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The preciousness of our human birth reminds us that we need to build gratefulness, and gratefulness builds happiness. Thanks for you like our meaningful items. Therefore, Buddha Stones decided to give back to our kind customers in the upcoming Wood Dragon Year of 2024 for your support.


  • 🐉2023 is coming to an end, and another exciting Dragon Year in the Chinese lunar calendar is just around the corner. This is full of power, unlimited possibilities, transformation, and luck Dragon Year.
  • 🐉If you were born in 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, and 1940, then your Chinese zodiac sign is Dragon.
  • 🐉The Year of the Dragon 2024 starts on February 10th, 2024 (Chinese New Year) and ends on January 28th, 2025 (Chinese New Year's Eve).
  • 🐉As we approach the Dragon Year, the shifts in energy might influence individuals, especially those born under the sign of the Dragon.

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Let's convey luck in the most sparkling way and make the upcoming Dragon Year a memorable one!

***it’s 100% FREE TO ENTER! Buddha Stones will cover the shipping fee.

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How to Make the Most of the Dragon Year's Energy?

  • 1. As Dragons' fortunes will be influenced by Benmingnian or 'Tai Sui', wearing Dragon jewelry does the trick and helps protect you from evil eye and bad luck while welcoming good luck to your life in the new year. 😊🙏

  • 2. Wearing red is one of the best ways to bring good luck to oneself in the new year, and any accessories or clothing of red color can do the work.

  • 3. Channeling your Dragon energy with wood mala beads. Wood Mala aligns perfectly with the upcoming Wood Dragon Year of 2024. They can enable you to harmonize with this powerful, grounded energy.

  • 4. However, making the most of the Dragon Year's Energy doesn't mean you must choose the Dragon items. The Chinese Zodiac is a cycle, and each year carries the energy of a specific animal. May choose your birth year's Zodiac sign or a different Zodiac animal that you think can align with your current journey.

How to win:

P.S. Please be aware that FAKE accounts with similar Instagram/Facebook handles appear during giveaways. They are made to scam people! We will not reach out to you from any other page asking for your info or telling you that you have won and we will not have you pay for anything to collect your winnings.

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