Why You Need A Laughing Buddha In Your House to Attract Wealth and Good Luck?

Understanding Why You Need a Laughing Buddha in Your House
While there are many ornaments, stones, and objects that many people consider lucky and useful for them, a laughing Buddha is also of great significance. In many Buddhist and Chinese cultures, a laughing Buddha is considered the ultimate sign and symbol of contentment, peace, and good fortune.
Many people carry a laughing Buddha with them or place it in their house to attract fortune, luck, and contentment through it. If you are not much familiar with the laughing Buddha and its impact on life as well as its useful benefits, the following details are crucial for you.

Who Is The Laughing Buddha?

The laughing Buddha is generally known and considered a happy and jolly Buddhist creature. However, the laughing Buddha is modeled after 'Budai,’ a Zen monk from China between 907 to 923 AD during the Liang dynasty. He was known to be loving and jolly and according to Buddhist tradition, he was considered the future Buddha, also known as 'Bodhisattva Maitreya'.

What is the Story of Laughing Buddha?

The story of the laughing Buddha is of a Chinese monk known as 'Budai' who lived around 1000 years ago. Due to his jolly and benevolent nature, he was considered the future Buddha. The Laughing Buddha's popularity is due to his infectious smile and protruding stomach.

What is the Meaning of a Laughing Buddha?

The laughing Buddha meaning is to bring happiness, peace, contentment, and good fortune in a person's career and private life. The laughing Buddha symbolizes fulfillment and happiness in life. In many cultures rubbing the laughing Buddha's stomach is considered to bring luck and fortune to a person.

What are the Different Types of Laughing Buddha?

There are mostly five different types of laughing Buddha, which are as follows:
Laughing Buddha carrying a Bowl: Laughing Buddha carrying a bowl depicts rejecting materialistic desires and possessions, thus attaining enlightenment. The bowl is used to depict a monk's life.
Laughing Buddha playing with Children: Laughing Buddha with children symbolizes heaven-sent good luck and fortune. It is also known to attract positive energies.
Laughing Buddha carrying a Fan: Waving of a fan by a Laughing Buddha statue depicts the vanishing of one's issues and troubles. It symbolizes joy and happiness overall.
Laughing Buddha carrying Balls or Beads: Laughing Buddha carrying beads symbolizes a monk practicing meditation. These beads are also considered the 'pearls of wisdom'. While Laughing Buddha carrying a ball is said to bring wealth and prosperity to a person's life.
Laughing Buddha carrying a Bag or Sack: Laughing Buddha carrying a bag or sack has two meanings. One is that the sack collects people's troubles, woes, and sadness. In contrast, the other interpretation is that the sack represents good luck and wealth.

What is Laughing Buddha in Feng Shui?

The laughing Buddha in Feng Shui also symbolizes contentment, wealth, and peace. Because the laughing Buddha is considered to collect people's troubles and sadness, placing several laughing Buddhas in one's house can bring positive energy and good fortune.

What are Some Good Laughing Buddha Product Recommendations?

Gifting someone a laughing Buddha or having one for yourself can be the ultimate solution to wishing someone or yourself luck and prosperity. Laughing Buddha statues are used in many products, such as decorations pieces to be kept at home, jewelry ornaments, and paintings or wall hangings. Buying authentic laughing Buddha jewelry from online stores like the Buddha Stones can help you wear it and keep it with you all the time, increasing great chances of attracting luck and prosperity towards yourself. Some of the laughing Buddha product recommendations are listed below:
Laughing Buddha Necklace: A laughing Buddha necklace comes in various styles, colors, and designs and can be worn every time to bring luck to yourself.
Laughing Buddha Bracelet: A laughing Buddha bracelet is also an amazing product as it can be worn by males and females alike and can ward off negativity from your life.
Laughing Buddha Statue Décor: Keeping a laughing Buddha statue décor is also a great option to attract positive energies in your life and home.

What is the Importance of the Hand Postures of Laughing Buddha at Home?

Different hand postures have a different significance of a Laughing Buddha statue at your home. The different hand postures symbolization is given below:
  • Both Hands raise above and facing up symbolize overcoming financial and personal obstacles. This hand posture also signifies blessings from heaven above.
  • Both hands upon the head represent happiness and joy. Raised hand with fingers outward represents calmness and positivity.
  • Laughing Buddha hands that have palms facing outward are a symbol of blessings and joy. The outstretched wrists and forearms symbolize generosity and charity.
  • Laughing Buddha hands with palms facing upwards represents meditation, calmness of mind, and balanced thoughts.
  • A laughing Buddha with his left hand resting on his knee with his palm facing up, his right hand on his right knee, and his fingers lightly touching the ground represents spiritual wisdom and knowledge.

What is the Relation Between Meditation and Laughing Buddha?

The laughing Buddha is used by many people worldwide for meditation to clear their consciousness of all negative thoughts. The laughing Buddha is said to bring positivity and calmness to one's mind, heart, and life. Mediating with a laughing Buddha statue around while focusing on the third eye chakra and keeping your eyes shut helps you focus on meditation. You can also practice poising in the specific Mudra while having a steady, slow, and deep breath. Reciting the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma mantra helps you attain calmness and peace of mind while dedicating yourself to truth and a clear conscious.

What is the Laughing Buddha Color Meaning?

The laughing Buddha is widely used in only two main colors, black and golden. The golden laughing Buddha symbolizes abundance and prosperity in life. At the same time, the black laughing Buddha represents wisdom and good luck.

How to Place the Laughing Buddha at Home?

Although you can place a laughing Buddha statue in any room or space of your home, placing it in the Southeast direction can greatly help increase the family's financial status while attracting more money into the home.

Precautions While Keeping a Laughing Buddha

The only precaution to remember is never to place a laughing Buddha statue in your house's kitchen, toilet, or bathroom. Placing the laughing Buddha on the floor directly is also not recommended. Always try to place your laughing Buddha statue at your eye level to experience its optimum benefits.

Can a Non-Buddhist Have a Laughing Buddha?

One does not necessarily have to be a Buddhist to attract the various positive elements of laughing Buddha. Even a non-Buddhist can carry or own a laughing Buddha to attract wisdom, prosperity, and luck.

Which Type of Laughing Buddha is Good for Home?

A wooden Laughing Buddha is greatly used to attract wealth, luck, and good health in your home. While a Jade Laughing Buddha is great for attracting harmony and positivity in family relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Direction Should the Laughing Buddha Face in a Home?

The Southeast direction is the most beneficial and accurate direction to place your laughing Buddha statue. This will help you attract wealth and financial benefits in your home.

Where to Keep Laughing Buddha at Home?

You can place your laughing Buddha in any room of your house; just place it in the Southeast direction. Also, place it at an eye-level height and not too low to the ground.

Where Should You Not Place the Laughing Buddha Statue?

You should never place your laughing Buddha in the toilet, kitchen, or bathroom. Placing the laughing Buddha directly on the floor is also highly restricted.

Where Should the Laughing Buddha be Placed?

If it's a laughing Buddha statue, you can place it anywhere in the home but choose a place where all your family can feel closer.

Can I Put a Laughing Buddha Statue in My Car?

Yes, you can place a laughing Buddha statue in your car. This will take away your troubles and also protect your journey and travel.

Was the Laughing Buddha a Real Person?

Yes, the laughing Buddha was a real person, a Chinese Zen mink who lived in the Liang dynasty around 1000 years ago. His Buddhist name was Pinyin in Chinese, and he was also considered the 'Budai,' meaning a future Buddha.

Which Buddha is Lucky for Wealth?

A golden laughing Buddha is mostly considered lucky to attract wealth in your life and home. The golden Laughing Buddha is considered the most regarded God of Wealth creation.

What is the Nickname of Laughing Buddha?

The nickname of the laughing Buddha is 'Budai,' pronounced as Pu-Tai, who was a Chinese Zen monk and considered a future Buddha.

Where to Buy Laughing Buddha?

While many shops and stores sell Laughing Buddha, most do not have authentic Laughing Buddhas. Some online stores, such as the Buddhastones, has a wide variety of authentic and original material made laughing Buddha available for yourself or if you want to gift it to someone.