Clear Quartz: Spiritual Meaning and Healing Properties

Meta Description: Clear Quarts has exceptional healing and spiritual benefits. Here is why you should wear Clear Quartz jewelry. You will also find some tips for taking care of these rocks.
Clear Quartz: Meaning and Healing Properties
Clear Quartz has several healing and spiritual benefits. As it is a transparent stone, it makes a beautiful addition to your jewel collection. It also blends in with your décor arrangement. However, some people also wear Quartz jewelry to enjoy its many benefits.
In this guide, you will find out more about Quartz's meaning and healing properties. We will also present a brief overview of its different types.

What Is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz is a colorless and transparent mineral comprising oxygen and silicon. In feng shui, clear Quartz helps strengthen the effect of other crystals.

Properties of Clear Quartz

  • Chakra: All
  • Color: Colorless
  • Planet: Sun, Moon
  • Zodiac: All
  • Bagua areas: Dui
  • Elements: Metal

Clear Quartz Spiritual Meaning and Healing Properties

This powerful crystal restores and amplifies energy. Since it's used with other stones to strengthen their effect, clear Quartz is a fabulous addition to crystal grids.
You can use it for clearing and activating all chakras. Some psychics wear it to boost their abilities.

Types of Quartz

Apart from being transparent and colorless, there are some other common varieties of Quartz which include:
  • Ametrine: Combination of citrine and amethyst shades
  • Blue Quartz: Rich blue
  • Citrine: Shades of golden brown or light yellow
  • Milky Quartz: White
  • Smoky Quartz: Shades of gray
  • Tiger's Eye: Shades of blue, red-brown, gold

Uses of Clear Quartz in Feng Shui

Purifies the Food You Eat

Thanks to clear Quartz's energy-amplifying and purifying capabilities, Feng Shui experts recommend keeping it in a pantry or your fridge.

Activates Your Meditation Area

Clear Quartz is excellent for enhancing meditation since it enhances emotional stability and mental clarity.

Activates the Tai Qi

Tai Qi is the center of your home and connects to your overall well-being. To activate and purify the Tai Qi, or the health area, place a clear Quartz crystal in the center of your bedroom or home.

Protects Your Energy

Most people think that Feng shui is only for your home. Wearing a clear Quartz pendant or bracelet offers excellent protection.

Makes Your Home Office More Productive

Add a piece of clear Quartz to your work desk or bookshelf to activate your workspace.

How to Use Clear Quartz

Clear quartz crystals are used in gemstones and jewelry production. You can use Clear Quartz as jewelry, meditation accessories, and decoration. For example, many like wearing rings, pendants, and bracelets made from clear Quartz.
These rocks' durable and polishable nature make them an excellent jewelry material.
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What Does Clear Quartz Do?

Clear Quartz clears and activates all chakras. We can use it for purifying and energizing our minds and body.

What Is Clear Quartz Good For?

Clear Quartz enhances mental clarity and regulates our emotions. That’s why it is famous for therapeutic benefits and meditation purposes.

How to Cleanse Clear Quartz

Here are some easy and effective ways to cleanse Clear Quartz.
  • Soak them in a bowl of salt water or keep them in the rain.
  • Put them on a windowsill or outside on a full moon to recharge.
  • Smudge them with some palo santo or a sage stick. Use a candle flame to cleanse them with fire.
  • Bury clear Quartz underground for twenty-four hours.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Water?

Generally, psychic healers dip clear Quartz to imbue them with healing powers. While some crystals can rust or get damaged when treated with water, clear Quartz is safe to go in water.

How to Charge Clear Quartz?

Place them somewhere where they will receive direct moonlight or sunlight for 1-2 hours. That fills them with positive energy. You can also bury them in the soil, so it absorbs energy from the earth.

How to Clean Quartz Crystal?

Soak them in water for 5-20 minutes. Once you wash the crystals, you must soak them again in water for the same time. Rinse them and wipe them dry with a soft fabric.

How to Clean Rose Quartz?

Water exposure does not damage Rose Quartz. Lukewarm soapy water is an excellent cleaning solution. Avoid using steam and ultrasonic cleaners. Occasionally, rose quartz is treated with radiation to intensify its color.

How to Tell If Clear Quartz is Real?

Take your quartz crystal and scratch a piece of glass. If the glass gets scratched, then your clear Quartz is natural. It will not scratch the glass if it's fake clear Quartz.

Can Clear Quartz be in the Sun?

Clear Quartz can crack and get brittle if you expose it to the sun for more than two hours.

What Does a Clear Quartz Crystal Do?

This glorious gemstone encourages positive vibrations and clears the mind. It also promotes spiritual growth.

Where To Place Clear Quartz on Body?

You can maximize the benefits of clear Quartz by placing it on your body, especially in spots where you feel you might have blocked chakras.

Can Clear Quartz Be in The Moonlight?

Moonlight is one of the best ways to recharge clear Quartz. Keep it your windowsill under the moonlight to charge it better.

What Chakra Is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz relates to the crown chakra or Sahasrara, which means 'thousand-petaled, in Sanskrit. The crown chakra gives access to higher states of mindfulness and consciousness for more clarity.

Zodiac Birthstone

Clear Quartz absorbs positive energy and absorbs negative thoughts. That’s why it is perfect for Leo and Aries.


How to Know if Clear Quartz Is Real

Take your quartz crystal and scratch a piece of glass. A genuine clear Quartz will scratch glass, whereas a fake one will not affect it.

How To Clean Quartz Rocks

Soak the crystals in bleach overnight to remove stains. You can also use a mixture of laundry detergent/household dish soap and water to wash your crystal rocks if it does not have too many stains.

What Does Clear Quartz Help With?

Clear Quartz boosts memory, improves concentration, and balances the energies of our body.

What To Clean Quartz With

Mix a few drops of a mild detergent like dish soap in water. Use this mixture to clean any stains or blemishes.

Is Clear Quartz Water Safe?

Yes. Clear Quartz is completely water safe.

What Do Clear Quartz Crystals Do?

Clear Quartz crystals enhance mental clarity and help emotional stability. That’s why they are famous for meditation and spiritual healing.

Is Clear Quartz Sun Safe?

Clear Quartz can only withstand two hours of sunlight. Excessive sun exposure can cause breaks or cracks.

What Is Clear Quartz Used For?

Clear Quartz is a beneficial healing stone that helps you find more clarity and balances emotions. People wear Clear Quartz jewelry to eliminate negative energies and improve focus and memory.

Can Clear Quartz Be in Water?

Clear Quartz rates seven on the Mohs hardness scale. So, it won’t dissolve when you leave it in water. It doesn’t contain any inclusions that rust.

How To Clean and Charge Rose Quartz

Place sweet grass, loose sage leaves, or cedar in an incense bowl. Light the loose smudging material or smudge stick. Pass the rose quartz through the smoke thrice for cleansing and recharging it. You can also leave rose quartz in the moonlight for an overnight charge.

What Does Clear Quartz Mean?

Clear Quartz is transparent, clear, or white colored. Most people also call it Rock Crystal, meaning spiritual and healing growth.

Can Clear Quartz Go in Salt Water?

Since Clear Quartz is a hard crystal and scores seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale, you don’t have to worry about putting it in salt water. Saltwater frees the crystal from any unwanted or negative accumulated energies.

Clear Quartz Vs. Rose Quartz

Clear Quartz reduces stress and improves awareness. However, Rose Quartz is called the crystal of unconditional love, and it fosters loving relationships. Wearing Rose Quartz can boost feelings of self-love. Never leave your Rose Quartz in direct light as it can fade the crystal’s lovely pink color.

Final Thoughts

Clear quartz jewelry helps the mind and body because clear quartz crystal is a detoxifying stone. Not only does it provide clarity and focus to the mind, but it also delivers energy to the body. Check out our store to buy the best Clear Quartz jewelry.