Uses And Benefits Of Dragon Incense Burner

Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

Backflow dragon incense burner takes up to 5 to 10 seconds to light up; it could take more than 2 minutes. Backflow incense burner dragon is used for aromatherapy, home décor, dehumidification, and long-lasting fragrance. Dragon incense burner backflow fills the room with a pleasant aroma and creates aesthetic smoke.

Cone Incense Burner Dragon

The dragon cone incense burner flows the smoke like a waterfall; the dragon incense cone burner relaxes your mind and releases stress and pressure. A Dragon waterfall incense burner purifies the air and helps you to relax and meditate when combined with a dragon incense backflow burner. The Dragon head incense burner represents a magical fire-breathing show in your house.
3 headed dragon incense burner is a beautiful piece to own, and it is amazingly aesthetic. However, you can get a 5-headed dragon incense burner for more aroma flow around your house, and it has several spiritual benefits.

Different Types of Dragon Incense Burners

The Blue dragon incense burner reflects beautiful blue light when you light it up, and the smoke flows around like a fairytale.
The brass dragon incense burner has an amazing vintage look that brings back ancient times from medieval kings and queens.
The ceramic dragon incense burner has a small opening at the top from where the smoke flows and slides cascading down to the bottom.
The Chinese dragon incense burner is also called BoshanXianglu; the Chinese burn three incense sticks to worship Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.
The clay dragon incense burner is a beautiful piece for home décor. The crystal dragon incense burner reflects different light colors and creates a sensational moment in the surroundings.
It is a cute dragon incense burner and looks even more beautiful with a dragon ball incense burner when the smoke-filled bottom surrounds the ball.
The dragon castle incense burner looks exotic, like a towering statue, demonstrating a handmade castle, polished and finished with a beautiful structure.
The dragon egg backflow incense burner is an antique ceramic incense holder; it has a flying dragon shape and is a handmade craft. The dragon egg incense burner is a traditional art crafted by skilled craftsmen; the smoke flows like a waterfall and creates a scenic impression.
If you are wondering about the dragon incense burner how to use, you can light it up and put the cones in the hole present in the bottom; you can also combine the cones and stick them together for intense effects.
The dragon incense burner waterfall has this creative look where you feel like witnessing a waterfall of smoke sliding down to the bottom of the burner; it looks so beautifully amazing when it is used as a dragon incense stick burner as the stick glows in the dark and the aroma surrounds you with a pleasant scent.
A bony and cool structure of a dragon skull incense burner gives horror vibes, but it is insanely incredible with its surreal dragon looks and makes you feel like witnessing a real dragon.
The dragon smoke incense burner fills your room with a pleasant scent and gives you an aesthetically smoky view, and if you put it near a mirror, the beauty doubles up with a two-way reflection. You can use a dragon stick incense burner to light up scented sticks in the burner. There is a place to hold the incense stick on the top or bottom of the burner.
You can use a dragon with the gem aromatherapy waterfall incense burner by lighting the cone; it produces a dancing smoke and helps you calm down and relax.
The dragon's breath incense burner helps you meditate and ward off evil energy; the aroma diffuses in the air and purifies it while releasing stress and relaxing your body and mind.
You can get a five-headed dragon incense burner for a large area, and it fills up the atmosphere with the aroma real quick with more vents to release smoke in the air.
For a more realistic and mesmerizing view, you should get a green dragon incense burner with captivating looks and eye-catching style.

How to Use Dragon Incense Burner

To light up the incense burner waterfall dragon, you have to fire the pointy end of the cone just like you light up the candle wick. Cover it with the flames until it ignites and catches fire, then you can blow the flames and put an incense cone burner dragon on the bottom of the burner.

Japanese Dragon Incense Burner

Japanese dragon incense burner is used for meditation and calming your mind, increasing your concentration. You can also use a purple dragon incense burner or a red dragon incense burner for calming and relaxing effects.


The dragon incense burner has several benefits and uses; you can use it to calm your body and mind. It has a pleasant aroma that surrounds your room and fills it up with mesmerizing smoke.