Black Obsidian Meaning: How It Can Be Beneficial For You

There are some crystals that come with healing properties. Such crystals can be quite beneficial in your healing process or protect you. As much as these crystals can help clear the energies surrounding you, they can also be beneficial in your spiritual journey.

One such crystal is the Black Obsidian Crystal, which has some amazing benefits. It can protect you and also heal you to enhance your life for the better. If you are wondering what this crystal is, then you are in the right place. We will tell you everything you need to know, starting from Black Obsidian meaning, its properties, and benefits. Read on to know all the details and aspects of Obsidian crystals. 

What is Black Obsidian?

The Obsidian is a black-colored rock that is made from the magma which is erupted from the volcano. For this reason, it is also known as intrusive rock. The Obsidian crystal is actually an igneous rock that is formed when the molten materials coming out of the volcano cool down. Hence, the appearance of the Obsidian crystal is jet-black (dark black) in color. This crystal even contains hematite, also called iron oxide, and it contains brown and red varieties. Also, it contains tiny bubbles of gas which can have a golden shimmery effect on the Obsidian crystal.

Different Types of Obsidian

All the Obsidian crystals have some unique properties to heal and protect you from harmful and negative energy. There are a total of four different types of Obsidian with different colors and properties. These are: 

Black Obsidian

This is the most common type of Obsidian crystal, and it is as dark as night. Black Obsidian is considered as the most powerful of all when you are seeking protection. It can help you heal from deep within and stay grounded.  

Rainbow Obsidian

The Rainbow Obsidian comes with some luminous colors that are present beneath the surface of the crystal. It makes this stone look dreamy, like the colors swirling in the oil. This Rainbow Obsidian can help to keep the users centered and grounded while keeping the root chakra well in check.


Snowflake Obsidian

In this Obsidian crystal, you can see some dancing patterns of white-colored spots. These spots look like a snowflake, which is resides underneath the dark surface of the crystal. It has the power to shift your patterns and to provide a soothing effect on your vibes. This can help keep your temper in check by calming you down. 

Mahogany Obsidian

This crystal comes with a richer color scheme. It represents the fierce power of protection that this crystal can provide. If you are going through a vulnerable moment, this Mahogany Obsidian crystal can ward off all the attacks from you.

Meaning of Black Obsidian

The meaning of the Obsidian is linked to the concept of darkness. It is said that every human soul contains elements of the dark as well as light, just like the planets of the universe have phases of day and night. The Obsidian Crystal is quite powerful in nature and can help you identify the dark sides of your life so that it can heal you with its healing properties. This crystal helps in clearing away the dark sides of your psyche. 


This Obsidian crystal doesn't hide the dark or negative energies. Instead, it shines a light on the negative energy to clear that away from you. Hence, you can choose love and light in your life to move forward. The Black Obsidian meaning is clarity of your mind, clearing all the negative energy from your environment. The negativity can block your mind, creating confusion and negative emotions. You can move past those energies with the help of the obsidian crystals.  

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

The healing properties of Obsidian can help you in protecting your energy. With the help of these healing properties, you can clear and balance the chakras in the best way possible. This crystal can help in healing both your emotional or mental energy as well as your metaphysical energy.  

Mental & Emotional Healing Energy

The Obsidian crystals can stimulate the emotional and mental healing process by helping you to face the darker side again. Many people have lost the power to face the darker side that has caused emotional damage or left some wounds in their mental state. This crystal can help you regain that power to face that side so that you can heal from the abuses, trauma, or any event that has left you emotionally vulnerable.  

If you are not mentally and emotionally stable, it can cause a hindrance in your spiritual growth. Also, it can cause severe issues like depression, insecurity, aggression, and addiction. The Obsidian crystal can help you to heal your mental and emotional imbalances or traumas by clearing out the negativity. The strong effects of this crystal can help you neutralize and dissolve any emotional or psychic debris efficiently. 


Metaphysical Healing Energy

With the help of Obsidian crystals, you can enhance the physical healing process, too. This crystal can help in circulation flow, which can help in better digestive processes as well as it can encourage deep healing of the tissues. The metaphysical properties that are present in the Obsidian crystal can help in clearing your root chakras and dissolving the blockages present n your solar plexus chakra. It also has some qualities like that of a mirror, which can help you look into other realms, too.

All these energies can help you stay grounded and stable. Hence, you can stand strong and safe while facing anything without any risk of a psychic attack. Also, as this crystal can help you look into other realms, it can help you gain better knowledge and cosmic consciousness. 

Obsidian and Chakras

Now that you know the Obsidian crystal meaning and how it can heal your mind or body, you have to know what connection it has with the chakras. Chakras play a vital role in getting the perfect balance and stability of your body. The first and primary chakra associated with Obsidian is the Root Chakra, which is also called the base chakra. This base chakra is located right at the base of your spinal cord. The two colors that are connected with this base chakra are - black and red. As Obsidian is black in color, it can help your base or root chakra remain stable and grounded. 

Another name of the Root Chakra is Muladhara chakra, which is derived from the Sanskrit words 'Mula' and 'Adhara'. While the word 'Mula' means root, the word 'Adhara' means to support or base. Hence, this chakra is present at the base of your spinal cord, creating a proper foundation for all the chakras that are above it. As the Root Chakra is the base chakra, it has some earth energy, which can help you feel grounded and safe. This chakra is responsible for the proper functioning of the lower part of your body.  

How to Best Use Black Obsidian Crystal?

As the Black Obsidian Crystal comes with so many great powers and benefits, it is important to use this crystal for your meditation, ceremonies, and rituals. It can also be a great addition to your everyday life. 

As it is related to your root chakra, it can help you stay grounded while healing you from the negative energy that can make you feel down or drained. You can include this crystal in your everyday life by wearing it as your bracelet or necklace. Wearing the Obsidian Crystal in the form of any jewelry can help you stay connected to the stone, harnessing all its good energy.  

Black Obsidian Crystal Bracelet

One of the best ways to harness the protective and healing power of the Obsidian Crystal is by wearing it as a bracelet. Being on your wrist, the Black Obsidian Crystals will have direct contact with your skin, which can help enhance the crystal's healing properties. It can help you heal faster and also protect you from any negative energy around you.

Black Obsidian Crystal Necklace

Another best way to use the Obsidian crystal properties is by carrying this stone or crystal as your necklace. It can help you incorporate all the energy of the crystal into your life. As you wear the necklace, you carry the stone with you wherever you go. This stone can help you bring some positive and protective energy into every aspect of your life. 

Which Hand to Wear the Black Obsidian Bracelet?

You can wear the Black Obsidian bracelet on both your right hand and left hand. But wearing this crystal on two different hands can fulfill two separate purposes.

· Wearing the Black Obsidian bracelet on your left hand can help you in attracting wealth

· Wearing the Black Obsidian bracelet on your right hand can help you in warding off any bad or evil spirits


But it is better if you can wear the Black Obsidian bracelet on your left hand. According to Chinese Culture, wearing the crystal on your left hand can help your body absorb the chi, i.e. the energy, more efficiently. 

Meditation with Black Obsidian

The Black Obsidian Crystal is considered as one of the best tools for meditation because of its amazing healing properties. It also has properties that can give you divine insight and a look into other realms. For any experienced user, this crystal can be an excellent ally for meditation. It can take you quite deep into your subconscious mind. It can also provide you with a clear state of mind where you will be completely detached from the rest of the world. 

Moreover, it can inspire you to have the best understanding of silence as well as wisdom. It also helps in expanding your consciousness so that you can explore all the realms with the utmost ease and confidence. 

Zodiac Birthstone - Black Obsidian

Sagittarius is a zodiac sign associated with Black obsidian. The zodiac symbol of this 9th zodiac sign is an Archer. The element of Sagittarius is fine, and it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. As the Sagittarius are courageous, frank, and kind, with lots of positivity and generosity in them, the Obsidian is considered as their birthstone. It can keep their relationships with family and friends better. 

Black Obsidian with Feng Shui

There is a connection between Black Obsidian with Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, black color is related to water elements, and water is a representation of depth, fluidity, and wisdom. If you want to bring these qualities into your life, then Black Obsidian Crystal can help you.

According to the Feng Shui, you can use this crystal in the entryway to bring positive energy through people, in your bedroom for your personal protection and enhancing relationships, in your kitchen for protection again, and in your workspace for wisdom and wealth. 

How to Cleanse Black Obsidian Crystal?

Sometimes the powerful healing crystals can get clogged up, and you need to cleanse them properly. Cleansing can recharge the crystal again. You can cleanse the Black Obsidian Crystal using two different ways. These are: 


You can hold the Obsidian crystal under the running water to cleanse it. It is the easiest way to cleanse the stones before you can wear them again. 

Moonlight or a Singing Bowl

You can also keep the crystal sitting out in the moonlight. It can help in clearing all the energies that are clogging the stone to recharge it back again. You can also use the singing bowl to cleanse and recharge your crystal. 


As you know, the Black Obsidian crystal meaning, it is important to harness the power of that crystal. You can do that either by keeping the crystal in different areas of your house or wearing it as a jewelry piece. Wearing the Black Obsidian Crystal in the form of jewelry can help you stay in direct connection with the crystal all the time. This crystal can protect you from negative energy, and it also has a positive impact on your mind and body. It can bring some positive changes in your life, which can enhance your professional as well as your personal life. Get a Black Obsidian Crystal bracelet or a necklace, and you can enjoy all these positive effects on your life.