Secrets about White Jade: Meaning & Power

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  1. What is White Jade, and Where Does it Come From?
  2. What's the Meaning of White Jade Crystal?
  3. Spiritual Meaning Of White Jade
  4. What are White Jade Healing Properties and Benefits?
  5. Benefits of White Jade
  6. Why Would You Use White Jade Crystal?
  7. White Jade Zodiac and Birthstone
  8. Stones Combine with White Jade
  9. FAQs
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White jade crystals resemble pearls and are beautiful to behold. The jade family, in general, has different unique attributes, with white being one of them. 

White jade is often synonymous with holistic healing and purity. Here's a complete guide on the white jade meaning and its inherent characteristics.

What is White Jade, and Where Does it Come From?

Historically speaking, white jade has its roots in imperial China. Jade is a family of minerals in which green is the most popular variety; however, there are other colors, such as yellow and white. 


White Jade


Jade can either be jadeite or nephrite, which is sodium-aluminum silicate and calcium-magnesium silicate, respectively, and mostly appears in Asian art, jewelry, and natural healing. 

As a crystal, jade is fairly common, and there are a number of yet unmined deposits all over the world. It's affordable and thus easy to collect. What's more, you can experience its characteristic healing properties without having to spend a fortune.

What's the Meaning of White Jade Crystal?

White jade crystal meaning mainly points towards healing. Crystal enthusiasts and experts believe that white jade has light power inside it, and when held, it lends its power to make the wearer peaceful and calm. 

The milky-white crystal is mostly known for bringing healing energy to the individual and around the house. More than that, white jade as jewelry can purify the heart's energy over time. 

The meaning of white jade is deep and mostly associated with the self and relationships. Positive energy heals past trauma while enabling the individual to change feelings and progress towards the future. The white crystal also has the power to reduce feelings of loneliness and improve human relationships. 


White Jade


In Asia, white jade is revered as a gemstone that offers long life and abundance. It's seen as a guide that leads the wearer along the right path. 

Having the stone by your side can bring balance, health, and love. White jade can also change your luck for the better.

Spiritual Meaning Of White Jade

White jade is more than just a beautiful ornament- it offers several excellent spiritual gifts to the individual and home. 

Jade meaning is associated with the Heart Chakra and holds the Earth element. It's used for healing purposes, specifically harmony, perspective, peace, balance, tranquility, wisdom, fertility, and longevity. 

The nephrite-derived jade allows individuals to connect to their greater vibrational energies, which means higher intuitive abilities and insight. It wards off negative energy and thus eases joint illnesses, especially in the hip and knees. In light of these spiritual benefits, white jade can correct blood sugar imbalances, high blood pressure, and fluid retention. 


White Jade


The white crystal is mainly seen as a protective stone that keeps the wearer safe. It soothes, releases negative thoughts, and attracts good luck and good friends. Experts also believe that white jade can be used as a 'dream stone' to bring meaningful dreams. 

White jade works in the body's filtration and waste organs, particularly the adrenal glands and kidneys. When constantly worn, it can heal wounds and rejuvenate at the cellular level, as well as remove harmful toxins.

What are the White Jade Healing Properties and Benefits?

White jade is one of the most powerful crystals when it comes to healing. However, its vibrations are very gentle and work with love and patience. It's said that the stone offers a long-lasting impact to the wearer and continues on as long as it's properly cleansed. 

The white crystal brings a lot to the table in terms of benefits, mainly in spiritual, physical, emotional, and metaphysical terms. It's also versatile in that it can be fashioned into an accessory, jewelry, a facet in Feng Shui, and as a meditation stone.

Physical & Mental Healing Properties

Healers turn to this amazing crystal to treat a variety of physical problems. It's a natural form of medicinal healing and serves as an excellent alternative alongside conventional solutions. Healing crystals should come with a healing plan, so the individual gets the most out of each session.

White jade is recommended by naturopaths and crystal enthusiasts to support better kidney and bladder health. If you're having problems excreting toxins and waste out of your system, then a white jade or two should help you along the way.

The stone is also associated with women's healing and helps them overcome concerns such as infertility, menstrual pain, childbirth, and pregnancy, among others. Lastly, it offers well-rounded, everyday protection against high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and fluid retention. 


White Jade


White jade is also great for mental health, as it wards off volatile temperament, self-esteem issues, and anxiety. It's a healing stone that's close to the Heart Chakra, and therefore very useful for those who are experiencing love problems, such as a broken heart. 

The stone can ease off the emotional burden one feels as one goes through life and unlock their true potential without any negative energy holding them back. It's great for fighting off anxiety and daily stress due to its gentle characteristics. 

Green and white jade often herald the coming of good fortune and luck, while providing constant clarity for better decision making. Those who wish to change into the best version they can be can wear a white jade and get mental and physical balance along the way.

Benefits of White Jade

As far as benefits are concerned, you'll be getting your money's worth when you invest in white jade. The white stone promotes calmness and love, something that everybody should have as they navigate through their life journey. 

It's considered a lucky stone for business, health, and love. Those who feel lonely should wear it, as it strengthens relationships and makes it easier to form friendships as well. The purity of jade allows it to absorb your negative emotions, especially the ones that you tend to bottle within. 

It's worthy to note that white jade serves as an excellent companion to other stones. By itself, it cleanses the body and soul, improves fertility, and serves as guidance for better and wiser decisions.

Why Would You Use White Jade Crystal?

Now that you know the white jade meaning, you may ask, 'why use the white jade crystal?' 

Because white jade encompasses a lot of benefits spread out into physical, emotional, and spiritual realms, it's only a matter of time before you have it worn as a body accessory or keep the stone where it can do its part in your house.


White Jade


Aside from its primary function of bringing calm and peace to your life, white jade purifies the heart's energy and adds much-needed luck and the ability to bond with other humans. You will be kinder and become more optimistic as the negative emotional energies and trauma are washed away. 

For chakra-related concerns, white jade serves as the conduit to unlocking the higher realms. It can channel the right energies, so the wear lives an enlightened and spiritually-rich life.

Furthermore, it aids the wearer to become more confident and removes barriers that could be stopping the flow of fortune and good luck from entering.

White Jade Zodiac and Birthstone

White jade has a special place in birthstones and astrology, particularly the Pisces and Libra. That means those who fall under the signs mentioned above will experience an amplified effect when wearing or using the white stone.  

White Jade

Pisces are those born in March and can experience good luck, added stability, and emotional strength in conjunction with white jade. For those under the Libra sign, they get reinforced calmness and emotional strength, two of the characteristics they might lack.

Stones Combine with White Jade

White jade is one of the few healing stones that work very well with others. Consider adding them to your collection, or combining them with the recommendations below.

Pyrite and White Jade

Pyrite, often referred to as Fool's Gold, has the same characteristics as gold. It's associated with bringing wealth to the user. White jade offers the same benefits, but in a more well-rounded manner. You get unlimited wealth, luck, and good fortune all year round.

Green Aventurine and White Jade

Green Aventurine is associated with paving the way for better life opportunities. It's known as the crystal that can turn things for the better. Its effect will be amplified with the combination of white jade, and you get a slew of lucky benefits as well.

Tiger's Eye and White Jade

The mind's stone will open the inner self to the acceptance of life and its realities. Afterwards, Tiger's Eye will provide unmatched clarity and decision-making abilities. What's more, the crystal allows you to focus better on your goals so you can complete projects and achieve things on time.

Citrine and White Jade

Citrine is often referred to as 'Lucky Merchant's Stone' because of its ability to bring great wealth and success to the wearer. The crystal also promotes generosity and having the person share the wealth with others, something that goes very well with white jade. 

White Jade


You may have a question or two regarding white jade and its healing properties, or how you can take care of it for the optimal experience. Here is a comprehensive FAQ that seeks to answer all that.

Which Chakra is White Jade?

White jade is inextricably linked to the Crown and Heart Chakras. In order to activate the Heart Chakra, it's recommended that you place the stone near your breastbone. That can come in handy if you ever feel out of control and ungrounded in certain events in your life. Furthermore, the white stone allows you to keep calm and not feel stressed out as you might have been before.

Activating the Crown Chakra using white jade expands the mind to greater knowledge, observation, and learning. With it comes intuition and wisdom, and self-realization. 

How to Use White Jade?

White jade is a versatile stone in terms of use. You can fashion it into a bracelet or necklace, and the fact that it's white makes it an excellent piece for just about any wardrobe or style.


White Jade


To experience the metaphysical properties of white jade, it's recommended that you bring it with you, e.g., in your pocket or a small pouch in your bag. You can also turn it into a decorative item or showpiece and place it on the TV or shelf. 

How to Care For Your White Jade Crystal?

Care and cleansing are synonymous when it comes to healing crystals such as white jade. Time and again, you will need to remove the buildup of negative and harmful energy stored in the stone as it's used.

How to Cleanse White Jade?

White Jade

To clean and care for your white jade, you can either place it in direct sunlight or moonlight, or immerse it in sage smoke. Alternatively, you can use a Tibetan singing bowl and have the white stone near it so it can absorb the vibrations as you play.

Which is More Expensive, White Jade or Green Jade?

Jade comes in two varieties- jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is more coveted, while nephrite is more abundant. However, green nephrite serves as an alternative to jadeite, while white nephrite is a consumer favorite.

The most valuable green nephrite is the Siberian nephrite, which boasts a dark green or black color characteristic.

How Can You Tell If White Jade is Good Quality?

White jade can be evaluated as long as you know what to look for. There are three important aspects of jade in general- transparency, texture, and color.


White Jade


The better and more vibrant the color, the better the quality is. For transparency, the stone has to have a semi-transparent, slightly blurry look. Light has to penetrate deep into the crystal and produce a glowing effect.

White jade should be soft and smooth to the touch. The best texture is fine-grained, which makes the stone have a high luster and a very smooth feel.


White jade is a very accessible healing crystal and should be included regardless of purpose. It offers a wealth of benefits in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects and can be combined with other gemstones for optimal effect.