Things You Didn't Know About Buddha Chain

The Buddha Chain
The Buddha Chain brings good fortune, abundance, and contentment to the wearer's life. It is a popular belief in Buddhism that the individuals with Buddha Chains attract health, wealth, luck, and happiness.

What is the Meaning of Buddha Symbols?

The Buddha symbol means enlightenment, and the Buddhists consider it a path to enlightenment. According to their belief, the wearer of the Buddha symbol is enlightened on the right path.

What does a Buddha Chain Mean?

A Buddha Chain signifies prosperity, longevity, and peace. The Buddha necklace uplifts ultimate power for the wearer. It helps encounter evil energy and radiates positive energy to surpass life challenges.

What does the Green Jade Buddha Mean?

The green Buddha Chain or jade chain means good luck, happiness, and abundance. It is believed to have powers to heal from discomforts and diseases and keep off evil spirits.

Why do People Wear Buddha Chains?

People wear Buddha chains for positivity in their lives. The Buddha gold chain heals your body in various ways. People also wear gold chains with Buddha on their fingers to heal their hearts.

Buddha Symbols and Their Meaning in Buddhist Beliefs

Buddhist symbols signify Buddha and the philosophy of Buddhism; these symbols were seen in India first and then spread across the region. Buddhist life and traditions also influenced other cultures, and they adopted some of their core beliefs.
Buddhism has many symbols which denote peace, luck, and contentment in one's life. Some of them are discussed below.


It is one of the most important symbols of Buddhism and is also called the "Dharma Wheel ."According to Buddhists, when the Buddha was at Varanasi, the wheel was turned, where he first taught after enlightenment.
The wheel signifies the teachings of the Buddha, and the three swirls in the center of the wheel mean three jewels of Buddhism. The eight connect fold paths symbolize the completion of Dharma. The Dharmachakra radiates peace and luck to its people.

The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi tree symbolizes enlightenment, where the Buddha attained enlightenment or Nirvana. It is located at a sacred pilgrimage site. The Bodhi tree represents the Buddha himself and spirituality and enlightenment.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower grows in the muddy lake, but continues to reach the surface and bloom beautifully. This growth process inspires humans that hardships and bad times tune you and turn peace and luck towards your way.

Triratna or the Three Jewels

The three jewels represent the right knowledge, faith, and conduct in Buddhism. All three of them depend on each other to liberate humans spiritually.


The stupa is a hemispherical structure that contains the remains of Buddhist nuns and monks, and this place is used for meditation. It is a memorial location from an event that happened in Buddha’s life.

Laughing Buddha Meaning

A laughing Buddha symbolizes happiness, good fortune, a good career, plenty of wealth, and life fulfillment. If you ever wonder about the meaning of smiling of Laughing Buddha, it is pretty simple to understand why people laugh. They laugh because they are happy and in a state of contentment and fulfillment.
The Laughing Buddha denotes a happy and carefree life where there are no worries to surround you. It is an enigma of joy, blessings, and positive energy.
A real Buddha chain brings positivity to one's life and radiates bliss and joy. It is believed that it can also eliminate evil powers or energy from your life and home.

Avalokiteshvara Buddha Chain Jewelry Meaning

Avalokiteshvara Buddha Chain Jewelry has the potential to protect and heal and bring good energy to the wearer. These amulets are used for spirituality and protection purposes. These chains are used for good luck charms and can be very powerful for the carrier.
Avalokiteshvara symbolizes compassion when the lord looks down with compassion on its people. This pendant brings harmony and emits positive rays into people’s lives.

Can a non-Buddhist Wear Budda Chain?

Well, the answer is simple, it is okay to wear this symbol, no matter what your beliefs or spirituality are.
Remember that Buddhism is a flexible religion that is open to everyone, even if your purpose doesn't directly correspond with a particular symbol.
As long as you have the right thoughts, and as long as you want to channel your positive energy, then you are okay with putting it on. There is no issue as long as your motivation is sincere and serves the greater benefit.

Buddha Chain for Peace and Protection

It is a popular belief in Buddhism that people use the statue and chain of Buddha for peace and protection.
Peace could be either mental peace, peace of mind, or peace in life and protection from evil energy, evil thoughts, and bad energy in the surrounding. You can wear a Buddha chain 14k gold to attract luck and fortune into your life.

Buddha Chain of Happiness and Peace Jewelry for Gift

You can also gift a Buddha chain to your friends or family to bring peace and prosperity to their lives. It will have similar impacts when they wear it, although it will make your relationships with them more positive and protect you and your friends from bad luck or negativity.
Gifting your friends a Buddha necklace means you wish them a long, happy, and fortunate life, which is a beautiful gesture to show your compassion towards them.
A Buddha chain or jewelry is also suitable for a good eternal fate in a relationship between a couple. The different colors of Buddha chains have distinct positive sentimental values for each of them.
Gifting each other Buddha pendants or other jewelry shows a strong bond between two people in a relationship, and it fills the bonding with positivity and longevity.

Symbol of Buddha Chain Jewelry

You can get a black Buddha chain to repel evil eyes and get magical protection from negativity in your surroundings. The Buddha chain removes all the negative energy and evil radiation and brings good luck and fortune.
You can also bring positive energy and success with a Buddha chain or a piece of jewelry for protection, success, and harmony. If you want to gift a Buddha chain or ring to your friend or a family member, you can get yours from Buddha Stones to attract blessing and success in their lives.


What does Buddha Jewelry Mean?

Buddha jewelry attracts peace and happiness and brings positivity and success. You can wear a Buddha chain and a ring as well; they all are supposed to surround you with good fortune and peace in your life.

Is the Buddha Pendant Lucky?

Buddha pendant is considered the luckiest for the wearer or the carrier; it signifies good luck and fortune and plenty of wealth and success in one's life.