What is Cinnabar? The Complete Cinnabar Meaning Explanation

Cinnabar is a popular mineral used for many centuries in different cultures for decoration, art, and making jewelry because it has a bright color. Also called Dragon's blood, Cinnabar is a dangerous but beautiful mineral. In this article, you will learn everything about this mineral, from what it is and its best use to tips for determining whether what you are purchasing is indeed Cinnabar.

What is Cinnabar? Where is Cinnabar Found?

Also called Cinnabarite, Cinnabar refers to a beautiful orange-red to dark red mineral. You can find it in rhombohedral and tabular crystal shapes on a matrix. It is seen as a vein filling mineral in areas having alkaline hot springs or volcanic activity with a hardness of between 2-2.5 on the MOHS scale.

The minerals of cinnabar are stable, safe, and insoluble in water at room temperature, so cinnabar has remained unchanged for thousands of years. But it is best not to put cinnabar in an environment of over 300 degrees Celsius; otherwise, the cinnabar mineral will decompose into other unfavorable substances.

Cinnabar is very common in daily life. It can be seen everywhere, whether it is a painting used in painting, a traditional Chinese medicinal material, or used as Buddha Mala beads when chanting sutras.

As discussed above, these mineral forms within rocks surrounding volcanoes that have been recently active in fumaroles and near hot springs. You can find Cinnabar in Spain, Serbia, Italy, South America, Turkey, and Greece. You can also find it in Texas, Arkansas, Oregon, and California in the US. China has massive amounts of Cinnabar ore.

The History of Cinnabar

It is most likely that the word "Cinnabar" is derived from the word "kinnabari" in ancient Greek and Romanized to "cinnabaris" later. The gemstone has different names depending on the region. In Arabic countries, it is called Zinjifrah, while the Persians call it Shangarf. Also called "vermilion" the stone was mined and used as a valuable resource by various people and cultures worldwide since the 10th Millennium BC.

Cinnabar is the mineral, while Vermilion refers to the pigment. Vermilion was the most prominently used red pigment worldwide until cadmium red was discovered in the 20th century. Over the years, anthropologists have been interested in Cinnabar's role in symbolic activities and rituals.  

According to research, Vermilion is used in different places and times to denote victory, blood, immortality, life and death duality, and success. For instance, Romans used the pigment in triumphal processions. During burial rituals, it was also applied to bones and skulls in Neolithic cultures in Galilee, Syria, Anatolia, Spain, China, and several other ancient Americas. Some cultures believed that the pigment was prized owing to its vibrant permanence.

Cinnabar In Buddhism

In Buddhist culture, cinnabar is often made into mala beads, which are used in prayer and meditation for spiritual practice. It can make people calm down, concentrate on their minds, and improve their wisdom. It is a must-have mascot for those who worship Buddha.

Cinnabar In Taoism

In Taoist culture, it is said that cinnabar is a sacred object with a strong fairy spirit. It is often used to exorcise ghosts, draw talismans, consecration, and concoct alchemy.

Properties of Cinnabar

Healing Properties

Cinnabar teaches effective ways of manifesting energy physically. It is a crystal of prosperity. The gemstone is used in magic and alchemy to affect energy transformation. It encourages the flow of Chi within your body and increases your kundalini energy.

The stone stimulates emotional bodies, releasing buried fear, anger, and resentment. It is believed that Cinnabar can help overcome problems with sexual dysfunction and infertility while addressing the different causes of weight problems.

Metaphysical Properties     

It is believed that Cinnabar has strong metaphysical properties that can stimulate psychic transformation and spiritual energy manifestation. This stone can enable shape-shifting abilities.

The other metaphysical properties of Cinnabar are stimulating vitality, power, and dignity. Other people believe that Cinnabar has financial benefits in helping the merchants to raise their profits.

To those doing various community works, Cinnabar can be of immense help. The stone also helps release the negative emotions that are unacknowledged. Putting a crystal of Cinnabar near your bed can help you find love.

Cinnabar Meaning   

Cinnabar is a stone of transformation that can push a person to an expedition of change, self-discovery, and truth. The potent energies within the crystal engage your sacral and root chakras, connecting them and improving their external benefits.

By using Cinnabar, the attachment to useless things surrounding us will end. It turns all your remaining force energy in life in line with your true self. By tapping into Cinnabar energy, you will understand the path you set out. It helps you to be in touch with your spiritual body. Your spiritual body can make decisions instead of having clouded minds that can be distracted easily.

It has the meaning and properties of making your negative energies softer. When you want to control the negative thoughts and feelings, Cinnabar can be helpful. The gemstone prevents your actions and feelings from spinning out of control. Therefore, you can take the best actions when your mind is in a calm state.

Cinnabar gives one the ability to control their emotions. Although this can seem a slight change, it can benefit all the aspects of a person's life and change your selected path. A person's power of self-control through determination and willpower leads to the powerful abilities of their mind, manifesting their destiny.

The crystal has the properties and meaning of achieving a breakthrough. It is a vital gemstone whenever you plan to make a revolutionary change. Moreover, Cinnabar opens a way in hardships or difficult situations. Ensure to use it when you need to make a tremendous step or a massive change in your life.

Cinnabar has the properties and meaning of improving your intuition. It is known for its power of opening up the third eye. By using the gemstone, you can easily sense the negative energy. It helps you see other people's feelings, the near future, and wrong or right choices.

It has the properties and meaning of ensuring your dreams come true. Cinnabar can provide the chances, vitality, and ability needed to bring your dreams to reality. The gemstone is vital when creating one's ideal world. People using it are successful. Let the energy in the crystal show you all the power within you by meditating.

The stone also has the properties and meaning of enhancing your creativity. It can help you create original and brand-new works. Cinnabar can overthrow common sense and would increase your skills like a pioneer. It is called a magician's gemstone, as it can create a one from 0.

What Color is Cinnabar?

Cinnabar comes in different colors. It may have gray, red, or brownish red shades. The purplish-red or bright red colors are the most sought after and beautiful. There is a variety of Cinnabar that has a black shade.

Why Would You Choose Cinnabar Stone?

Cinnabar can awaken the Kundalini energy in you, which is crucial in increasing your confidence in bed and enhancing your lovemaking power. To people who experience jealousy regularly, Cinnabar stone can give their hearts peace and eliminate the envious thoughts from your head.

The gemstone is useful in eradicating the negative energies around you and replacing them with light and positive ones. If you have a distressful life, owning a cinnabar stone can give you confidence in your chosen path in life. 

Are you very sensitive and take things to heart easily? Owning a Cinnabar crystal can help you avoid considering everything somberly. The gemstone also has a deep impact on your mind because it can improve your mental agility and help you come up with analytical, quick, and creative ideas. Since it enhances creativity, Cinnabar is helpful to people that work need them to use out-of-the-box ideas and new inspirations.

Do you suffer from self-acceptance and self-esteem issues? Use Cinnabar to boost your self-confidence and self-assurance. Using Cinnabar can remove your resentment and deepest fears, helping you progress freely with life. Using Cinnabar helps release your feelings of anger, giving you inner peace and making you more compassionate.

Does your work involve persuading customers or selling? Ensure you keep this gemstone nearby when working to enhance your marketing skills and persuasive abilities. Cinnabar is useful when you want to be more dignified, powerful, and courageous. It improves your personality.

Do you have issues with your communication skills? Use the gemstone to enhance communication skills by increasing your confidence in both professional and personal environments. Cinnabar can also make your reflexes quick. If you are involved in extreme sports, hunting, martial arts, and racing, please use a Cinnabar stone.

Cinnabar can give you some future insights, helping you make valuable decisions concerning the future that can transform your life completely. Do you think that the issues in your present life arise from problems in your past? Cinnabar crystal may help you live your present life peacefully by resolving your past life issues.

Cinnabar Crystal Benefits

It Brings Good Luck and Abundance

Cinnabar also extensively brings good luck and abundance to anyone possessing it. People wishing for wealth prefer using it. It is also linked deeply with negotiation and commerce, which is among the reasons the gemstone may help you professionally advance in life through negotiating for higher salaries and being financially smarter.

Since it has the capacity for wealth manifestation, it is suitable for use by business people. It helps them recognize the issues preventing them from being successful.

It Helps You Become More Thoughtful and Compassionate

Cinnabar can instill a desire to give back to your community through things like volunteer work. If you want to be a fruitful leader, the two values are also suitable. The stone helps you become more assertive without being overly aggressive and domineering.

It Helps You Realize Your Dreams and Aspirations

Cinnabar may also help you realize your dreams and aspirations. It also motivates you to work on them and brings prosperity to your life. You can use Cinnabar's power to eliminate the hurdles in your professional success and make gaining money easy.

Zodiac Sign and Cinnabar

The crystal is a high-energy and powerful stone. It balances you, stimulates the kundalini energies in you, and removes the blockages. By having this spiritual or physical clarity, your transformation is encouraged. The crystal works from the root chakra to the ground to balance you and coordinate with the sacral chakra. It stimulates your creativity and enhances your confidence.

By using Cinnabar, your third eye is unlocked, heightening the tuition and helping you access mystical wisdom. You can realize your true potential and purpose. Its unique connections to the divine and earthly help drive a meaningful change in your life. 

The crystal also has been used for magical uses in the past. Its transformation and manifestation properties make it an excellent tool for spell works. Cinnabar stone is associated with the Leo zodiac sign and numbers eight and two. 

How to Best Use Cinnabar? 

Place the crystal in suitable locations to get the most from its attractive properties. Put it in your office, near your cash box or wallet. 

When negotiating a contract, carry the crystal in hand. You can use the crystal alongside other crystals like emerald, and Citrine is a manifestation or grid ritual. If you feel lost or have difficulty choosing your career path, meditating with the gemstone can be vital to revealing your divine purpose. Leverage the stone's grounding properties to remove any obstacles hindering your success and for stabilization.

When attending momentous career events, like business openings and interviews, carry a cinnabar crystal. If you feel a disconnection from your partner, placing a cinnabar crystal in your bedroom can draw you closer.

Regularly clean the gemstone to support its vibrational energy. There are a variety of clearing and cleaning techniques. You should not use clearing methods involving water. You can surround the rock with salt, use Reiki healing, or use sound waves to cleanse the crystal.

How to Care for Cinnabar Crystal?

Mineral cinnabar is a soft material that was used popularly for carving. Today, it is sold as a resin with a coolant to give it the right hue or like lacquerware.

Do not use ultrasonic or steam cleaners. You can clean imitation cinnabar with a soft brush. Since resins may melt, avoid using steam.

How Can You Tell If Cinnabar is Real?

Knowing what you are buying is Cinnabar is difficult if you have little to no experience with this mineral. Because Cinnabar is a curved lacquer, inspect the piece for tool marks in cuts made when decorating it.

You can use a magnifying glass to check for a grain pattern in the cuts running diagonally down from the surface. Real Cinnabar comprises lacquer layers built on top of each other. Plastic signs include the lack of tool marks, molding lines, and bubbles on the decoration.


As you can see from the above, Cinnabar has a lot of benefits. Leverage on it to experience its different meanings and achieve success in life. Do you have poor communication skills and are about to attend an interview, or do you need prayer for spiritual practice? Why not get the cinnabar jewelry and witness the power of Cinnabar?