What's the Buddha Bracelet Meaning? Why Wear it?

Buddha bracelets are becoming quite popular as wearable accessories nowadays. If you're wondering, what is the meaning of Buddha bracelets? You've come to the right place. 

A Buddha bracelet is something that can be fashioned using different natural materials, with beads being the most prevalent. It's said to power up the individual's spiritual strength and energy. 

Those who are interested in Buddha bracelets should know that they should only be used for good intentions. The mala's primary material is mainly used for meditation, mantras, and prayers. 

What is a Buddha Bracelet?

At first, they might seem like ordinary organic bracelets, but upon closer look, they're definitely distinctive. 

A Buddha bracelet is exactly what it sounds like- a spiritual accessory that's connected to the history and tradition of Buddha. In olden times, Buddha bracelets were worn as supplemental healing ornaments and for individuals who wanted to gain higher spirituality.

Today, Buddha bracelets signify a lot of positive emotions and intentions, including freedom, intelligence, and love. It's worthy to note that the string of beads or materials should not exceed more than 108. 

History Of The Buddha Bracelet

Buddha bracelet, meaning dates back to the origins of Buddhism.

Buddha and its practitioners believe in the harmony of life and that it's full of suffering. To accept this fact, they turn to inward reflection and meditation as a means of finding happiness.

It's said that happiness can be obtained no matter your life condition and regardless of what's happening around you. The discipline teaches people that by focusing their attention inward, they can find peace and a solid anchor that holds them together. 

Buddhism also believes that human energy is indestructible. When people pass away, they simply move on towards the next life, and that energy is used to spread love and repel the darkness. Also, practitioners learn valuable lessons in each phase and can work towards their betterment, whether it be a deeper understanding of energy and practicing meditation and prayer. 

A Buddha bracelet encapsulates these beliefs and offers the wearer greater spiritual energy so he or she can find the path of enlightenment. It's used to collect energy and for healing purposes as well. 

Types of Buddha Bracelet

As mentioned earlier, Buddha bracelets can be crafted using different types of organic material. Some of the most popular ones are the following: 

Tiger's Eye Stone

Tiger eye Buddha bracelets are some of the most popular wearable accessories around. It's basically a talisman that gives the wearer the ability to make the correct decisions in life.

More than that, the tiger's eye material is said to imbue the individual with strength, determination, and confidence. Much like its namesake, Buddha bracelets made of Tiger's Eye Stone get all of these abilities, as well as good fortune and prosperity.

A person wearing this type of Buddha bracelet will feel a closer connection to their chakra energy.


Citrine is considered a refreshing' type of material and makes the wearer experience the joy of living.


Citrine-type Buddha bracelets also attract luck and wealth, and make the wearer more confident. Perhaps the unique aspect of citrine is how it unlocks the individual's creative potential, which is necessary for those pursuing arts and similar interests.

Lastly, this Buddha bracelet inspires the wearer to move forward and complete their goals. 

Rock Crystal

Those who want a natural bracelet that heals should get the rock crystal type Buddha bracelet. It's a staple accessory to individuals who aspire to live a long and prosperous life. 

Rock crystal has a direct connection to the body's Sahasrara chakra, which is mainly responsible for outer and inner beauty. It has a renewing effect as well.

It's worthy to note that bead color can offer different features as well. Purple strengthens luck and fortune; red is good for power, while white is connected to greater healing and a calm mind. Yellow gives the individual work success and is good for starting new beginnings. Black, gray, and green are primarily for nurturing the spirit.

Bone-type beads are unique in themselves in that they remind people to be more compassionate and value all forms of life. 

Buddha Bracelet Meaning

Buddha bracelets are sometimes referred to as Buddhist bracelets, and they are one and the same.

It presents multi-faceted benefits in the form of life, or love, intelligence, freedom, and enjoyment. That said, it's a well-rounded accessory for those who want to experience a spectral boost in the aspects mentioned above. 

Buddha bracelets will usually have the Om symbol, which originated in Hinduism. Mantras make the Buddha bracelet's power stronger and refer to Avalokiteshvara, or the bodhisattva of compassion.


Prayer beads help immensely with focusing the mind and in meditation. In a family setting, it serves as a talisman to protect the members from harm and misfortune. 

Spiritual Energy of Buddha Bracelet

A Buddha bracelet is traditionally made from mala beads and is usually the first option for those who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. 

The spiritual energy of the accessory comes from the tradition of Buddhism itself. Mala beads are fashioned into a small bracelet for portability, and are tools to count the times a mantra has been recited.

The Buddhist bracelet is very customizable and can accommodate many different material types- the most common ones are seeds, wood, metal, and gems. It can serve as a reminder that people should follow the right path and truth at all times.

In spiritual terms, the bracelet acts as a conduit to provide the wearer with much-needed energy. People often cling to negative energy and emotions- what they don't know is that these are fleeting and that there's no need to dwell in them.

It's believed that our mind dictates our health in both physical and mental aspects, and that disease is created from the inside. Buddha bracelets are sources of healing energy and can direct the mind towards renewal. 

Different Buddhist Symbols

Buddhism is a religion that makes use of several significant symbols, which include the golden fish, conch shell, pearl, endless knot, Dharma wheel, and parasol.

Golden Fish

Most golden fish symbols come in pairs, which signify the Yamuna and Ganges rivers in India. 

The religion made use of both to symbolize spontaneity and happiness, and the fish means freedom to swim through the rivers and the rebirth cycle.

Conch Shell

The conch shell is a revered symbol, and most shells are set in a vertical position and covered with silk ribbons. 

The shell directly means honesty and fearlessness. For disciples, the conch shell signifies their responsibility to spread Buddhism in all directions. 


Pearls are precious jewels and hold a deeper meaning in Buddhism. They represent wealth and spiritual knowledge, as well as wisdom and empathy.

Other religious experts say that the pearl symbolizes the mind. They're placed on the ashes of Buddha masters who have passed on to the next life.

Endless Knot

It's a symbol that's made an appearance throughout history and other religions. In Buddhism, the knot symbolizes endless compassion, harmony, and wisdom.

Dharma Wheel

An ancient sign and symbol of Buddhist teachings. The Dharma wheel is also known as the Dharmachakra, or truth/law wheel in Sanskrit language.

The Dharma Wheel is often seen as something that's similar to the cross in Christianity. The eight spokes represent the Eightfold path, while the three spirals symbolize the religion's three jewels: the teacher, teachings, and community. 


Parasols have a different name in Sanskrit. Chatta' symbolizes the basic function of a parasol, which is to shield people from the sun's rays. 

Parasols were also considered wealth and status symbols in ancient times. In light of Buddhism, the parasol is used to shield' practitioners from evil and harm. The dome shape on top also means compassion and wisdom. 

Why Wear the Buddha Bracelet?

Buddha bracelets hold immense significance and represent the peaceful nature and the wisdom of the religion.

Since ancient times, people have recognized the Buddhist bracelet as one that brings tranquility and calm. Having the beads nearby provide spiritual energy and healing, and infuse the body and mind with much-needed energy.

The beads infuse the being with pleasant and positive frequency into the wearer's personal energy field. It's believed that wearing the bracelet on the left hand amplifies the effect.

Historically, Buddhist practitioners often chant the Six True Words, Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum, which guides the soul towards enlightenment. With a Buddha bracelet, the words are inscribed for protective purposes and to further empower the beads. 

Buddha Bracelet and Chakra

In your journey towards spiritual enlightenment, you'll eventually come across the seven Chakras.

To tap into the Chakra you want, you can equip a Buddha bracelet and some specific stones or crystals. 

Root Chakra

The first Chakra can be found at the spine, and is considered the primary source of your spiritual energy.

Nurturing this, Chakra unlocks a clearer sight and promotes better stability and spiritual grounding. You can combine your Buddha beads with garnet, smoky quartz, or black obsidian to achieve this end.

Sacral Chakra

Found in the lower abdomen, the Sacral Chakra is mainly responsible for our sexual desires and emotions, as well as talent and creative nature.

Tiger's eye, orange aventurine, and snowflake obsidian are all great companions to unlock and allow for better flow of the Svadhisthana.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third Chakra deals with how we perceive things around us, and it drives our personalities.

You can gain a sense of better self-esteem and improve your willpower by combining your Buddha bracelet with amber, yellow quartz, or yellow jasper. 

Heart Chakra

In the chest area, the Anahata manages our emotions, mainly feelings of attachment, such as pain, love, grief, respect, and more.

You'll be able to harness these feelings better when you constantly tap into the Heart Chakra. For this, you'll want to have green jade, rose quartz, or green tourmaline on hand. 

Throat Chakra

Represents purity and peace. This Chakra needs attention, since it mainly dictates your ability to communicate with others.

Mala bracelets, along with aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and celestite, can balance out the energy in this region. 

Third Eye Chakra

The sixth Chakra mainly touches upon your spiritual guidance, intuition, and perception. Taking constant care of it will give you greater clarity and allow you to make better decisions. 

Buddhist bracelets with azurite and amethyst nurture the Third Eye Chakra and enhance each meditative session. 

Crown Chakra

The 7th and highest Chakra plane represents the individual's spirituality and cosmic consciousness.

When tapped into, the individual gains superb spiritual grounding and an immense surplus of spiritual energy. You can make the most of your Buddha bracelet by combining it with moonstone, white opal, or crystal quartz.

Different Color Meanings of Buddhist Bracelet

Black. Symbolizes infinity and pairs well with those who constantly analyze and think.

Golden. Gold is all about confidence and courage, and enables the wearer to make good decisions.

Red. Red indicates a strong connection with the self. This type of Buddhist bracelet gives the wearer luck and strength.

Blue. Releases inhibitions and gives the user the ability to communicate more clearly with other people.

Yellow. Taps into the wearer's pride and converts it into wisdom.

White. The same as yellow, except it turns ignorance into wisdom and knowledge. This color can also ward off bad luck and evil intentions.

Multi-Colored. Represents the aspects of life and combines all the color benefits in one. 

Healing Buddha Bracelets

Healing Buddha bracelets focus on magnetic healing to make the wearer feel better physically and mentally.

When in close and constant proximity, the bracelets emit magnetic fields that balance out the negative and positive energies and cause health benefits such as greater oxygen content, better blood flow, and increased nutrient absorption.

Magnetic healing can also ease inflammation and pain in the body. 

Buddha Bracelet and Meditation

Buddha bracelets are used in meditation, particularly tracking the number of mantras chanted. Mala beads either hold 21 or 27 counts, depending on the mantra and the syllables.

Aside from being a useful tool, the material and color of the Buddha bracelet dictate that chakra the wearer is trying to balance. Most practitioners have the beads rotated using the thumb and while it's resting on the second or third finger. 

How to Wear Buddha Bracelet

Buddha bracelets can be worn like any accessory. Aside from its healing and energy-infusing properties, these bracelets can be used to complement the wearer's clothes and style. 

In order to maximize the effects of a Buddha bracelet, it's recommended that you wear it on your left wrist. 

Because it's so well-rounded, Buddha bracelet meaning can take different forms. You can choose from several materials, as well as colors and complementary stones, to get the desired effect.


Versatile, powerful, and stylish, the Buddha bracelet is sure to affect your life for the better. Make sure to consider wearing one when you want a spiritual boost and continued connection with happiness and the universe.