Purple Crystals | Attract Good Luck and Fortune, Bringing Spiritual and Positive Energy

Uses and Benefits of Purple Crystal
The purple crystal looks passionate and exotic. It is a symbol of mystery, wise decision-making, and majesty. Wearing purple crystal makes you feel energized and motivated. Furthermore, the energy of purple crystal names helps you overcome obstacles and bring equilibrium back to your life.

Why Use Purple Crystal?

Apart from being elegant and beautiful, purple crystals are also famous for their healing and metaphysical properties. The purple crystals hold energy that uplifts you and can transform negativity into positivity.

What are the Benefits of Purple Gemstones?

Purple gemstones can help calm your nerves and mind if you are going through a complicated situation. Wearing crystal purple prevents you from overthinking and harboring pessimistic notions. These gems also help you maintain focus and avoid distractions to complete the tasks.
Amethyst purple crystal to reddish-purple has long been used to signify tranquility, cleaning, and calming energy. The purple crystals hold divine and spiritual connection and purification. Purple amethyst’s crystal meaning is associated with grace, understanding, and peace.

Emotional Benefits: Spiritual Awareness

Purple crystals have potent metaphysical qualities, and they help you find your way and navigate your spiritual path. Light purple crystals enhance psychic talents and promote spiritual enlightenment. Dark purple crystals enhance positivity in your life and reduce mental tension.
Spiritually healers often use purple kyber crystals because they dispel bad energies and revive a sparkling aura.

Wealth Benefits

Green and purple crystals are also beneficial for dealing with lawsuits or anything that involves lawyers. They make sure that you are safeguarded against mental stress.
The purple crystal rock increases creativity and helps you develop original and unique ways to make money. They help you make your concepts a reality which can ultimately result in your company’s success.

Love and Relationships Benefits

Purple stones and crystals have no side effects. Blue and purple crystals are stones of serenity that reduce anxiety and boost optimism. Blue-purple crystal helps in boosting your mind and wipes away feelings of guilt and remorse feelings.
These crystals will teach you how to be truly loved and constantly remind you that your falsehoods and self-deception never lead to anything good. Additionally, these stones help control overeating, enhance your judgments, and calm emotional stress.

6 Best Purple Crystals You Can Use on Daily Life


Amethyst crystal purple is a go-to choice of every spiritual healer. The stone of spirituality can calm you down and your thoughts and reawaken your conscious mind and soul. It strengthens your psychic talents and establishes a connection with the Divine so you can advance spiritually.
Purple amethyst crystal also helps bring harmony and balance to your overactive chakras. It encourages mental clarity. Furthermore, it is a perfect stone for resolving addiction-related problems, mental illnesses, and hormone imbalances.

Purple Agate

Purple agate protects against harmful energy, mishaps, and natural calamities. The wearer of purple agate is offered protection, and the stone is excellent for enhancing spirituality and meditation.


Ametrine is the result of the collision of two wonderful energies; Citrine and the meditative healing of amethyst. It stands out among the crystals as unique as it glows with a stunning lilac summer wine color scheme of bright yellow and pastel lavender.
Ametrine improves your connections to creativity, play, and pleasure. It helps calm the energy associated with transitional periods, improves compatibility, and brings others closer to you. Ametrine helps align your soul if you wish to cultivate healthy pleasures.


The healing gem of lepidolite is where violet and silver light collides. This stone is absolute crystalline joy. It opens your heart and crown with its celestial energy and high vibrations. Its calming effect clears the path and guides you from shady areas, earning it the purple crystal name ‘the stone of transformation.’
Many resist change because they are afraid of going into the unknown. However, with Lepidolite by your side, you feel grounded and secure enough to meet any problems that may arise. In the presence of this crystal, any harmful energy or electromagnetic tension rapidly dissolves, allowing you to enter spirituality without any restrictions.

Purple Fluorite Crystal

Purple fluorite crystal is a beautiful dream crystal and a stone of supreme protection. It brings order to your chaotic life by cleaning the throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra with a gentle tint.
By focusing on those upper chakras, you can boost your vibration and establish a connection with the cosmos by synchronizing everything. The third eye is our access point to our inner knowledge, the neck is where our truth resides, and the crown is where we manifest and send our dreams spinning into the cosmos.

Purple Kunzite

Purple kunzite is beautiful enough to take your breath away. It is all about joy and happiness. It bestows blessings and lovely luck and dispels worries and fears.
Kunzite is also known as the mother stone since it not only serves to increase caring emotions but also its very presence helps to soothe youngsters and promote balanced energy and peaceful sleep.
You experience inner serenity if you wear purple kunzite. It restores faith, calms the mind, mends broken hearts, and inspires kind words and compassionate deeds.

How to Use Purple Crystals?

Purple and green crystal stone organizes things in your life. We can link our aspirations to the universal will when our chakras are open, and all that magnificent energy has a place to go. Purple crystal quartz opens the door for transparent contact with superior beings and the bright stars above.
Purple and white crystal bracelets can be used as concern stones to hold in your hand when you need an extra boost of spiritual awareness and guidance. Purple crystal ball helps in the decision-making process.
Wearing a purple necklace made of gemstones or finding a means to keep crystals close to your skin allows purple energy into your life.
Since crystals function with vibrational energy, the basis of all life, keeping them on your skin gives them free rein to align your vibration with theirs. These stones can increase your vibration automatically when they are nearby.
Crystals create force shields of protection, purify the aura, release trapped energy, and maintain harmony in your body, mind, and soul.

Purple Crystals in Feng Shui

Amethyst is a pleasant stone with the power to encourage individuals to interact with others and the meaning of acquire wealth due to its high price. It is a good feng shui stone that many Asian nations believe can ward off evil spirits and provide good fortune.

Purple Crystals Combinations

Amethyst & Rose Quartz

The Amethyst and Rose Quartz crystals complement each other well. The deep purple tones of the amethyst, the rose pink purple crystal, and the purple quartz crystal combines to make for two potent crystals that work well together and look fantastic.

Clear Quartz & Amethyst

All chakras respond best to clear purple crystal. You can wear it to cleanse your physical and energetic bodies. The combinations can also unlock one’s third eye. It is said that the third eye is a source of strength and knowledge. Amethysts can help you achieve enlightenment and intensify your spiritual visions.

Lepidolite & Kyanite

Blue kyanite removes the blockages in the auric field with its powerful vibration. It restores and brings back the energy of all the chakras into alignment. Combining kyanite and lepidolite helps in releasing deep emotions and enhancing psychology. It offers profound emotional healing and provides hope during difficult times.

Fluorite & Blue Lace Agate

Balance is another theme of fluorite crystal purple. It engages both halves of your brain, ensuring that your thoughts are rational and creative.
Blue lace agate is a stone of communication that facilitates confidence and clear speech. Combining fluorite with blue lace agate and keeping it in your pocket helps you speak in front of an audience and gives speech clarity.


What Does The Purple Crystal Mean?

Purple crystals chart have spiritual meaning, and they infuse healing energy into your aura by connecting to your third eye chakra. It connects you with your spiritual self and leans into your intuition. Purple crystal meaning involves strength and higher self-esteem.

What Is The Power Of A Purple Crystal?

Most of the purple crystals carry mental acuity-enhancing properties. Purple crystals energize your body and spark your intellect if you ever suffer from lethargy or lack ambition during working hours.

Can You Wear Purple Crystal Every Day?

Yes, you can wear your purple crystal daily, which is safe. However, make sure you polish your crystals from time to time.

Where to Buy Purple Crystal?

You can buy purple crystals from Buddha Stones and get one for you and your loved ones to ward off negativity and attract positivity into your lives.