How Do You Choose A Mala Bead?

Are you interested in mala beads and are wondering who is offering mala beads for sale? Do you want to purchase mala beads for meditation, yoga, or as gifts for someone? Let's guide you on how to buy mala beads!

Why Purchase Mala Beads?

Suppose you desire to embark on a spiritual journey, and you need prayer beads to help attain spiritual mindfulness. In that case, mala beads are a great way to start. You can require mala beads to help with meditation, yoga, and in your prayer sessions. It can also serve as the perfect gift for your loved ones and friends. Whichever it is, mala beads are wonderful; hence, a reason to purchase them.

How to Select Mala Beads for Purchase

Before buying your prayer beads, you should consider the following things:

Purpose of Purchase

Mala beads are unique with varying personal significance, energy properties, color, and pattern. One of the things to consider before buying these beads is the purpose they will provide you. Is it for your meditation practice? To support healing? For manifesting intentions? Then you have to consider the materials, energy, color, and how that may relate to your purpose.

In What Form Do You Want It

Mala beads are usually in bracelets, necklaces, or counters during prayer forms. You have to decide the form you need it to be before buying it. Depending on the use of the mala beads, they can take on different forms. You may also have other personal use for them, so ensure you consider them before selecting a type.


Before buying mala beads, you should look into the technical details, such as the materials used. Mala beads are usually made from seeds, woods, crystals, or gemstones. If you desire a lightweight or airy material, woods are a great choice. However, if you want something solid, fixed, and sharp, crystals and gemstones as your best bet. If you are looking for something more unique, you should look at seed-based mala beads or a combination of all materials.

Type and Size

You may need to consider the type of mala beads before buying. For instance, wired vs. knotted mala beads are a great place to start. You may also need to choose the size, largely dependent on its use. The standard size is 6mm for each bead, 24 inches in circumference, and 19 inches in length for the whole jewelry for those who want small sizes. While for bigger sizes, you have 8 mm for each bead, 32 inches for the circumference, and 22 inches for the length of the jewelry.


Mala beads come in different colors, each standing for several things. For instance, red brings luck and showcases power and confidence. Black is for protection and success, while blue signifies peace and tranquility.

As a Gift

If you are purchasing mala beads as a gift, you should consider the following:

  • How is the person you want to gift the beads to you? Are they your relatives, close friends, colleagues, or an acquaintance?

  • Why do you want to gift it to them? To welcome them to your religion, enhance their mindfulness, as assistance during yoga or meditation, or show your affection?

  • Mala beads have astrological significance. Are they into astrology? When is their birthday?

  • Are they into earthy organic elements? Mala beads made of wood, crystals, or gemstones are likely options.

  • What is their favorite color? Mala beads' colors are significant.

  • What aspects of their lives will these beads be beneficial to them? Overcoming worry, love life, work-life, creativity, or other personal use?

  • Are they into a particular faith like Hinduism or Buddhism?

  • Consider their gender, female or male?

  • Lastly, use your intuition. Think about them and why you want to gift them these prayer beads.


Because mala beads are a way to help attain mindfulness, you can enhance their use by purchasing them through your intuition. Try to look inward and search for why you should buy it. Listen to your inner voice and let it guide you. Often, when you look deeply, you will find the answer.

Where to Buy Mala Beads

Aside from knowing the suitable mala bead to purchase, it's vital to know where to buy these prayer beads. The best place to buy mala beads is from a vast vendor in the knowledge of prayer beads and their uses. Such vendors must be reliable and authentic in their quest to guide customers in buying suitable mala beads. Ensure the vendor is not only offering mala beads for sale for the sake of the money but to guide customers through their spiritual mindfulness.

You should also verify that such a vendor sells genuine prayer beads. Verification can be done through interactions with other buyers or reviews of their products. Buddhastoneshop is one of the most reliable and authentic mala beads vendors. We sell genuine prayer beads and guide our customers in making the right choice in their mindfulness sojourn.


When searching for the best offers of mala beads for sale, there are certain things to consider. You should consider these points from your purchase intention to the color, materials, and type before buying the mala beads. It's also essential to get these beads from a reliable and authentic vendor like Buddhastoneshop.