6 Best Feng Shui Bracelets to Wear in 2023

The Magical Wonders Of A Feng Shui Bracelet
Many things in the world have a magical effect on many aspects of our lives, such as happiness, spirituality, mental peace, and positivity. One such theory and wonderful aspect is Feng Shui, which is popular among many cultures, known for bringing balance to life. Let’s dive into the article and learn more about Feng Shui, its benefits, and its usage.

What is a Feng Shui Bracelet?

Feng Shui bracelets are Chinese bracelets, but they are worn in many different cultures, such as the Buddhist, Tibetan, and Asian cultures. It is widely used to bring good fortune, peace, and happiness. It is worn to attract goodness and happiness to oneself while repelling negativity and evil spirits.

How Do Feng Shui Bracelets Work?

Feng Shui is associated with bringing balance to life. As the earth is made of five crucial elements: water, fire, wood, metal, and earth, combining all of them brings calmness and balance into life. Each element of life is associated with different aspects, and wearing the bracelet helps align and combine each aspect uniformly. The five elements of life represent the following life's aspects:
  • Water: career
  • Fire: reputation and fame
  • Wood: health, wealth, family, new beginnings
  • Metal: travel, creativity, and children
  • Earth: love and knowledge

Benefits of Wearing the Feng Shui Bracelet

The benefits of a Feng Shui bracelet include bringing good luck in life, improving one's health and wealth, protection from harmful energies, and balancing the five elements of life. All this, when combined, brings happiness, positivity, and peace in life.

How To Use Feng Shui Bracelet for Wealth?

To attract wealth and money in life, wearing the bracelet on one's left hand is recommended. While wearing it on the right hand gives away your wealth to others, leaving you with less wealth.

When Should You Wear the Feng Shui Bracelet?

The most appropriate time to wear this bracelet is when a person deeply wants something in life. When one seeks wealth, happiness, and luck the most in life. Wearing a Feng Shui bracelet during difficult times also makes it helpful to attract good luck and wealth toward your life.

6 Best Feng Shui Bracelets

By wearing the bracelet, you can bring prominent change and benefits in life, such as wealth, good health, and happiness. Wearing it all the time can be very lucky for people who want to manifest goodness in life. The following are some of the best bracelet options you can find:
Black Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet: When one is going through a rough patch regarding money and wealth, a Black Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet can attract money and wealth in life through wonderful opportunities.
Citrine Bracelet: A Citrine Bracelet is usually used to attract success in life, be it in personal or professional life.
Jade Bracelet: People seeking wealth with nobility in life can wear a Jade Feng Shui Bracelet as it can bring humbleness and benefits.
Red String Bracelet: Despite having all the wealth in life, people still crave good luck. The best choice is to wear a Red String Bracelet to attract good luck.
Tiger Eye Bracelet: While asking for good luck and happiness in life, one can also gain and attract self-confidence in their personality by wearing a Tiger Eye Bracelet all the time.
Rose Quartz Bracelet: Rose Quartz is globally considered the stone of love, wearing a Rose Quartz Bracelet can greatly benefit one's love life and relationships around.

How to Choose The Right Feng Shui Bracelet?

One should always pick a bracelet based on what one needs most. A bracelet that aligns the most with one's intentions is the best bracelet for anyone. The following are the different Feng Shui symbols and their significant benefits:
Flower Symbols: The flower symbol of Feng Shui is known to improve happiness, joy, and peace in one's life and home. Providing a happy environment around.
The Symbol of Buddha: Buddha helps attract knowledge, self-cultivation, self-consciousness, and wisdom in one's personality, helping them make wise decisions.
Tortoise Symbol: The tortoise symbol of Feng Shui helps attract patience, reverence, and endurance in life. It also signifies long life and purity for the wearer.
Feng Shui Butterfly Symbol: The Feng Shui Butterfly symbol represents love and freedom in life. Wearing a butterfly bracelet helps cultivate freedom and love around.
Koi Fish Symbol: According to Chinese culture, the Koi Fish symbol attracts good fortune. Wearing a Koi Fish symbol bracelet helps you attract good luck in life.
Lucky Bamboo Symbol: As the name suggests, the lucky Bamboo symbol attracts good luck and new beginnings in life. It can also be used to welcome newer things in home and life.
Kirin Symbol: The Kirin symbol symbolizes power and luck. If anyone wants to attract wealth and power, a Kirin symbol bracelet is their best choice.
Symbols of Fu Dogs: The Fu Dogs symbol is used to ward off evil and negative energies while protecting the surroundings and life.

How to Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet?

The best way to wear a Feng Shui bracelet is to wear it in your left hand to let it cultivate and manifest its optimum powers and energies.

How Do You Activate Feng Shui Bracelets?

To activate your bracelet, you must cleanse it, then wear it in your left hand, making the Pixui symbol face outwards. Manifest what you want in life, and then follow your goals.

What If Feng Shui Bracelets Don't Work?

Feng Shui bracelets always work. These bracelets encourage us to balance our efforts with constructive energy, so one must have faith and put enough effort into the magic to work. To get the maximum benefit from your Feng Shui bracelet, ensure it supports your goals and that you're drawing in the proper energy.

How to Cleanse Your Feng Shui Bracelet?

To cleanse your Feng Shui bracelet, leave it in water and add sea salt. Never use artificial salt for cleansing the bracelet. Now gently rub the Feng Shui bracelet with light hands and then clean and dry the bracelet with a soft cloth.


Do Feng Shui Bracelets Work?

Yes, Feng Shui bracelets work in life, but one needs to align their efforts with their goals and intentions to let the Feng Shui bracelet work its magic.

Are Feng Shui Bracelets Real?

Yes, Feng Shui bracelets are real and have been providing their benefits for many years and in many cultures.

Who Should Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet?

Anyone who wants to attract significant change in life or needs an altering factor can and should wear your Feng Shui bracelet to experience its goodness.

Do You Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet on the Right or Left Hand?

One should always wear their Feng Shui bracelet on their left hand, which provides the most benefits in a person's life and personality.

Can You Wear a Feng Shui Bracelet Every Day?

You can wear a Feng Shui bracelet daily to experience its amazing benefits.

Where Can I Buy a Feng Shui Bracelet?

You can buy a Feng Shui bracelet from any credible online stone shop. The Buddhastones, in this regard, is an excellent option, where you can have a wide range of authentic stones and Feng Shui bracelets.