Halloween Branding Ambassador


Dear ambassador,
This year, for the first time, we will be launching our Halloween event. For a better implementation, we would be grateful under the best promotion with you.
You can choose 2 items under this collection. And a bonus becklace (skull bones) will be sent to you together.
*we would offer a 20% off code for you to share. The using of your code will have a bonus bracelet automatically!


*Click the pic to choose the collab series!
*Or you can pick one from the bundle 1-4 below


Bonus Gift

**Please be noted, to maintain both our profit, branding posts are not allowed to be hidden. Any circumstances please advise.

Sample sending details

  1. Please sending the link that you picked to our pr manager and list out your shipping info together: EMAIL, ADDRESS, MOBILE

  2. An confirmation order will be sended.Please check with your shipping details and item details

  3. Delivery will be around 15 days due to international shipping.

  4. Pls confirm the content to be shared during the period


Reading all the terms and answer our PR team means you agree to BuddhaStone X Influencers‘ Campaign Agreement and shall provide the posts & photos on time.  Pls also be noticed all your branded contents shall be used as commercial credit by BS team
Buddha Stone Shop reserves the right to the final interpretation of the above terms.


Thank you so much to be part of our collab, Cheers! 
Warm Regards,
BuddhaStone Shop Public Relations team