Why Use Yin Yang? How to Use It For A Better, Healthy Life?

Remember the black and white Chinese symbol from Kung Fu Panda? Growing up, we all found that as a symbol of Kung Fu, it was something much more implicit in reality. You must have noticed this symbol in various Chinese Kung Fu and martial arts movies like Shaolin soccer and The Last Airbender, but did you ever focus on it? Let us briefly acquaint you with the terms and traditions associated with this ancient symbol. 

The black and white Chinese symbol termed Yin Yang has very little to do with Kung Fu and more with internal peace. The symbol dates back to ancient Chinese times, and although it is not considered 'Holy,' it is given value as a subject of harmony. More importantly, it denotes a balance between the masculine and feminine energy and how equal proportions of both can bring life. 

Yes! The equal proportions of black and white showcase balance, but that's not it. It is said to bring great positivity to one's life, and for that reason, thousands of men and women (of different races) keep this symbol with them. 

Yin and Yang both have polar opposite meanings, which combine to offer a balance between the two. As mentioned earlier, Yin Yang symbolizes men and women with their opposing properties and natural phenomena, so what does each mean in actuality? Read this article and enlighten yourself with the details of this ancient Chinese symbol. 

What Does Yin Symbolize?

Yin denotes feminine energy and aura and is expressed through softness, stillness, quietness, contraction, absorption, and meditation. All these expressions point toward the spiritual phenomena of female energy, which is chilly. Yin also denotes the energy coming from the earth and the ocean as cold, dark, and shady. When speaking of seasons, Yin is associated with winters and fall as they tend to be cooler, and the daylights are waning. 

Yin means the moon denotes feminine energy because of the synchrony between the menstrual and lunar cycles. Yin gives off negative energy that comes from the darkness and coldness of the moon, as night is generally colder than the day, regardless of the season. The positive part about Yin is its creative and intuitive nature.

What Does Yang Symbolize?

Yang, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Yin. It denotes masculine energy, which is warm. While Yin is expressed through softness and stillness, Yang is expressed through heat, movement, discipline, and growth. These expressions point toward a man's spirit denoted by the color white in the symbol of Yin Yang. 

Yang is derived from the concept of heavens since it has life and is the major goal of living. It is also associated with summers, as life in summers is active, hot, and restless. It is denoted by the sun, dominant over the moon since the moon takes its light and energy from the sun, which automatically makes it superior. 

One of the key features of a man's masculinity is dominance, making him confident, action-oriented, and assertive, like the sun. Yang denotes divine masculinity that features risk-taking, objectivity, survival, logic, and other dominant properties. The positive part of Yang is its goal-oriented and analytical nature. 

The Benefits of Yin Yang

The energies of Yin Yang, though opposite, complement each other. They are believed to benefit a person by reflecting the balance between the two in his real life. It is not just a symbol or myth; Yin Yang preaches the emotional and physical well-being of men and women through the practice of balance between chaos and order. 

Yin Yang has a great number of advantages, including; positivity, skillful navigation, meditation, and activeness; however, there are two major benefits of Yin Yang, which are mentioned below: 

Improve Physical Health

Yin Yang affects a person's physical health along with the spiritual aspects. As mentioned above, Yin denotes stillness, coolness, and meditation, while Yang denotes activeness, restlessness, and movement. Balance is necessary for physical health, so if a person focuses on either one and neglects the other, he won't be physically healthy. 

For example, a person who does yoga only would not be as active as a person who goes jogging every day. Similarly, a person who goes jogging would be tired compared to someone who does yoga regularly. On the contrary, a person who does both or adopts a middle way would be healthier and fit without feeling lazy or tired. The ideology of Yin Yang brings balance and stability to your physical lifestyle as well, so that things are even and in place. 

Balance Emotional Health

Balancing healthy physical sounds easy, but what about balancing emotional health? Emotions can be hard to tackle, especially when dealing with your own feelings. Many people struggle to balance their emotional health; Yin Yang helps with this. Regardless of gender, people have a dominant amount of Yin or Yang in their personalities, which becomes a negative character trait. 

For example, a person having a major ratio of Yin would be hesitant, emotional, and easygoing, which could trouble them in the real world. Just like that, yang personalities are extroverted, attention seekers, and dramatic, which is a negative list of traits. In order to create a balance, it is necessary to deduct some qualities and adapt the others, and Yin Yang brings that balance to your emotional health. 

Yin Yang in Taoist

As you know, Yin yang originated in China, so all sects and tribes believed it in the region. However, every sector tribe respected the phenomena of Yin Yang, which had a slight difference among them compared to the original version, which means inner peace and balance. Taoism, a religion that originated in ancient China, had its views and teachings based on the ideology of Yin Yang. Taoism is based on the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu who stressed the principles of Yin Yang, which promotes balance, harmony, and nature. 

The Yin Yang principle of Taoism teaches that opposites are essential for each other to exist, survive, and live. Just like the symbol, which has an equal proportion of both black and white, which complement each other and their dot placement. It can also be explained as day and night, which are complete opposites, but at the same time, both are vital for the survival of the world. Similarly, men and women are equals that need one another to survive and are both equally responsible for the existence of the human race. The deeper version of Lao-Tzu's Yin Yang principle teaches that negativity and positivity are equal opposites, but both are necessary; taking one to the extreme would harm you and the people surrounding you. 

Yin Yang in Jewelry

Yin Yang jewelry is believed to help with maintaining balance in your everyday life, as it is pretty difficult for most people. It can remind them when they are overdoing either and get them back on track. While it does not emit any specific energies, the jewelry can still symbolize your aim to achieve balance.  


Bracelets are a great way to incorporate Yin Yang into your life. You can wear it as a charm on your bracelet or just a Yin Yang symbol on a black band; either way, it looks stylish. 


You can find many Yin Yang necklaces in Buddhastoneshop that look cool and help you find balance in your life. Single Yin or Yang necklaces are available that denote your personality type. However, it is better to use both together in one piece.  


Yin Yang rings are the perfect gift for your workaholic friend. Get them one of these rings and remind them not to overpower their Yangs. A silver ring band with the Yin Yang symbol is the ultimate chic style statement on bare hands. Get yours and strengthen your bond with your friends. 

Yin Yang and Fengshui

Different religions and philosophers adopt yin Yang and its principles as teaching that brings balance. Many philosophers introduce this principle as their teaching and preach it for the betterment of their people. One of the power principles of Fengshui is associated with Yin Yang, and its goal is to bring positive chi to your homes for a productive and healthy life. 

The Yin Yang symbol has the colors black and white, denoting feminine and masculine energies, respectively. However, Fengshui represents these two colors differently with elements of nature. 

According to Fengshui, black represents water, which emits the energy of darkness, silences, and slow movements. While on the other hand, white represents metal, which is strong, sturdy, and vibrant. Fengshui means balancing the two nature of elements in your home and office areas where you need balance, positivity, and productivity. 

For example, adding a few cushions to your chair would make it neither too hard nor too soft, just the perfect balance. Similarly, adding soft fabrics with vibrant colors will fulfill the Yin Yang factor of Fengshui, leaving your home a well-balanced place to live with good vibes. 

Modern Usage

Yin Yang aims to build a balance between equal opposites that are considered superior or inferior to one another. Although it is an ancient ideology, it is practiced to date and brings out the best wherever implemented. The concept of Yin Yang is used in some other ways apart from receiving balanced mental and physical health. Head below to know the rest:

Connection with Mountain

Yin Yang has a connection with the mountain, as a mountain has two slopes; a north slope and a south slope. The north slope that is shady and dark is considered Yin, while the south slope that is sunny and bright is considered Yang. As the sun moves from the north side to the south side, the darkness also switches its place with the brightness. Hence, balance is achieved.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine was also practiced keeping in view the basics of Yin Yang. Just like eating hot food can help balance the temperature in cold weather, the balanced proportion of different medicines that have yin properties and Yang help cure the illness faster. 

How to Balance Yin Yang?

You must have an idea of how important inner peace is and how it can be achieved through Yin Yang. Balance is the key to inner peace, but maintaining balance is the hardest; however, it is not impossible. Most people following in the footsteps of the West have glamourized Yang traits, like working overtime and neglecting physical and emotional health, which leads to an imbalance. If you want to balance your Yin Yang, then follow the steps mentioned below religiously and regularly:

Take Good Rest

If you're working non-stop without a break, you're over-weighing the yang factor and will soon tire yourself up. It will bring temporary drawbacks like a headache, but it can also permanently affect your health, like bringing back spine problems, weak eyesight, and poor health. The best way to balance Yin and Yang during office hours is to take a break and rest, even for a 15-minute interval. 

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a great way to relieve that excess Yang you got from working overnight. Wake up early in the morning and head out for a little exercise in the park or with friends. It is beneficial for physical health, distracts your mind from work, and brings mental peace. Plus, it will strengthen your metabolism and relax your mind to function effectively for Yang activities. 

Eat a Balanced Diet

Achieving Yin Yang in your diet is also a secret unknown to many. We all know that eating a healthy diet is good for health, but no one ever talks about maintaining a balance between greens and proteins. If you're eating just greens, you will get low on your carbs, which are equally important for your health. To maintain balance, follow a diet plan that equally focuses on all the nutrients. 

Schedule for Yin Activities

No matter what you do, you will always be low on your yin side due to the workload and pressure, so to balance, take some time, especially for yin activities. Yin activities can make you emotionally healthy by bringing your life in order and relieving some of the chaos. For example, reading a book, doing yoga, meditating, and cooking are all activities that can bring balance.

Comfort Nighttime Routine

Going to sleep with a busy mind is scientifically proven to be harmful, and there is where Yin needs to be incorporated. A nighttime routine can help with forgetting the mishaps of the day, or the duties for tomorrow. Create a before-bed ritual including skincare, songs, and self-help books to level up your Yin with Yang. 


Life would be hell without balance, and that's why the concept of Yin Yang does not favor any one of the two energies, nor does it compete between the two. The main idea of this symbol is to bring balance to your life by leveling the two energies. Men and women both have a hype of their respective spiritual properties, but letting them take over you completely can harm your character. Imagine having a soft yet cold personality or a completely dominant one. One would overwhelm themselves and the people around which such personality traits. 

To balance things out, you must be able to have a bit of both Yin and Yang. Only then will you achieve your utmost inner peace, with balanced positivity and negativity, order and chaos, where you see the world with both eyes and judge between the rights and wrongs. Apart from the spiritual balance, think of the emotional and physical wellness of this symbol. These benefits are more than enough to switch your lifestyle to the principles of Yin yang. So get your Yin Yang jewelry from Buddhastoneshop now and get ready to bring balance to your life.