Buddha Stones x Brand Ambassador Programme

Dear ambassador,
We would love to express our deepest gratitude for having your kind response of working with us! To make the collab clear and transparent enough, here list an introduction and termlist for you to have some knowlege about us and both the influencer campaign. 

Appreciate for your time spending on this brief.🙏


Product List  (Pick 2-3 pcs)


 Accessories Maintenance



Brand Info——

We are an international company offering a thought-provoking collection of items and gifts which plays an assistant role to help innovate the human spirit and purify minds.
All our products are made by master craftsmen with high-quality selected materials and each of them owns its unique connotation. We hope our products could help to inspire our original inner peace and build up a tranquil mind that can bring positive and good luck in this rush world.
To build up our brand imgae and grow our brand awareness, we start our influencer program.
Thank you again for joining this campaign and become our beloved brand ambassordor.

For a better enganement on our social media platform and build up brand awareness, dedicated branding contents are in high demanded. We are hoping to build up our social media platform and donot only share buddha quotes in the future. The best review from our brand ambassordor will be perfect.

Sincerely hope to work with you for some stunning contents and both building our account for significant growth.


Basic Terms

Although we have large amount of products, to make best use of this campaign and build up dedicated branded content, our team has picked out nearly 4 pages of items that open for our influencers. All of them are selected with consideration and they are the most popular among our products. We believe you could create the most magnificant works out! (Items are listed at the beginning of this page)


By taking part in our campaigns, you would earn

  1. FREE Samples selected by your side. (Shipping inclueded)
  2. The earliest access to our new launch.
  3. 25% off discount for your audience with a 5% commission. (Best offer sitewide only for ambassador)
  4. A strong partnership and further collaboration with Buddha Stone Shop
  5. A special new fan portrait with Buddha Stone.
**An Exclusive code will be share to you and your followers. We would offer commission for our influencers if any purchases from your audience. (by collecting the code) 
*25% OFF is the best offer flat sitewide and only available share for ambassadors! (Seasonal gift will be sending together while use the code)

In Exchange for the FREE products, we shall please require the following

*Dedicated and creative branded posts and stories featuring BuddhaStones on your grid and page

(eg. unboxing video, yoga practice with products, therapy video, product review and so on) 

Please ensure to provideclear and clean photos and videos send by email or wetransfer for BuddhaStones to Reshare 


  1. Our products are originally made to encourage mind and build a strong spiritual world. We hope you can edit some expression that related to build up strong mind.

  2. Please note, to maintain both our profit, branding posts are not allowed to be hidden. Any circumstances please advise.


**When you are ready to post, pls make sure to add your promo code (created by our PR manager) and invite us to be your collaborator

Steps below:

To make sure that the pictures are in good quality for us to repost on our grid, please SUBJECT title with you socila media profile name and send across your stunning contents to joan.buddhastones@gmail.com via Wetransfer. (Appreciate for sending both edited and unedited version)


Reference pic (to be continued..)


FREE Sample sending details

Please copy the following message to our PR manager:

ℹ Shipping details ℹ
Postal Code:
Contact number:
  1. An confirmation order will be released automatically.Please check with your shipping details and item details

  2. Delivery will be around 15 days due to international shipping.

  3. Content should be submitted within 1 week after pkg received. (Pls inform anything untoward)


Reading all the terms and answer our PR team means you agree to BuddhaStone X Influencers‘ Campaign Agreement and shall provide the posts & photos on time.  Pls also be noticed all your branded contents shall be used as commercial credit by BS team
Buddha Stone Shop reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.


Thank you so much to be part of our collab, Cheers! 
Beloved Regards,
BuddhaStone Shop Public Relations team