Tiger's Eye Meaning: How It Can Embolden Your Courage and Strength in Life?

Today, let's learn about Tiger's Eye Crystal-the magic stone that attracts courage and strength. Tiger's Eye Crystal inspires you to be brave and fearless in all aspects of your life. When you need the courage to overcome fear or take risks in life, Tiger's Eye Crystal is the perfect crystal to use. This boosts your self-assurance.
A combination of Earth and Sun components gives Tiger's eye crystal its healing properties. This is what generates grounding and uplifting vibrations. It has the appearance of tiger stripes and relates to its potential energy. It also has a vibrant hue and a potent healing power that works in harmony to promote positive mental conditions while balancing harmful emotions.

What is Tiger's Eye?

The mineral class Chalcedony includes tiger's eye crystal. It has a smooth gloss and impenetrable transparency. Tiger's eye is a metamorphic rock with reddish-brown colors and iron stripes.
Colored with sand flecks, golden bands, inky brown and black smudges, this stone has no doubt when it comes to the energy of the stone.
It is a mysterious and earthy-rich gemstone that encourages personal resolve, inner strength, and power, as well as calling to the wearer for protection.
It was worn as a protective amulet against evil spirits. It protects wearers against curses and keeps them safe from all kinds of bad luck. It also has numerous healing properties.

Tiger's Eye Crystal Meaning

Tiger Eye's meaning is inner strength and confidence. For the elimination of emotional blocks and personal power, this is the right crystal.
As it is bold and encouraging in its energy, this crystal is a perfect stone for courage-building in all aspects of your life.
When you connect with this stone, it acts as a reminder that the road to achievement will not be difficult. When the energy is harnessed, you will have an abundance of inner strength and energy to overcome any obstacle in your path.

Healing Properties

Tiger's Eye crystal benefits people with its healing power. Let's look at its healing properties below:

Emotional Healing

This stone has many emotional healing powers and helps the wearer to maintain balance and power. This stone is full of potential and will help a person get out of any distress situation. That gemstone holds the sun's heat for those who suffer from seasonal depression. It is a warm-blooded stone that helps to relieve the dark load that comes with gloomy days.
When a person is depressed, the energy of this crystal can help them overcome their lack of motivation and redirect their focus to a more meaningful and active life and approach.
By laying a strong and safe foundation, energy is directed properly. People who make space for this crystal will often find new confidence levels that help them in driving for success.
Then toxic energies are cleansed, deepest visionary dreams are stopped, and barriers are removed, thereby making them truly reach their target.

Metaphysical Healing Energy

This tiger's eye gemstone harmonizes with the solar plexus, root chakra, and sacral chakra. These are strength and safety chakras. People feel grounded, as if they are connected to the earth beneath their feet, as well as stable within this world, allowing them to attain greater and deeper spiritual levels. The chakras can be challenging without a solid foundation. These stones will make you feel safe and secure since they help people stay connected.
For people who want to connect to the third eye, this gemstone acts as a spiritual amplifier that can take you to higher realms. This could benefit your aura. Tiger's eye, on the other hand, is an earthy stone for the root chakra.

How Will Tiger's Eye Change Your Life

Help to Build Courage

  • Transforming toxic emotions
  • Feeling positive
Whenever you encounter a feeling of fear, insecurity, uncertainty, hesitation, and so on, which make you question or become unstable, this crystal aids in transforming these toxic emotions into self-confidence and courage. It aids you to shift your perspective, even in fearful times. When you doubt yourself, draw stabilizing and powerful energy of the crystal by transforming your mind into perseverance and bravery.
When you are in a positive mood, this crystal enables you to feel grounded and centered. It provides you courage and confidence to achieve your goals. Tiger Eye's meaning is not to stop and not to fear. Even in fear, this crystal will make you feel empowered and give you courage, power, and strength.

Help to Build Relationships

  • Embolden yourself to act
  • Enhance self-esteem
In relationships, this crystal will embolden you to act in your love life. For a person who wants to be engaged, married, or in a relationship, it is for you to move forward to make it happen. The crystal will assist you in understanding your true feelings and provide the much-required push in the appropriate direction. The majority of individuals just head with the flow and tend to see where the future goes. Then, they feel stuck when they are no longer quite happy.
Whenever people take advantage of or make unkind comments towards you regarding your hospitality or generosity, you will be less keen to surrender or rollover. You shall not be argumentative in the process. The stone will enhance self-esteem.

Help to Attract Wealth

  • Releases motivational and courage-inducing energy
  • Keeps you focused and motivated
This stone releases motivational and courage-inducing energy, making it particularly useful for conquering fear. As a result, the stone might be used to unblock money. Therefore, when it comes to money, it is the preferred crystal. It signifies that the stone keeps you focused and motivated even when faced with difficulties. The stone aids you in your financial endeavors and attracts prosperity and success.
It could be spent a lifetime for everyone to pursue wealth-related objectives. Lean on this tiger eye stone for encouraging energy and support when you are unsure, fearful, or apprehensive about taking action towards your financial goals.

How To Use Tiger's Eye Crystal?

There are several ways to use the crystal in your daily life. This can be from Feng Shui stones to jewelry.
One of the efficient ways to make full use of this stone is to keep their skin close to the tiger eye crystal. It feeds directly to the energy source. The jewelry is in the form of rings, bracelets, pendants, and so on. A ring or a bracelet is the most efficient jewelry since it keeps the stone at the body's lower position.
This stone is very helpful when used in mindful meditation. Tiger eye mala beads also aid in manifestation practice. It will be helpful in spiritual practices.

Feng Shui in Home & Office

Tiger's eye is an excellent amulet for creating a harmonious Feng Shui environment in the office and at home. It brings harmony to the room and establishes a better outlook.
Since it improves concentration, the stone is extremely excellent in Feng Shui for any workplace or office. It raises a better understanding of such challenging circumstances. It assists in overcoming procrastination and completing the assignment.
The stone harmonizes the chi in your house or office. It helps to keep the moods grounded, dispels fear, invites good luck, and creates a safe place against the outside world. As a protection amulet, hang it near the entrance door or a window. It can also be used in a nursery or a bedroom.

Tiger's Eye Used in Psychic Protector & Talismans

This stone promotes spiritual and emotional well-being. It's a spiritual shield that's also good for business. It will be beneficial to believe in oneself even if others do not. It will assist you in avoiding any kind of self-aggrandizement.
This stone is used to make talismans that bring protection. It is commonly used as a talisman to ward off curses and bad luck. It will pull you in whenever you are on the verge of losing control. This stone has a lot of energy and might help you gain more power and vigor.

Which Hand Should You Wear Your Tiger Eye Bracelet On? Left Or Right Hand?

In general, you should wear your crystals on your right hand to get the most out of them.
Also, you must wear your crystal bracelet on your dominant hand to receive the full effects or benefits of the crystals.

Left Hand

Tiger eye crystals are known for their ability to calm and relax your mind, so it's best to wear them on the left hand or the hand that will be receiving the energy. These crystals can help heal your emotions and attract you to new relationships.

Right Hand

Tiger eye crystal also indicates confidence and strength, and wearing these crystals on your right hand will boost your courage and strength.
If you want to make a speech, but are hesitating to talk, in this case, tiger eye crystal is here to help you conquer this issue.
When you start a speech, it can affect your audience, implying that you will be more in control of your intents and energies. You might also put the tiger eye bracelet on your left hand to increase your self-esteem.

Zodiac Birthstone: Tiger's Eye

This gemstone is best for people who are Gemini. Geminis are creative and find joy with this stone. It aids them in shifting blocks in their imagination. It also aids them in fueling their decision-making. It is great for a Gemini who is prone to waiting for others to make decisions for them. They are quick-witted but also can feel anxious and restless. Their twin side is balanced with this stone. They remain stable and grounded.
Leos and Capricorn make use of the healing properties of the tiger's eye. Mercury is the closest aligned planet to this stone. It brings wonder and weight as air signs require grounding earthly force to sustain them tethered instead of floating away with change.

How to Cleanse Your Tiger's Eye Crystal?

This stone works well as an amplifier. It absorbs harmful energies. The gemstone must be cleansed on a regular basis in order to maintain its maximum vibration. This will prevent negativity. It also keeps them looking fantastic and fresh.
You can submerge it in water and leave it there for a while. You can add a little soap to clear the buildup. For deep cleaning, place it in the earth overnight someplace safe to restrengthen it. It can also be kept below the moonlight for a perfect natural cleanse. It infuses spiritual properties into it. You can also use meditation to cleanse it.


Tiger's Eye has a beautiful charm for increasing protection and dispelling fear. It brings positive transformation powers into daily life. It is an excellent stone for feeling grounded and can give you extra luck.
When wearing tiger's eye bracelet, it aids in foundation link to a personal sense of confidence and worth to their full potential. It utilizes the powers and is ideal for people who need to raise their courage and confidence.