddhism is a philosophy that strives for the elimination of desire and ego. It is said that an individual attains enlightenment when one achieves the state of fewer desires. To achieve this, one had to remove themselves from earthly pleasures. 

The Buddha rolled a stone called "ametrine", which was considered a precious gemstone at the time, in front of him as he was walking through the marketplace in Bodhgaya so that he wouldn't be distracted by worldly temptations on his quest for enlightenment. The ametrine stone contained both purple amethyst and citrine within it. In Buddhism, both amethyst and citrine are used to symbolize wisdom. It is said that Buddha's mind dwells on the top of Mount Meru, which is represented by this stone. 

The Buddhists also used this stone in Cambodia for worshiping Buddha and other deities. 

How Can Amethyst Affect Your Life?

An amethyst crystal is said to be a very good stone for spiritual seekers, prepared for growth and development, and good fortune. It carries great spiritual energy and is also believed to be a guardian of the home. Amethyst is known as the heart's delight and is considered a very caring stone that takes on all of your emotional needs. It helps you release where you are holding on to stress with ease - this crystal will leave you feeling lighter than air! 

Remove Negative Energy

Amethyst is great at absorbing negative energy from the environment and your aura. It will also remove any negative energy you have taken on as your own and protect you from new incoming negative energies. 

Reduce Stress to Overcome Depression

Amethyst can help overcome depression by bringing joy into one's life, increasing selflessness, and finding happiness with oneself and others. When worn regularly, it creates a comfortable environment, especially when it comes to making amends with someone. This beneficial energy promotes lucid dreaming and leads one to experience enlightening dreams, which also aids in re-evaluation of your life goals.

Help to Open Your Third Eye

Amethyst helps you open your third eye, allowing you to see the spiritual realm and experience a higher consciousness. 

You can use amethyst for opening up your third eye by placing an amethyst in the middle of your forehead just above your brow bone, this is a good spot for it because it sits right where the pineal gland is located. If the stone doesn't stay in place without falling off, then try placing a small piece of double-sided tape on the back of it and then placing it on that spot. The stone should sit directly over that area and shouldn't move if it is placed correctly. 

Get Balance in Your Life

Amethyst is said to encourage inner peace and balance. It is believed to be very effective in helping overcome emotional trauma. When people wear it, it stimulates their development of self-confidence, encourages them to trust themselves, and helps them find their own unique individual traits. It also helps the mind make more connections between the conscious mind and the subconscious, thereby allowing one to experience more intuitive thought patterns.

How to Best Use Amethyst Crystal?

Amethyst is the most powerful crystal for intuitive transformation and healing because the stone helps one connect to the higher intelligence or spiritual self inside. Amethyst is one of the best stones in helping you become a more aware spiritual being. 

Amethyst can help you establish harmony in all areas of your life. It also helps to bring stability and peace into your life and banish unnecessary personal issues that can pull you down. Amethyst will allow you to see yourself clearly and help rid yourself of any negativity that may have been attached to you over the years. 

Use this stone in meditation to enhance your concentration, patience, and self-control. Placing an amethyst in each corner of your home will help keep it safe from intruders and negative energies. Amethyst is also good for use during sleep because it can produce vivid dreams that you may try to recall upon waking. 

Amethyst will really help bring out the best person within you! It promotes a higher state of consciousness and enables you to move away from feeling stagnant or stuck. 

Amethyst Crystal Necklace

Amethyst is a wonderful stone to wear to help you get in touch with your higher self. You can use it to help you clear negative energy from your life and help you feel inspired and empowered. It is a powerful crystal that will help you achieve success in both your career and life as well. If a person is wearing an amethyst crystal necklace, they are helping themselves become more of who they were created to be! 

Amethyst Crystal Bracelets

When wearing an amethyst bracelet, it's all about making your daily routine more colorful, creative, and fun. By wearing an amethyst bracelet, your life will be transformed into a more peaceful and loving place. It's all about relaxation and feeling happy. You won't have the same urge to be so critical towards others or yourself, you'll just radiate positive energy from within!

Zodiac Birthstone

Amethyst is the birthstone for those born in February. The stone is thought to be powerful for those coming into a fresh start with their lives. It is also a very protective crystal, which becomes even stronger in the presence of other stones, such as rose quartz or tiger eye, that bring harmony and balance to one's life.

Amethyst is associated with peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Since the color of amethyst ranges from pale pink to deep purple, it also denotes a gentle change of circumstances and an improvement in health, work, or finances.

Amethyst in Feng Shui

Amethyst is a powerful Feng Shui cure and Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, and Carnelian. It removes negative energy from the home and brings positive energy to it. Amethyst makes a wonderful addition to gardens because it can protect the garden by removing negative energy from the environment. It also is a great cure to utilize on the front door of your home because it will protect you and your home from any negative energies that may want to come into your life.

If you use amethyst as a Feng Shui cure, make sure that you are using its most powerful form. You can find amethyst in different forms, such as tumbled stone, crystal points, amethyst clusters, wands, etc. The best way to use this stone is to utilize the amethyst in its crystal form to bring forth more power when using crystalline energy. 

How to Cleanse Amethyst Crystal

If you have decided to use amethyst in your life, you must know how to cleanse it to maintain its energy flow. Amethyst will help you attract more positive energy and will also assist in keeping negative energy away from your life. Here are some ways you can use to cleanse your amethyst crystal stone properly. 

Sound or Smudge

Run high frequencies through your stone, and place it near speakers while they are playing music that resonates with you. You can also pick up a flute and play a few notes on it near the stone. 


Place your stone in a bowl of water. Let it sit for half an hour, then rinse it off with water. You can also place your stone in a glass of water and set it on your bathroom counter to cleanse before each shower. 


Place your stone by the moonlight. You can also place your stone next to a window and let it sit in the sunlight for about an hour.  


Amethyst is a very powerful crystal that can help you achieve your goals in life. It helps you stay focused and grounded, which will help you achieve your goals more easily. It also keeps you from feeling stuck or stagnant in any area of life. If a person is going to use amethyst, they need to choose high-quality stones that are energetic, vibrant, and clear stones. Make sure the stone has a high vibration level throughout the entire piece instead of only one small area. 

Wearing amethyst jewelry can help you feel happy, inspired, and peaceful. Jewelry made from the amethyst crystal can also help you better understand who you are and how you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference in this world. The amethyst crystal is also a wonderful gift to give to someone else, as it will help enhance their lives in many ways as well. If someone has given you an amethyst crystal stone, they have given it to you because they want you to feel empowered and confident in your life.