PiXiu Bracelet | Bring Wealth and Good Fortune

Pixiu Meaning (what is a Pixiu?)

Pixiu is one of the most powerful feng shui symbols of wealth. Wearing the Pixiu symbol is believed to bring good fortune and money in Chinese culture, as it is known as the "fortune beast." People also believe this creature, Pixiu, protects them from losing wealth. According to legend, it protects you against unwanted energy and evil spirits.
Pixiu is mythical Chinese creatures with an aggressive appearance similar to dragons, horses, and unicorns. That's why it is also known as the Pixiu dragon. The winged animal is covered in whitish-gray fur and has a bold look identical to lions.
In ancient China, the legend told PiXiu that he had a mouth without an anus so that he could eat anything and not have to take it out. Taking wealth from all directions as food, it appreciates wealth like water, gold, silver, and jewels.
Due to this, PiXiu means to bring in wealth and treasure. Of course, it can ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. Some belief systems use it to protect homes from Jupiter's insults and attract good fortune. Modern people often use a PiXiu as a result of this.
It is a Chinese mythical hybrid creature commonly referred to as Pi Yao, believed to be a mighty protector for those practicing Feng Shui.
The shape of the creature resembles the wings of a lion. Pixiu is a good animal for promoting wealth and abundance in China since it is a mix of earth and sea. Gold and silver are the only things it loves. In other words, it is helpful for Chinese zodiac people experiencing a bad year.
There are two types of Pixiu. It is their horns that make the difference. Those with two horns are referred to as Pi Ya, while those with one horn are called Tian Lu or Tia Ji.

What is Pixiu good for?

Pixiu offers several benefits, including:
  • Bring wealth and luck to you.

The image of the creature brings good fortune for acquiring wealth, according to feng shui practitioners.
  • Protect your wealth

Pixiu is also said to prevent the creature's owner from losing wealth. The creature protects your bank account from bad luck.
According to Chinese belief, this creature protects people from unwanted energy and evil spirits. It is known to guard against injuries and illnesses.

How to activate the Pixiu bracelet? (how to use Pixiu bracelet?)

Step 1:
If you wish to keep your bracelet at home or in the office, you will need a sterling silver bowl to keep it in. When you reach home, place one bowl for resting your Pixiu and another for resting it at work to find the best results. If you cannot place a bowl in your office, the next best option is to keep it in your home simple.
Place the silver bowl beside your Pixiu statue if you are using one. An unusually shaped metal bowl seems to work very well. You could also try using a metal bowl with an odd shape if this does not work.
As time passes, you will need to observe its effect; if it doesn't work, you will have to move on to a new bowl immediately.
Step 2:
As a second step, fill your bowl with valuable items (such as gems, gold, and silver). You are teaching your Pixiu to snarl coins for you when you put coins in your silver bowl! Cash notes are not attractive, so never use them.
Note: Never believe what others tell you about giving it water. If you provide it with water, then you will end up with water, nothing more!
Step 3:
Additionally, it would help if you change its bowl annually. Every year before the upcoming month of February, replace the silver, gold, and gems with new ones.
Activating your Pixiu is as simple as following the steps mentioned above. You will undoubtedly be shocked at what you can achieve with a Pixiu; however, starting one is neither cheap nor easy.
Note: Since masters of Fengshui have always had an intimate relationship with this technique, you should refrain from discussing it verbally with others. It is almost as if the wealth-gathering power of the Pixiu you carefully developed and cultivated is lost each time you share the techniques verbally with another person.

How to Activate Pixiu Ring?

Users must activate Pixiu rings before wearing them. The Pixiu will attract wealth on your behalf when you activate your ring.
Here is how it works:

1. Make sure your Pixiu ring is clean

It may contain unwanted energy when you receive your ring. You can use plants or running water to clean Pixiu and restore its power.

2. Make sure your Pixiu is next to valuable items

It would help if you taught your Pixiu to search for abundance. You can feed Pixiu by putting valuable items in a silver bowl. Coins and gems are good options. Consider the Pixiu creature as a symbol of wealth and abundance.

3. Use your middle finger to wear the ring

Now you should place the Pixiu ring on your middle finger.

4. Get to know your Pixiu

A bond between you and Pixiu makes it more powerful. It's as easy as petting it as if it were a dog or a cat. However, avoid touching its mouth and eyes because they are used to hunt wealth.

Who cannot wear a Pixiu bracelet?

Pi Yao (aka PiXiu) is widely popular as an auspicious creature with many abilities, such as bringing wealth, removing misfortunes, guarding homes, assisting its master from being offended by the Grand Duke Jupiter, and improving the master's love fortune.
PiXiu is therefore worn for good luck by many people. The following groups do not recommend wearing PiXiu.

Those with low vital energy or Qi

PiXiu is a fierce animal, so anybody with a deficiency in Qi or energy, including the elderly and children, cannot fight it.

Pregnant Women

PiXiu carries many evil spirits and cannot wholly expel them despite being a magical creature. Wearing it during pregnancy could harm a developing fetus.

Dogs, rabbits, and tigers are zodiac signs. Do not use these signs while you have a Pixiu bracelet.

As the ninth son of the Dragon King, PiXiu may lead to misfortune for those born under the Tiger sign since dragons and tigers are incompatible. The Chinese zodiac also prohibits combining Dragons with Rabbits or Dogs. The astrological sign of Dog, Rabbit, and Tiger do not suit PiXiu.

Women in Menstruation

A woman's menstruation results in dirty blood and mucosal tissue excretion, whereas PiXiu cannot discharge the same. Women in menstruation should not use PiXiu.

Those suffering from constipation or indigestion

PiXiu consumes anything without excreting as a spirit animal, whereas humans are subject to metabolic processes and eliminate waste through excretion. Therefore, PiXiu should not be worn by those who have indigestion or constipation.

Those who want to become rich quick

The belief that PiXiu can draw money makes people choose to wear it. However, a wish to get rich is asking for the moon. However, PiXiu cannot offer you money or make you rich quickly. He can bring you a good fortune by making money and gathering wealth. Thus, dreaming of getting rich is impossible.

People Showing No Respect to PiXiu

To wear PiXiu correctly and with reverence, you must respect it and believe in its meaning. This way, you attract good fortune.


Can you wear more than one Pixiu bracelet?

Pixiu bracelets are best worn with black obsidian if you have to wear two of them. There is no need to wear the bracelet only on the left arm. Make sure to look after the beads, though.

Can you wear Pi Yao with a watch?

It is possible to wear a Pi Xiu bracelet and watch on the same hand.

Which Hand Should You Wear Pixiu Bracelet?

Instead of wearing the bracelet on the right, wear it on the left. Because it symbolizes good wealth and luck when worn on the left. Wearing it at your request, however, gives away your fortune and wealth to others.

Who cannot wear Pixiu?

Children below the age of 16 should not wear Pixiu bracelets, and the elderly over 70 should not either because their vital powers may not be able to inhibit the ability of the fierce creature. In addition, pregnant women shouldn't wear it as well.

What if someone else touches it accidentally?

It's okay not to freak out about someone touching it, but it should not be allowed. It would help if you washed your Pixiu bracelets with water. To connect and let the Pixiu know that you own it, touch it while wearing it!

Where should I wear my Pixiu ring?

The right middle finger is best for Feng Shui Pixiu Mantra Rings. The Wealth Line runs through the palm right through the space between the middle and index fingers, where you wear a feng shui ring. The Wealth Line is associated with balance, responsibility, and abundance.

Does the feng shui bracelet work?

Although some people swear by the bracelets, others oppose them, believing they're merely a means to make money. As for the feng shui bracelet, if you believe in it, then you might say it functions.
You must work on yourself to see if these bracelets can help you determine if they are effective or not. If you want the best life possible, you cannot just sit around and wait for it to happen; you must work at it, too. There is an argument that the bracelets help you stay focused and aligned with what's best for you.

Can I wear Pixiu to sleep?

You should not wear it while you are sleeping or swimming.

Can I put Pixiu in my bag?

Pixiu came in handy sizes so you can carry them in your pockets, bags, underwear, and so on.

Where to place the Pixiu bracelet at home?

Place the Pi Xiu's head facing a window or door for money drawing and home protection.
The bedroom is not a suitable place to put Pi Xiu. You can place it in the sitting room to fully utilize its function. Since the living room is usually a residential structure, it occupies the central position of the house, according to Feng Shui.
You can place PiXiu on the sill of the largest window and have its head facing out if it is not practical to put it in the sitting room.

Do you think having more Pixiu in the house is better?

Not at all. Having too many Pixiu bracelets at home will cause them to fight.

How should you wear the black obsidian Pixiu bracelet?

Wearing the black obsidian bracelet on both hands is possible.
1. To attract wealth, wear it on your left hand.
2. Wear it on your right hand to ward off evil spirits.
The left hand is the best place to wear feng shui bracelets. Chinese culture believes you absorb chi (energy) on the left side of your body.
This rule does not apply to black obsidian bracelets. Black obsidian contains energy that attracts wealth and repels evil spirits. Your bracelet can be worn on either hand, depending on your intention.

How to wear Pixiu bracelet/how to wear Pixiu obsidian bracelet?

Always wear the bracelet on the left wrist. As a result, wearing a right wrist bracelet signifies that you'll regurgitate everything you've collected. By wearing it on your left wrist, you align yourself with Pixiu's energy and attract and absorb more wealth into your life.
A Feng shui statement holds that the left side represents receptivity and the right side represents projection. You will have to keep this bracelet on your left wrist since you want this symbol to bring you abundance and prosperity. If you wish to share your fortune with others, you must wear it on your right wrist.
In addition, make sure the Pixiu's head is facing outwards when you wear the bracelet since this is a sign that the Pixiu can hunt for wealth and bring it to you.

How many Pixiu can you wear?

It works with just one piece, but the more you wear, the more you feel the effect. Wearing PiXiu on the left hand is necessary to reap its benefits.

Is there any spiritual effect after the Pixiu bracelet is dirty?

It doesn't matter, it still protects you.


The best way to make a bad day better is to use a lucky charm. Before buying a charm, we should know the type of charm that best suits our personality. Buying the wrong charm can lead to many problems in life.
There is no doubt that Feng Shui bracelets work if you believe in crystals, manifestation, or the law of attraction. Nevertheless, it is okay if you don't. Make sure you work hard, set clear goals, and focus intensely as part of your strategy.
Consequently, if you believe in the power of feng shui bracelets, you ought to find one that is right for you - a bracelet that makes you feel good and encourages you to act by your dreams.