What is Backflow Incense and How to Use?

In almost all regions of the world, incense has a long history. Previously, incense was made up of flowers, leaves, resin pieces, and dried wood as a ground powder that is dried and mixed into various shapes. Nowadays, several different types of incense are used.

Out of all the different types of burners available, the backflow incense burner is the most popular kind because of its many benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Next, a bit about this type of incense burner will be discussed so that you can use it to your liking effectively and accurately. So, read on to find out more about it. 

What is Backflow Incense? What is it Made From?

Unlike "normal" or standard incense, in backflow incense, the plume of smoke will flow in the opposite direction. So, the flow of smoke will be downwards instead of upwards. There will be a small hollow tunnel through the center in backflow incenses, which are generally shaped as a cone. It will end in a hole at the bottom center. They are abundantly found in a shape of a stick as well. The sticks will be a thin, long tube means that they will be completely hollow in the center. 

At room temperature, the incense smoke happens to be denser than normal air as it contains tiny particles. As hot air is lighter than room temperature air, when normal incense is lit, the smoke will go upwards as the heat offsets the weight of the tiny particles.

With backflow incense, the smoke will enter the hollow tunnel first. In there, the smoke will become cool, which will make it denser. As a result, the smoke will exit from the bottom. So, the smoke in such incense will flow downward. 

How Does Backflow Incense Burner Work?

backflow incense burnerwhich is also known as an incense waterfall burner, is many a ceramic incense holder where you need to use only backflow incense sticks or cones.

After lighting the incense, the smoke will flow downwards along with the design, giving a waterfall effect. The burners are not specially made. The backflow incense will work its magic and follow the design to give the relaxing waterfall effect.

When you figure out how an incense burner of this sort works, then you will know that there is no trickery or advanced science involved. It has to do with the design of the backflow incense, which comes with a small hole in the bottom center. As explained before, the smoke comes out of the bottom hole and follows, the design of the burner to create the waterfall effect. 

The ceramic burner will have a hole where you have to place the incense. When you place a lit backflow incense on this specific hole, then the smoke will flow downwards into this burner's hole and cascade down to the bottom of the burner to create the waterfall effect.  

When incense is burned, warm air is released. Generally, because of the difference in air pressure between the air around it and the warm air produced by the burning incense, the warm air will rise, and the smoke will go upwards.

But as backflow incense sticks and cones are hollow, the cool air from inside the burner will also reach the smoke. This cool air will pull the smoke downwards through the hole in the burner to create the waterfall effect. 

Backflow Incense Burner Benefits

If you use the right type of backflow incense, then you can get a lot of advantages from the backflow incense burner. It will help you relax your mind and stay calm. It will also solve allergy problems and benefit your skin.

Moreover, it will help with the digestive system as well. However, they have become popular because of the waterfall effect it creates. There is a spiritual meaning of an incense waterfall. 

You must know that there are many cultures that connect particular meaning to waterfalls. Most times, they represent refreshment. The downward flowing effect can be interpreted as cleansing away negative energy. So, the incense burner will help you let go of problems, negative feelings, people, and difficult circumstances. Waterfalls act as a source of relaxation and inspiration surrender for many people.  

Besides, the backflow incense burner happens to use or utilize all four elements. Air and fire are needed for the combustion of the cone, ceramic comes from the earth, and the way the smoke flows symbolizes water. So, this burner will bring balance and harmony to your home and soul. 

How Do You Use A Backflow Incense Burner?

That is very easy to use a backflow incense burner. Here is a guide explaining step-by-step on how to: 

A step-by-step guide to using this incense burner:

· You need to place the burner in a solid space with no air pressure to get the waterfall effect.

· Use a tweezer to hold the backflow incense cone for your own safety.

· Light the tip by grabbing the incense cone with firm hands and tilting it (45-degree angle).

· Keep the flame on for 4-5 seconds and then extinguish it.

· Repeat the previous two steps if it is lit properly. Make sure the tip does not look ashy.

· The incense cone will be lit properly if it is slightly glowing and you can see its fragrance.

· Place it on the heat-resistant surface made on the burner, aligning the bottom of the incense cone with the hole of the burner to avoid any accident and ignite it properly. 

Lighting Backflow Incense

Now let's learn how to light backflow incense properly:

· You need to place the burner in a draft-free space.

· Keep a cup of water and tongs nearby.

· When burning the incense cone, make sure you tilt slightly for easy igniting.

· You have to light the pointed top of the cone.

· Blow out the flame after a few seconds.

· Do wait for it to ignite properly.

· Place it on the burner and wait for the hollow part to begin burning properly to enjoy the smoke traveling like a waterfall. 

Putting On Backflow Incense Cones

If it is incense sticks, we tend to put them out as per our preference and use them later. However, it isn't easy to do so in the case of backflow incense cone. You should not use water to put out incense sticks, but water is recommended for backflow incense cones.

You need to immerse a fully burning incense cone into a cup of water. Besides, you have to discard the incense cone after putting it out using water. It is advisable that you do not use it again. 

How to Use Incense Sticks?

Backflow incense sticks are also available, and these are the steps to use one:

· You need to light the tip of the incense stick.

· Before blowing out the stick, do wait for 5-10 seconds to light it properly.

· Place the stick on the burner. There will be a hole to place the incense stick.

· You need to keep the burner in an open space so that you can enjoy the fragrance effectively. 

How to Clean and Remove Incense Cone Ashes

The backflow incense cone is a bit different from normal incense sticks. Here, the ashes will not fall everywhere. The cone will keep its original form. You need to follow the steps mentioned next to remove the ash effectively:

· You need to wait for 5-10 minutes to ensure that the cone is burnt completely and the ashes have cooled down.

· You need to place the burnt cone on a tissue and wrap it up well.

· If you see that the ash is still warm, then sprinkle some water to cool it down so that you can discard it.

· Discard the completely cooled cone in the trash.

· To make sure that the new incense cone does not affect the aroma of the new cone in the next burning time, wash the incense burner thoroughly with a damp cloth. 

When Would the Backflow Smoke Don't Work?

Often, you will see that the backflow burner is not working properly. Once you know what can be the reason, you can take care of this problem effortlessly and enjoy the effects of the burner effectively. 

Many times, the burner fails to work its magic if it is kept in a drafty area. Do not keep it near an open window, as in such a scenario, the smoke will not flow down as it should. On the other hand, if the holes of the cone and burner are not aligned properly, then the backflow smoke will not work. So, make sure that you have placed the cone properly on the burner hole.  

You might also face this issue if the ignited part did not burn downwards far enough along the incense cone. So, before placing the cone, take care that the flame is at least a third of the way down before you put out the flame. By doing this, you are making sure that the channel of the hole is exposed where the vacuum happens, and it can create the desired downward pressure. 

How Long Do Backflow Incense Cones Last?

Compared to traditional incense sticks and cones, backflow incense cones and sticks have different burn times. Because they are hollow, the period of smoke production will be shorter than the normal ones.

However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy the waterfall effect for a long time. You can enjoy the waterfall effect for 10-15 minutes. Unlike normal incense, this one happens to create thicker, heavier smoke. The density of the smoke of backflow incense cones will add to the dramatic waterfall visual effect. 

What Is The Best Time To Light An Incense?

You can enjoy backflow incense burner to the fullest if you incorporate the lighting habit into your everyday routine. So, you have the option to use it in the morning to accompany your everyday morning routine. Your mind will be fresh, and you can start your day right.  

If you generally deal with hectic mornings, then the best time to use this type of incense burner will be during evening time when all your work of the day is done, and you are ready to unwind and get ready for bed. You can choose the fragrance according to your mood and enjoy a peaceful end of the daily routine. 

Backflow Incense Safety Tips

Lighting incense is an effective way to relieve your anxiety and stress. So, more and more people worldwide are using this in different ways to live a more mindful life. However, the fact cannot be denied that they are a fire hazard. If you are not careful with it, then you can land into deep trouble. Thus, be careful when you have lit one. Here are some incense safety tips that you need to know to use an incense burner properly and safely:

· As the incense stick or cone is on fire to work, you need to take care of this. Do not forget that it will be hot to handle.

· You need to make sure that the incense burner is far from curtains, furniture, and other such flammable materials.

· As it creates smoke, make sure that it is kept in a well-ventilated area. You need to make sure of this, especially if you have pets. You need to keep the door open when using one in such a case so that your pets can leave when the smoke begins to bother them.

· Incense can be dangerous if you inhale or consume e material. Thus, if you have children or pets, do make sure that the burner is out of reach for them to avoid any kind of accident.

· Lastly, you should take extra care while burning incense when you are pregnant. Do consult with your doctor to know if your incense burning ritual will harm you in this condition or not. 


There you have it; these were everything you needed to know about using the backflow incense burner safely and effectively. Incense can become a great addition to any meditation or yoga practice. Burning them can help you relax effectively if you have the right kind of fragrance.

Use the information provided here to effectively and accurately use this type of incense burner depending on your purpose and the space you want to place it. So, what are you still waiting for? Get your hands on it and see how it can transform your mindset for the better.