What are the Benefits of Wearing Jade Bracelets? (The Complete Guide)

Jade Bracelet – All You Need to Know About
People who are fond of jewelry or stones know how precious and meaningful a small stone can be. One such meaningful and beautiful-looking piece of jewelry is the jade bracelet. The bracelet is quite famous in Chinese culture and is mostly worn by women as part of their tradition, culture, and spirituality.
In Chinese culture, these bracelets are often worn by females of every age, but are mostly gifted to daughters by their mothers or grandmothers. They hold a special value of connection, and emotional and spiritual meaning to it, as most people wear the jade bracelet to attract positive energy towards them and secure themselves from evil spirits.
If you are attracted to this stunning and unique stone, then here is everything you need to know about jade stone and jade bracelets.

What are Jade Bracelets?

Jade bracelets are simply bracelets made of jade gemstone. Jade is a semi-precious gemstone similar to two stones, Nephrite and Jadeite. The Nephrite jade gemstone is a beautiful gemstone also called Hetian jade that comes in a wide range of exquisite and amazing colors ranging from the orange jade bracelet, white jade bracelets, green jade bracelets, purple jade bracelets, emerald-green jade bracelets, black jade bracelets, lavender jade bracelet, ice-green lavender jade bracelet, amber jade bracelet, and yellow jade bracelet.
The hetian jade has a very fine texture and a greasy luster of softness and moisture. It showcases moderate transparency and makes a loud and clear sound when struck.

How Can You Recognize a Hetian Jade?

The Hetian jade comes mostly in four colors blue, yellow, white, and black hetian jade. The white hetian jade has a yellowish or off-whitish color, while the yellow hetian jade has a deep yellowish tone. The hetian jade has a fine texture and a greasy luster that is moist and soft to the touch; it is typically small in grain size. To recognize a hetian jade, you can see if it's moist, soft, transparent, and highly tough, allowing fine carving.

What Does the Hetian Jade Represent?

The hetian jade is popularly used to realize wishes and dreams. It gives the owner the power to strengthen their wishes. It is a jewelry piece that represents and attracts luck in your fortune, health, and love life. The wearer of the hetian jade bracelet attracts positivity and wellness throughout their lives.

Which is the Highest Grade of Hetian Jade?

There are four grades of hetian jade, and the highest and most valuable grade is the white jade, also known as Mutton Fat Jade. The other three grades of hetian jade are first-grade white jade, second-grade white jade, and third-grade white jade.
The mutton fat jade is suet white and has a soft, delicate, moist, and smooth texture. The finished products of mutton fat jade have no cracks, tangles, defects, or impurities. This is why they are considered and called the highest grade of hetian jade.
The first-grade white jade also has an even, soft and white appearance. Its texture is dense and tough but delicate and smooth simultaneously. This grade's finished products are also free of cracks, impurities, and tangles.
The second-grade white jade is white but can sometimes be gray, blue, yellow, or green, having a waxy and moist texture. Because this grade comes naturally, it has cracks, impurities, strands, and defects. The reason that it is worn daily also makes it acceptable to have these defects; plus, due to these issues, the price of this grade is also reasonable and satisfactory.
The third-grade white jade comes in grayish, yellowish, greenish, and greenish-white colors. This grade of white jade also has impurities, cracks, and locks.

What are Jade Bracelets for?

The jade bracelets are quite a popular piece of jewelry in main Asian cultures and countries. In many cultures, it is considered precious, even more than gold and diamonds. It is mostly worn to protect the wearer from evil spirits and misfortune.

What does a Jade Bracelet Mean?

Jade bracelets are considered a stone of luck. Many people in Asian cultures wear genuine jade bracelets, necklaces, or rings for good fortune. Hetian Jade bracelets are meant to bring luck, wealth, and happiness to one's life, and this is why it is often gifted to Chinese newborn babies by their parents.

What does a Jade Bracelet Represent?

The jade bracelet represents grace, purity, and elegance in one's personality. The hetian jade also represents good health, luck, and prosperity; this is why it is mostly used as a gift for others to offer good wishes and concerns for that person.

What does Jade Bracelet Symbolize?

Ancient China symbolized jade bracelets to ward off evil spirits, injuries, or bad health. Many people use it in their religious ceremonies to symbolize their status and power.
It is still a symbol of protection and positivity and embodies the precious virtues of modesty, compassion, courage, justice, and wisdom.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Jade Bracelets?

There are many benefits of wearing jade bracelets; the most common ones, however, are:
  • These bracelets offer harmony and happiness in relationships. Protects from evil spirits and encourages relaxation and abundance in life. These bracelets are known to offer spiritual healing to the wearer.
  • These bracelets also provide emotional healing by eliminating irritability from life. They eliminate negativity and make one's dreams insightful and productive.

How to Wear Jade Bracelet?

You can wear a jade bracelet in any of your hands, depending on your preference. However, it is most suitable to wear on the left wrist as it is closer to your heart.

On Which Hand do You Wear a Jade Bracelet?

It is an old tradition of wearing the jade bracelet in the left hand, which is still practiced worldwide. One major reason is that the left hand is close to the heart, so the bracelet can easily emit all the positive energies to the heart while also absorbing all the negativity.

Can you Sleep with a Jade Bracelet?

People always wear jade bracelets, and it is extremely safe to sleep while wearing them. However, one should be careful, as a lot of weight on the bracelet can deform it. Jade bracelets are quite heavy themselves, so one should be careful not to get any injuries or patches because of the weight of the bracelet.

How to Put on a Jade Bangle Bracelet?

If your jade bracelet is slightly tight for your hands, you can moisturize your hand first with a cream or lotion. Then fold your thumb inside your fingers and, gently pressing on your knuckles, slide the jade bracelet on your wrist.
You can apply soap on your hands to make your skin slippery and slide the bracelet down this way. Or you can also use a plastic bag and roll it over on your hand, folding your thumb in your fingers, and slide the jade bracelet on.

How to Remove Jade Bracelet?

You can use the same ways you tried to put on a jade bracelet to remove it. Just be gentle with your knuckles and hand to avoid strain or injury, as jade bracelets are heavy. Try a moisturizer, hand cream, soap, or a plastic bag to remove a jade bracelet.

How to Remove a Tight Jade Bracelet?

You can easily remove a tight jade bracelet by soaping your hands. The soap will make your hands slippery, and this will help the tight jade bracelet to come off easily and quickly.

How to Remove Jade Bracelet from Arm?

Removing a jade bracelet from the arm can be tricky but not impossible. You can apply lotion or soap on your arm to make the skin greasy and oily. However, if you feel your arm is too stiff, you can wrap a plastic sheet on it and slide the jade bracelet off your arm.

How to Measure for a Jade Bangle Bracelet?

You can use the following methods to measure a jade bangle bracelet:
  • Find an already used bangle or bracelet and check its size. You can use this site to measure your new jade bracelet.
  • Use a loose string and wrap it around your fist as tight as possible. Make the string go round on your hand, marking from the start mark the point where the circle of your hand ends. You will get your hand's measurement in this way.
  • You can even mark dots on your hand by clenching your fist and marking a dot in the middle of your pinky finger’s knuckle. Then mark another dot on your first finger's knuckle, right in the middle. Measure the two dots, and you will get your measurement in millimeters.

How Much is a Jade Bracelet Worth?

The Jade bracelets are a worthy piece of jewelry not because of their durability but because of their demand and importance in the Chinese culture. These bracelets have seen a drastic rise in demand in the Chinese economy.
While a jade of utmost quality is rare, it can still dominate and impact the market value through the qualities of its texture, transparency, and color. The finest quality jadeite stone is the 'Imperial Jade,' which has a vibrant emerald-green color but is almost transparent.
Other highly worthy jade stones are the 'kingfisher jade,' having a green color, the 'apple jade' of a dark yellow color, and the 'moss-in-snow jade,' which is white but with green patches or spots. The next worthy color of jade is the lavender jade bracelet shade.
Apart from China, there are over 120 tremolite jade deposits on the planet divided into 20 more regions and countries, namely Brazil, Canada, Russia, the USA, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.

How Much does a Real Jade Bracelet Cost?

The price of a real jade bracelet depends on how uniquely it is made and carved, as each piece of jade is 100% different from another. The 'Hetian jade' is the most expensive form of mutton fat jade found in the Hetian region in northwestern China. The Hetian jade comes in three colors, light greenish white, white, or light green Hetian jade, which is also the biggest production from this region. The Hetian jade is also very costly and in demand because it is a gemstone used to realize wishes and dreams. It is also known to bring health luck, fortune luck, and love luck to the wearer.
The finest and costliest jade after Hetian jade is the 'Imperial jade' following the 'kingfisher jade' and the 'apple jade.' Mutton fat jade is also a costly type used mostly in jewelry and ornaments.

How to Buy a Jade Bracelet?

To choose and buy a jade bracelet for yourself, you first need to determine the weight and size of this gemstone. As the jade is much heavier than other stones, it is measured in millimeters, not carats. When buying a jade bracelet, you should always purchase it from a licensed vendor because it is expensive.
Secondly, be sure that the jade stone bracelet is Nephrite Hetian jade or Jadeite and what treatments it has surpassed till now. Also, ask for a certificate of authenticity which should be proof for you—considering these things, you can buy a jade bracelet from any reputable store or vendor.
For trading, four color varieties of Hetian jade are more valued, such as yellow, white, black, and blue Hetain jade. The white hetian jade contains more than 99% of tremolite, and the yellow hetian jade is the most valuable and worthy one.

Where to Sell Jade Bracelet Near Me?

There are many worthy and valuable jewelry or stone buyers online, and stores can easily buy your jade bracelet at a tremendous cost. Just remember to check your jade bracelet's genuineness and worthiness before you get the real jade bracelet price of it.

How to Tell if Jade Bracelet is Real?

To see if your jade bracelet is real or not, you can do the following things:
  • Scratch the stone with your fingernails or a sharp object. If it incurs a scratch, it is not a genuine jade bracelet.
  • A real jade bracelet also stays cool at the time and doesn't heat up instantly. Try to warm it up in your hands to check if it's real.
  • Jadeite and Hetian Jade are both highly dense and extremely heavy stones. They are even heavier than most stones in the world; throw them in the air and catch them to see their density and weight. If it is light-weighted, it is not a genuine jade bracelet.

Do Jade Bracelets Break Easily?

Jade bracelets are solid and do not break easily; Nephrite and Jadeite are some of the toughest stones. However, they can break if one hits a jade bracelet hard on the ground with great strength.

What does it Mean When Your Jade Bracelet Breaks?

When a jade bracelet breaks, it fully absorbs all the negative and evil energies coming toward you. Old customs and traditions believed that a jade bracelet breaks to save the person wearing it from any evil energy.

How to Break a Jade Bracelet?

To break your jade bracelet, it should be fully absorbed by evil spirits or negative energies. The legend is that jade spirits break to save the wearer from damage.

Can a Broken Jade Bracelet be Fixed?

You can easily fix your broken jade bracelet using strong adhesive glue or even household cement that can bond precious jewels and stones. However, a two-way epoxy made especially for gemstones is the best option to fix your jade bracelet.

How to Fix a Broken Jade Bracelet?

You can easily fix a broken jade bracelet using a two-way epoxy or solid adhesive glue. Just apply any of these liquids to the broken pieces and join them, let them air dry for about 24 hours, and your jade bracelet will come in its earlier form.

How to Cut Off a Jade Bracelet?

It is not easy to cut a jade bracelet as they are solid and not flexible. To cut a jade bracelet, you will need a diamond saw with a fine blade to cut it on opposite sides. These diamond saws should be monitored by a 6” circular blade of a thin design.

How to Make Jade Bracelet?

To make jade bracelets, the raw material of jade is processed to make it look clearer. Then the raw stone is cut and designed according to its shape and color to have a finished and a good part of the whole stone.
Then the stone is cut by an aluminum saw, and the jade piece is rinsed multiple times to get rid of the sand and have a smooth and fine-looking stone. After this, the stone is cleaned and polished with chemicals, plum juice, and lime water. The final step is to polish the jade stone with bee wax to improve its shine.

How to Polish Jade Bracelet?

You can polish your jade bracelet by dipping it in warm soapy water for some time. Then scrub it lightly with a soft bristly brush. Just scrub it gently on all the corners to add shine, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

How to Clean Jade Bracelet?

Hard chemical agents such as coatings, heat treatments, and impregnation can clean raw jade. However, warm soapy water is always the best and safest choice for a jade bracelet.

How to Cleanse Jade Bracelet?

You can cleanse your jade bracelet by letting it soak in soapy water overnight in the moon's light. Or you can even bury it in the soil to cleanse it from negative energy.


How to Put on a Jade Bracelet?

You can put on a jade bracelet by using soap or moisturizer on your hand, or you can even wrap a plastic bag on your hand.

How to Fix a Cracked Jade Bracelet?

You can fix a cracked jade bracelet by using epoxy resin to bond it.

How to Get a Jade Bracelet on?

You can get a jade bracelet by matching it with your wrist size and then applying a moisturizer on your hand to slip it through.

How to Take Off a Jade Bracelet?

You can use the same methods you used to put on a jade bracelet when trying to take it off.