The Incredible Year of the Rabbit 2023 (A Complete Prediction)

The Incredible Year of the Rabbit 2023
New Year brings new hopes, aspirations, dreams, gratitude, and happiness. As we all know that the Chinese new year starts on January 22 and ends on February 9 every year, it's time we dig a little more into the next coming year and understand what it is called and what it means.

When is Chinese New Year 2023?

The Chinese New Year will start on January 22 and will end on February 9 next year. It is called the Year of the Water Rabbit and symbolizes the Year of the Rabbit. The Year of the Rabbit 2023 is also famously known as the year of Hope.

What is the 12 Chinese Zodiac?

There are, in actuality, 12 zodiac animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle. They are Ox, Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Snake, Monkey, Goat, Rooster, Pig, and Dog. Every Chinese year personifies an animal sign as per the 12-year-cyle.

What are the Dates for Rabbit Years?

There have been 8 total Rabbit years up till now, and the following are the dates according to each Rabbit Year:
  • 2023: January 22, 2023 - February 9, 2024, known as the Water Rabbit year
  • 2011: February 3, 2011 - January 22, 2012, known as the Gold Rabbit year
  • 1999: February 16, 1999 - February 4, 2000, known as the Earth Rabbit year
  • 1987: January 29, 1987 - February 16, 1988, known as the Fire Rabbit year
  • 1975: February 11, 1975 - January 30, 1976, known as the Wood Rabbit year
  • 1963: January 25, 1963 - February 12, 1964, known as the Water Rabbit year
  • 1951: February 6, 1951 - January 26, 1952, known as the Gold Rabbit year
  • 1939: February 19, 1939 - February 7, 1940, known as the Earth Rabbit year

Story of the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit

There is a famous story regarding the Chinese Zodiac Rabbit about a race between all the Chinese Zodiac animals where the Rabbit came fourth after the Rat, Ox, and Tiger. The story starts with the Rabbit demeaning the Ox for the race in his pride ad arrogance. The Rabbit then loses the race to the Ox due to his attitude towards the race, which results in him becoming cautious and vigilant afterward.

What is the Personality of Year of the Rabbit?

While the sign of the Rabbit depicts peace, longevity, and prosperity according to Chinese culture, those who are born in the Rabbit years are known as Rabbits, and they also possess a personality that requires them to be elegant, gentle, quiet, alert, skillful, quick, responsible, patient, and kind. Rabbits are mainly faithful to the ones close to them but can sometimes be reluctant to reveal their minds while trying to escape reality.
While male rabbits treat people politely, they appear sincere and credible to others. They also remain persistent in times of trouble, which helps them achieve success eventually. On the other hand, female rabbits possess a pure heart while having a demure and pretty appearance.

What is Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility?

Every zodiac sign in the Chinese calendar has unique characteristics, and compatibility is generally matched when the characteristics of each zodiac match the other. The Rabbit zodiac can be extensively compatible with Goat, Dog, and Pig zodiacs. While rabbits are least compatible with Rooster and rat zodiacs.

What's the Animal Zodiac Sign of 2023?

As the animal zodiac sign for the year 2023 is Rabbit, people born in the Rabbit year are predicted to face many fluctuations in their luck and overall life. They should be ready to experience their highs at a very high point while expecting their lows to be quite devastating at the same time. The rabbits should keep a vigilant eye on their health, expenses, and wealth in the coming year, and they should also expect a dramatic career boost with the help of their fated mentor.
The Rabbits should also possess a positive attitude towards their work and life that will help them face challenging situations in life. This positivity in good times will also attract more positivity and guidance from influential people that can result in more fortune and power for the Rabbits in the coming 12 years of life. Overall, 2023 will be a year full of surprises, excitement, and prosperity while being full of opportunities for the Rabbits.

Love and Marriage for Rabbits in 2023

Two promising stars in the Chinese culture, Yue De and Tian De will govern the Rabbits in the year 2023. The Yue De star will assist this department of love and marriage for Rabbits, helping them avoid any unfortunate events and situations for a smooth relationship experience this year.
For single rabbits, it is an excellent year for potential partners and companions. You can look around for a possible relationship, love story, or marriage. Just be careful to avoid closeness with friends in front of your partner to avoid feelings of jealousy and quarrels.

Career for Rabbits in 2023

As rabbits possess a patient and polite nature, their best job options are teacher, breeder, gardener, priest, judge, police, musician, litterateur, architect, and artist. Due to their gentle and optimistic nature, Rabbits are suggested to avoid career opportunities that are too competitive, so they don't feel the burden of continuously contending with others.

Finance for Rabbits in 2023

The financial situation for Rabbits in the year 2023 can be a bit tough in the beginning as their income flow is expected to slow. They are expected to gain much financial advantage in the year's second half or maybe even in 2024. This is why they should strictly check their finances and expenses to stay within their financial restraints.
Making investments also in this year won't be a good idea as more losses are expected than gains. Rabbits are therefore advised to set aside a small fund for themselves for any crunch period while avoiding entering the year 2024 with debts as baggage.

Health for Rabbits in 2023

Due to the financial burdens and career pressures this year, Rabbits are suggested to take good care of their health on a priority basis. Regular checkups with the doctor are advised, in addition to considering medications, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle, to upkeep the ongoing stress in life. Taking care of your digestion, health, and stress management is crucial this year to avoid irreparable damage to your health.

Education for Rabbits in 2023

In terms of education, this is an essential year for younger Rabbits, as you might experience unexpected interest and command over a subject or career field that you didn't much like in the past. However, feel free to conquer new fields, as this is a part of your advancements in 2023. In some other aspects, you would get results according to your efforts, so it's always better to be over-prepared for every exam than to be hopeful and inspirational.

Lucky Elements and Unlucky Elements for Rabbits in 2023

In terms of lucky elements for Rabbits in 2023, the lucky colors will be pink, red, blue, and purple. At the same time, the lucky numbers for the year are 3, 4, and 9. In terms of directions, the directions for wealth are southwest and northeast. The direction for love is East and the direction to gain auspiciousness is southeast.
Rabbits should, however, stay far from gray, brown, and white colors and avoid numbers 5 and 11, as they are the unlucky elements for the year.

How to Build Relationships with the Rabbits?

As there are different and unique characteristics of each zodiac sign in the Chinese calendar, to build a relationship with a Rabbit, the other person should see if their characteristics match well with the Rabbit. Two zodiacs whose characteristics match the most are highly compatible and should undoubtedly build a relationship with each other.

How to Get Good Luck in Benmingnian?

As the Benmingnian or New Year can bring bad luck to almost every person born in that specific zodiac year, it is crucial to protect oneself from negativity and the evil eye. Wearing red is one of the best ways to bring good luck to oneself in the new year, and any accessories or clothing of red color can do the work.
However, it is essential for the red garment or belonging to be gifted to you by someone else and not purchased on your own. Wearing any piece of Jade jewelry also does the trick and helps protect you from evil eye and bad luck while welcoming good luck to your life in the new year.

Top 6 Luckiest Animal Signs in Year of Rabbit 2023

The top 6 luckiest animal signs of the Rabbit year 2023 include Dragon, Horse, Dog, Goat, Monkey, and Pig.
People of this zodiac will receive different things in abundance, and the Rabbit year 2023 will be a lucky and enormous year for them. The following are some of the things and elements that people from these zodiac signs can use as their lucky charms:
Dragon: As health and leadership skills will be a great strength for people of the Dragon zodiac this year, they should use bamboo plants to attract good luck in their homes. Emerald pendant necklaces are also a great option to attract health and success.
Horse: People of the Horse zodiac will receive money and investment opportunities in great abundance. Figurines of turtle are sure to bring good luck in this regard, while Ruby rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can be worn as a lucky charm.
Dog: The year of the Rabbit is a great year to manage money and flourish one's business and job for people of the Dog zodiac. They can use Horseshoe objects in the house for protection from negative energies. As Owl is a symbol of intelligence and magic, it can also be used as a lucky charm to negate negative energies around you.
Goat: This will be a successful year for Goats in terms of emotional and financial success. Crystals such as Amethyst can be used in the house and surrounding to welcome good energies and healing powers. Clover necklaces and bracelets are also a good option for protection from evil spirits and bringing good luck and wealth.
Monkey: The year 2023 will be a lucky year for the Monkey zodiac as it will solve their financial problems and will allow them to have profitable financial gains in this year. Salt lamps can help clean the air and promote peaceful sleep in the house. Additionally, Pi Xiu necklaces or bracelets can be used as mantras for good luck.
Pig: People of the Pig zodiac can achieve great business and career opportunities, so they should dream bigger in terms of capitalization and business. Happy Buddha statuettes brings good luck, prosperity, and happiness in home. While Rudraksha bracelets are also a powerful element to wear to seek protection from bad luck and loss.

What are the Notes and Taboos in the Year of the Rabbit?

Some taboos for the year of Rabbit concerning people turning 36 years old or in their 9th zodiac year include:
  • Not to reveal your economic reality to any outsider. Also, do not complain about your happiness to anyone or let your past love story be known.
  • Do not participate in long-distance travel or dangerous outdoor activities; pay attention to traffic safety.
  • As the birth year is impacted by Tai Sui, one should avoid moving house at all costs in this zodiac year. Moving house in the year of Benming can easily prove to be unfortunate and turbulent, resulting in bad luck in the next life.

What Aspects Should Rabbits Pay Attention to in 2023?

As rabbits are fragile and polite people, they should consider how people treat them and make them feel. They should not be bothered by people's competence, work-related issues, or if people try to harm their hearts and feelings. You should also pay attention to what you should not share with anyone about your finances, history, and personal feelings.

How Can the Rabbits Resolve the Tai Sui Year?

The following ways can help the Rabbits resolve the Tai Sui Year:
  1. Adopting a positive mindset will attract all the positive energy, according to the law of attraction.
  1. Join joyous and celebratory events to attract positive energies and people into your life.
  1. Avoid going to the hospital and funerals.
  1. Donating blood and extracting your wisdom tooth is also one way to overcome misfortune.
  1. Do good to others and also perform charity work.
  1. Drive carefully and also get your car checked routinely to avoid any accidents.
  1. Refrain from attempting any career changes and also risky investments.
  1. Avoid noisy activities such as construction work.
  1. Avoid adventurous trips and risky sports.


What're the Best Careers for Rabbits?

The best career choices for Rabbits contain scholarly, intellectual, and learning careers. Fields of breeding, cultivation, education, health, religion, medicine, care, police, culture, and politics are good career options.

Is 2023 a Good Year for Having a Baby?

Yes, 2023 is an excellent year to have a baby; it is a year of peace, longevity, and self-protection. It is a hopeful year that brings good fortune and a peaceful mind.

Who are the Famous Rabbit Year People?

Famous people born in the Rabbit zodiac are:
  • Michael Jordan (Basketball Superstar): February 17, 1963, Water Rabbit
  • Kate Winslet (Actress): October 5, 1975, Wood Rabbit
  • Lionel Messi (Football Star): June 24, 1987, Fire Rabbit
  • Johnny Depp (Actor): June 9, 1963, Water Rabbit
  • Tiger Woods (Golfer): December 30, 1975, Wood Rabbit

What's the Meaning of Rabbit in Chinese Culture?

While the Rabbit is the fourth zodiac animal in the Chinese calendar, it is known to be the luckiest out of all the 12 zodiacs. It personifies elegance, mercy, kindness, and beauty. People who are born in this year are peaceful and calm. This zodiac brings good luck and fortune to the people belonging to this zodiac.