Ganesh: What Is It, And Why Do You Need It?

Ganesh: What Is It, And Why Do You Need It?
As there are many religious entities and spiritual objects in the world, people like to have the object that best suits their spiritual and religious needs. Just like many stones, some religious entities are also considered very meaningful and beneficial by people all around the globe.
One such entity or deity is Ganesh, Ganesha, or Ganpati. Though belonging to the Hindhu religion, it is well recognized and used by people of many cultures and countries. Let's dive into the topic and learn more about Ganesh; what is it, and why does anyone need it?

What is Ganesh?

Ganesh is one of the most loved and respected deities in the Hindu religion. He has the body of a man with the head of an elephant and is widely popular worldwide. He is considered the lord of good fortune, which blesses one's life with success, prosperity, and fortune. Ganesh provides new and prosperous beginnings and removes issues and obstacles from one's life.

What does Ganesh Symbolize?

Ganesh is often associated with the energy wheel, also known as the first Chakra that represents and governs all other chakras and overall wellbeing. Ganesh symbolizes science, the arts of letters, wisdom, and intellect. He symbolizes protection, success, and prosperity while destroying pride, selfishness, and vanity.

What is the Story of Ganesh?

Ganesh is the son of Parvati and Shiva and was made by her mother in the shape of a boy using earth. While his father, Shiva, was away on meditation, his mother set him as her guard while bathing. When Shiva returned, he was ferocious to have found an unknown boy, restricting him from meeting his wife. Shiva, at that time, not knowing that Ganesh was his son, ordered his gang of demons to fight him. Although he fought courageously, Ganesh had his head chopped off in the battle. Shiva upon knowing what he had done to his son, ordered for a head and upon finding the elephant as the first animal to be seen, Ganesh was given the head of an elephant.

What is Ganesh's Spiritual Meaning?

Ganesh is widely used and symbolized as the deity that provides good fortune, luck, success, prosperity, and wellbeing in the spiritual, physical, and materialistic sense. Ganesh is considered the beginning of the universe, a new cycle that attracts good luck and new and happier beginnings in one's life. Spiritually many people turn towards a Ganesh symbol or statue before doing anything important in life, as Ganesh is considered to remove obstacles and bring success in all forms and sorts.

What are some Good Ganesh Product Recommendations?

There are many types and kinds of Ganesh products that one can either gift someone or keep for themselves. Such as Ganesh jewelry or Ganesh statues, to name a few. You can find a wide range of jewelry and statues with Ganesh designed and embodied on them from authentic stores like the Buddha Stone Shop. Such stores provide the widest and most authentic designs of Ganesh symbolism.

Ganesh Jewelry

Many people like to wear Ganesh jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, or hand strings with small Ganesh figurines. Wearing Ganesh jewelry helps a person feel as if Ganesh is very close to them and helps them feel and attract positive and good vibes.

Ganesh Statues Décor

Ganesh statues can also be used as a form of home décor and for meditation. People who like to feel spiritually elevated use Ganesh statues for meditation and as home décor to attract good luck, happiness, success, and positive vibes.

What is Ganesh in Feng Shui?

Ganesh in Feng Shui has the same meaning and symbolism of attracting good luck, prosperity, and success. In Feng Shui, it is important not to have more than one Ganesh statue in a house. Similarly, you can place Ganesh in any area of your room; just place it in an auspicious space and never place it facing out of the room. However, according to Vatsu, placing a Ganesh in the East or Northeast direction can help bring optimum benefits to home and life.

Which Type of Ganesh is Good for Home?

To have a peaceful, calm, and composed atmosphere and environment at your home, a Ganesh in the sitting position is the best type of Ganesh statue. Ganesh, in the lalitasana position, is considered by Vastu experts to welcome a positive and calming vibe in your house while also providing luck, success, and happiness in life.

What is the Relationship between Meditation and Ganesh?

A guided Ganesh mantra is used to meditate with a Ganesh statue to attract spiritual, mental, physical, materialistic, and emotional wellbeing and benefits in life. The Ganesh mantra helps people feel more motivated toward their goals, helps them feel more energetic, improves their health, and removes obstacles from life.

What is Ganesh Vs. Elephant?

While the elephant is one of the mightiest animals in the animal kingdom, Ganesh is among the most loved and respected deities worldwide. The elephant-headed Ganesh is considered the symbol of success, good luck, and happiness worldwide. Many people use it for meditation to attain emotional, spiritual, and mental benefits.


What is Ganesh the God of?

In Hinduism, Ganesh is considered the God to fight demons. While overall, Ganesh is considered the God of newer beginnings and good luck.

What are Ganesh's Powers?

Ganesh is most powerful in removing obstacles from one's life. Additionally, welcoming happiness, success, and good luck in the person's life.

Is Ganesha Good Luck?

Yes, Ganesha is considered to greatly provide good luck and good fortune in one's life. People use a Ganesha symbol to attract goodness and luck toward them.

Which Ganesh is Lucky for Wealth?

A white Ganesh attracts wealth, prosperity, happiness, and financial gains. People who experience financial hardships can use a white Ganesh to attract wealth.

Where Should Ganesh be Placed?

A Ganesh can be placed in any room of the house; just place it in a holy and auspicious place where everyone can see it. A place that is neither too high nor too low to the ground.

Which Direction Should Ganesh Face?

A Ganesh should always face inwards of the room and not face towards the door or window. Ideally, Ganesh should face the Northeast or East direction of any room.

Where to Buy Ganesh Products?

You can buy Ganesh products, such as jewelry or statues, from any authentic, credible stone or ornament shop. Original stores like the Buddhastones are among some credible stone shops where you can buy a Ganesh statue or jewelry online.