Why You Need a Prayer Wheel (The Beginner's Guide)

Meta Description: Prayer wheels are an important object in the Tibetan and Buddhist culture used for praying and meditation. Read the article to know why a prayer wheel is a must-have.
The Reason Why Prayer Wheel Is A Must Have
While many things are used for praying customs and traditions, each has significance and benefits. One such amazing thing is the Prayer Wheels, widely used in many cultures for prayer and meditation.
A prayer wheel is a must-have for you if you struggle to pray or have your thoughts distorted. The following details will help you understand the importance, meaning, and benefits of using a prayer wheel.

What is a Prayer Wheel?

A Buddhist prayer wheel is a cylinder-shaped object containing mantras or prayers that Tibetans and Buddhists mostly use to pray. The prayer wheel is rotated while reciting the mantra prayer, which is believed to bring benefits and blessings to all human beings.

What is the Meaning of a Prayer Wheel?

A prayer wheel Tibet is used in monasteries, stupas, and temples to release good energies, positivity, and blessings. The prayer wheels Tibet are used by spinning them clockwise while reciting and repeating the mantras and prayers with all focus. The spinning of the prayer wheel is believed to release good energy, positive karma, wisdom, and blessings.

What are the Benefits of Prayer Wheels?

As the Tibetan prayer wheel is meant and known to bring peace and calmness, and purify one's karma, the spinning of the prayer wheel has numerous benefits and positive effects. Spinning the wheel while reciting different mantras and prayers can bring significant benefits by cleansing one's karma for several lives. Some of the important benefits are mentioned below:
  • Spinning the prayer wheel while reciting the mantra seven times can purify one's negative karma for 100 lives.
  • Spinning the prayer wheel and reciting the mantra for 21 rounds can purify one's negative karma for 1000 cosmic eras.
  • Spinning the prayer wheel and reciting the mantra 108 times with Chenrezi mantras can purify the negative karma of a faithful person during the period of rebirth equivalent to 40,000 cosmic eras.

What is a Prayer Wheel in Tibet?

The prayer wheel turner in Tibet is widely used by Buddhists, who spin the wheel and recite mantras with it. Each wheel has several million mantras, and spinning the wheel containing all the mantras is equivalent to reciting them. The Buddha prayer wheel is used for hours by Tibetans and Buddhists, which they use to cleanse the air around them and attract merit and positivity toward themselves. The Buddhism prayer wheel is widely known to purify all the negative energy and karma around that cause the realization of the path to enlightenment. Pilgrims are mostly seen to use these prayer wheels in their pilgrimage to purify themselves and all the beings around them.

What are the Types of Prayer Wheels?

Due to the numerous benefits that a Buddhist prayer wheel provides, there are three main categories of a Tibetan prayer wheel, which are described below:
  1. A 'handheld' prayer wheel is also called a portable prayer wheel. You can carry this one with you anytime and anywhere at your convenience.
  2. A 'fixed and large' prayer wheel. This prayer wheel is often found near Buddhist Tibetan temples; they can be alone or even present in a series. They are also available on the ground or walls in Tibetan temples.
  3. An 'electric' prayer wheel. This kind of prayer wheel works like a traditional prayer wheel, except that the rotation can be maintained with the help of a motor. The electric motors Buddhist prayer wheels used in these prayer wheels are connected to an electric grid through large fixed mills or also can be powered with solar energy or a battery for portable mills.

What is the Mantra on a Prayer Wheel?

The mantra on the prayer wheel turners is mostly written outside of a wheel in the Tibetan or Ranjana script. The 'Om mani padme hum' is the most widely and commonly used mantra in a prayer wheel. However, more mantras can be used on a prayer wheel.

How to Use the Prayer Wheel?

A prayer wheel Buddhism is always rotated clockwise with your right hand while turning the prayer wheel in the direction of the written mantra. One should consider the recitation of the mantras and prayers in a Nepal prayer wheel complete when one rotation of the prayer wheel is completed. Additionally, you can use the prayer wheel Buddhist while reciting your mantras, regardless if the mantras you are reciting are contained or not in the prayer wheel.
To use a praying wheel, one should feel compassionate and motivated while reciting the prayers. It is also necessary to possess a Bodhicitta mindset connected to the happiness and overall well-being of insects, animals, and human beings alike. It is also important to keep using the prayer wheel spinner in this specific manner regularly to experience the benefits and positive effects on future lives.

When to Use a Prayer Wheel?

There is no specific time and duration to use a Tibet prayer wheel. You can use it daily and regularly to accumulate your prayers into merit and to bless and help all beings present in the world while also purifying their karma and future lives.

Why Spin a Prayer Wheel?

The meditation or spinning of a prayer wheel turning is connected to all the beings in the world. Spinning a prayer wheel purifies the karma and future lives of all the beings in the world. It accumulates one's merit, purifies karma, and helps other beings.


What is the Prayer Wheel Used For?

A prayer wheel is widely used to purify karma, bring positivity and accumulate one's karma most beneficially.

What is the Buddhist Prayer Wheel?

A Buddhist prayer wheel is a wooden, metal, or leather-made praying object with mantras written on it. It is used to recite mantras while accumulating one's merit.

Which Way Should You Spin a Prayer Wheel?

A prayer wheel should always be spun clockwise or in the direction of the mantras written to avail the most benefit.

How Many Times Do You Spin the Prayer Wheel?

The prayer wheel has different benefits when you spin it several times. The number of spins is important for how many lives you want to purify karma for.

Where Should a Prayer Wheel be Placed at Home?

It is mostly placed where it could be set in motion in various ways. Most people place them in entryways of the home or over their hearth, where the smoke could move them.

Can a Non-Buddhist Have a Prayer Wheel?

Yes, a non-Buddhist can also use a prayer wheel due to its benefits for life and meditation.

Where to Buy a Prayer Wheel From?

You can buy a prayer wheel from any Buddhist store near you or online. Some online stores, especially the ones like the Buddhastones, have authentic prayer wheels to buy and use.